How Much Do Coffee Delivery Services Cost in 2023?

An office coffee delivery service will cost $5.00 – $10.30 per employee/month. Estimates for office coffee services average $98 an employee per year depending on how frequently they use the service.

An office coffee service furnishes businesses with professional coffee-making equipment, beverages, and snacks. Bringing this service into your office can increase employee productivity by keeping employees refreshed and at work instead of coffee houses. Many services offer national brands such as Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks.

If you’re managing an office, you’re probably no stranger to those early morning slumps that only a strong cup of coffee can cure.

Compare Office Coffee Prices

How Much Does Office Coffee Service Cost?

An office coffee delivery service will cost $5.00 – $10.30 per employee/month. Office coffee service costs come almost entirely from the snacks and beverages themselves, especially when it comes to pre-packaged products. Estimates for office coffee services average $98 an employee per year depending on how frequently they use the service. Many services offer one-year contracts with automatic renewal, and many only require you to meet a minimum monthly order of $50 to $84 for supplies.


As the decision-maker in the office, it’s your job to compare the prices and methods of different coffee providers. So, here’s what to expect for office coffee service costs.

Office Coffee Prices

What Can Coffee Services offer?

Coffee services are a fabulous luxury that employers can provide their staff and guests. But, what do coffee services actually entail?

In short, they can offer several products:

  • Various coffees – decaf, gourmet, flavored, organic
  • Assorted teas and hot chocolates (some also provide soups or oatmeal)
  • Standard coffee machines or advanced brewing systems
  • K cup coffee in a variety of flavors
  • Creamers, sweeteners, stirrers, cups, lids, filters, etc.
  • Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly delivery schedules

Depending on what you’re after, the service can be very basic or quite luxurious. Either way, offering your team delicious coffee as a perk of the job is bound to win you brownie points and keep staff engaged.

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Coffee Delivery Service – FAQ’s

Before you can choose the right coffee supplier for your office, it’s essential to ask yourself a few questions:

  • How many people work for your company?
  • Are they in the office every day? Do any of them work remotely?
  • How regularly do your employees drink coffee? How many cups on average?
  • What alternative drinks might you want to offer non-coffee drinkers?
  • What’s your monthly budget for a coffee service?

It boils down (no pun intended) to knowing just how much coffee you’ll actually need every month, and whether this expectation fits with your budget. You might not know these numbers immediately, and it’s okay to estimate.


You could even consider surveying your team to get a more accurate indication of your requirements. This is especially wise if you’re catering for a larger office.

Once you’ve answered the questions above, it’s time to dive into finding quotes for your potential office coffee service…

Renting Coffee Equipment

You might get lucky when it comes to equipment – many coffee service suppliers offer a free coffee machine when you subscribe to their ongoing service. This is usually based on a minimum monthly plan.

  • Commercial Coffee Brewers
  • Drip Coffee Makers
  • K-Cup Makers
  • Espresso Machines

In other words, they’ll loan you a machine when you sign a contract for several months for a minimum monthly price spent on coffee and everything else you need.

Other services may require you to rent a machine, or even purchase one for your office. This may make sense if your monthly minimum is lower than a company’s requirements for including the equipment or if you foresee changing providers.

The monthly rental cost for a machine is, on average, $32-54 a month but can go much higher for a higher quality coffee machine.

Buying the equipment ends up cheaper if you intend to own the machine for a longer period.

To buy equipment, you should be planning in anywhere from $115 to several thousands of dollars, bearing in mind that better quality equipment can easily be quite expensive.


Buying Office Coffee

Unsurprisingly, most of the money goes towards coffee, which, of course, is the primary object of the contract with your supplier.

Most suppliers will ship cases of the coffee you choose to your office monthly, but many companies also offer bi-weekly or weekly shipments.

K Cup Coffee Service

Most office workplaces submit a recurring order with the same coffee products each month, once they’ve figured out what exactly they require. Your supplier can help you come up with a plan that fits your budget.

On average, a coffee service typically costs $55-127 per employee per year, or about $75 – 10 per employee per month. The price varies depending on the choice of the coffee product.

Pre-ground coffee bags are available anywhere between $20-51 per 24-48 count case. K-Cups per 42-count case can cost between $36-73, teabags $4-10 per 25-100, and hot chocolate packets can cost $12-20 per box, depending on the size.

Once you’ve decided on equipment, this may determine your coffee product choice, as some machines will only work with k-Cups or pre-ground coffee.

For an increased price, some companies may also wish to offer ‘premium’ drinks like espresso or cold brew.


Coffee Brands

Whichever type of coffee or beverage you choose, a lot of the cost will depend on the quality of the brand and its associations. Here are a few brands that offer coffee services that might be up for your consideration.

  • Starbucks
  • Nespresso
  • Caribou
  • Folgers
  • Peet’s
  • Canteen

Your staff might desire a specific brand, so checking what brands are available with your coffee supplier is a good idea. Common brands include Starbucks Coffee, Nespresso, and Alterra.

Some brands also offer their own coffee service. Nespresso, for example, enjoys a high rating for its price range, offers nationwide service, and includes water service in its plans.

Cost For Break-Room Supplies

Supplies to accompany your coffee order aren’t very expensive to add, but make a big difference to the convenience of the service. This includes everything from cups, lids, stirrers, and filters, to must-have add-ons like milk, creamers, and sweeteners.

  • Cups & Lids
  • Creamer
  • Sugar
  • Stirrers

Small quantity cases of these products (50-250 count) will cost an extra $5.45-$25 per employee per month. This varies considerably on your requirements and whether you need unique products like non-dairy creamers.

Break-Room Supplies

That’s why it’s vital to get the estimations for the products you need right from the start and know how much coffee and supplies your team will require.

Company Size

Quantity plays directly into the estimation. Depending on how large your company is, you may need less or more products shipped to your office. You may also need more than one machine if your office is larger and serves various departments.

1-10 employees require only one machine, two cases of coffee, plus all the supplies and sides. Prices will run around $57-100 a month.

10-40 employees will only need one plumbed-in machine, 8 cases of coffee, and all the condiments and supplies. Costs average around $225 to $620 a month.

200 employees require around 32 boxes of coffee, supplies, and extras, which will cost around $1,500 to $4,000 a month. At this size, you may also require several machines around the office.


Other Costs to Consider

Now you know about the expenses involved where the products themselves are concerned. But depending on your situation, there might be additional costs that arise.

Coffee Machine Installation

Some types of machines may come with an installation fee. This is because high-end machines like bean-to-cup and point-of-use systems often require professional help.

This includes setting up a coffee filtration system and connecting your water line to the machine. An installation like this costs around $30-52.

Office Coffee Machine

Maintenance of Coffee Brewers

Maintenance can’t be forgotten about either. Many coffee services will include routine maintenance of your machine, but make sure to check with your supplier about maintenance plans.

If it’s not included, you will need to identify the maintenance source and factor the cost into your budget.

Minimum Coffee Orders

Many suppliers have a minimum order to make the shipments worthwhile. This can be around $50-80 for drinks and supplies.

The lower end of this budget already goes a long way to supplying your office, but make sure before you enter a contract that getting coffee shipped to you is the right option for your business.

Office Coffee Service Costs Remain An Affordable Luxury

Providing an excellent coffee service keeps employees engaged inside of the office. They no longer have to trudge down the road to the nearest coffee house – which in theory should enable them to get back to work quicker.

Not to mention, it’s a nice perk to offer your hardworking staff. It can be viewed as just another overhead, like renting office space.


Buyers GuideLuckily, this luxury is quite affordable for businesses. When you shop around for an office coffee service cost, just make sure you double-check what’s included in the plan. Most importantly, the minimum monthly order and whether you can rent a coffee machine through them.

Find out what brands of coffee the supplier offers, as well as any alternative beverages they can supply for non-coffee drinkers.

If you want to start comparing the cost of different coffee suppliers, we’re happy to help. Just fill in our quick quiz and tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll find the best offers for you.

Office Coffee Service Sample Costs

Below are a few examples of price facts for office coffee delivery services that will give you an idea of how much you will pay for your purchase.

  • A full case of coffee bags packaged ready for use will cost between $23 to $65. depending on the coffee brand and the number of packages per case. Some premium coffees can cost as much as $80 a case.
  • K-cup coffee and teas will cost between $34 to $90 per case. K-cup system is used for residential or commercial use and brews single cup servings.
  • A box of tea costs $6 to $12; while most brands are close in price the prices range according to how many tea bags come per box (usually 25-100 tea bags).
  • Equipment rental such as brewers and pots are included with most services but may cost as much as $100 a month to rent.
  • Coffee supplies will cost an average $6 to $13 a month per person. These included cups, sugar, creamer, and coffee stirrers.

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