Compare Steel Storage Containers Prices – BUYERS GUIDE 2023

What are Steel Shipping Containers and How Much Do They Cost?

Purchasing new or used steel shipping containers (Conex boxes) in 2023 costs between $2,800 – $7,100. They can also be rented for as little as $125 a month. Obviously, your actual price point will be determined by the features you require in your steel storage container.

The below chart explains the average monthly prices to rent steel storage containers:

Conex Box Size Avg. Cost Rent
10′ Steel Storage Container $80-$110/Month
16′ Steel Storage Container $94-$122/Month
20′ Steel Storage Container $119-$148/Month
30′ Steel Storage Container $130-$157/Month
40′ Steel Storage Container $135-$161/Month
53′ Steel Storage Container $149-$185/Month

The next chart illustrates the national average cost of buying new versus used steel storage containers:

New Steel Storage Containers  20-footers: $2,780 – $5,800+
40-footers: $3,990 – $7,000+
Used Steel Storage Containers 20-footers: $1,430 – $2,700
40-footers: $2,570 – $3,900

Find out the cost in your area:


Steel storage containers are one of the most rugged, secure, and durable storage solutions you can purchase. In addition, many people are utilizing steel shipping containers for multiple purposes, repurposing them as offices or mobile workstations instead of as storage space only. Some of the companies that manufacture these units are even selling them retrofitted to meet these other purposes. These containers also referred to as Conex boxes, are a very affordable way to meet a variety of on-site space needs. The cost is also relatively low compared to the strength and simplicity of the product.

What to Look for In Steel Storage Containers For Shipping

Steel Shipping ContainerThe first thing to discuss is the size of the container that you need. The typical steel storage container is 8’ wide, but they come in a variety of lengths, starting at 20’ and ranging to 45’ or more in length. There is also an option to get taller than the normal model which can be useful if you plan on storing industrial equipment inside a steel container and need the extra clearance.

The next thing to look for is what type of conditions and uses the container is rated for. There are some containers that are designed to withstand the elements better. For instance, some are wind and watertight, which is very important if you plan on storing valuable materials on a site, or shipping materials overseas in the container.  Special containers made out of a material known as Corten steel will stand up for a long time, even in a salt-water environment. This is often the material favored for boxes adapted to working or office spaces as well because they stand up so well in inclement conditions.


Used Shipping Container Cost

Shipping container cost is a hot topic, and it’s not one that should be taken lightly. If you’re in the process of considering whether or not to invest in shipping containers for your business, then there are some things to consider before making a decision. You will want to know how much money you’ll need upfront as well as what kind of return you can expect on your investment. Shipping container cost varies depending on many factors including where the containers are coming from and where they will be shipped. Here, we discuss all types of costs associated with shipping containers so that when you’re ready to make a purchase, you’ll have an accurate idea about what it really costs.

Here are real examples of costs when buying a used shipping container so that you get the right machine at the best price point.


40ft High Cube Used Shipping Container / One Trip Container

9′ Used Office Container Door & Window

Portable Shipping Container Office

8′ Office Container Door & Window

20FT Used Shipping container home DECK

40′ High Cube Shipping Container / 40ft HC Cargo

20′ Used Container office, fully furnished

45ft Standard shipping container

What really sets one shipping container company apart from the rest is the customization options that it offers. For instance, if you’re using containers on a job site, the manufacturer may offer them special markings and bright paint to make the container as conspicuous as possible. This can help prevent accidents and collisions at night on the site. Special locks can be installed, and extra rust proofing and waterproofing can be added depending on the conditions you foresee the box being forced to withstand. Keep in mind that all of these upgrades are likely to increase the cost of your box, so it’s best to carefully evaluate what kinds of conditions your box will be subjected to before you order it. More advanced and expensive add-ons include things like refrigeration or heating for the unit.

Steel Storage Containers (Conex Box) Sample Costs

Below are a few examples of prices for Steel Shipping Containers which will give you an idea of how much you will pay for your purchase.

  • Used 20’ Steel Containers average cost of $2,130 – $4004
  • Used 40’ Storage Containers Cost around $3,155 – $6,100
  • Delivery Fee typical cost of $250
  • Rent Steel Storage Containers average cost of $131 / month – $256.

Find Steel Storage Containers Near You and Compare Up To Five Money Saving Quotes


A storage container can be an easy resolution to your headaches of saving space. When it comes to storage container prices, renting or buying are your two options.

Also known as a shipping container or portable storage unit, a storage container can be used for anything from equipment to furniture and more. More and more businesses find themselves needing another place for storage, especially for inventory.

It may seem simple, but there are a few things to consider when it comes to choosing the right container.

Buyers Guide

Storage Container Prices Differ

Whether it’s the size, age, condition, or add-on features, storage containers aren’t as simple as you may think. Determining storage container pricing started first with the size.

All standard storage containers come in either 20’ x 8’ x 8.5’ or 40’ x 8’ x 8.5’. Whether their new or used also plays a role. 20-footers that are new range from $2,800 to $3,700 and used will be $1,331 to $2,600. New 40-footers will be $5,006 to $6,020 and used will be $2,676 to $3,100.

You can opt for untraditional sizes, but those only get larger from the standard sizes.


Determine Condition

Age isn’t the same number that you’d correlate to birthdays when it comes to storage container prices. It depends on the number of times its been used to ship cargo overseas and used in general.

Other factors that go into its condition are repair history and of course damage.

With that being said, the new condition containers (only used once to ship cargo) come in at around $5,200 to $6,000. It follows down the line with cheaper options from Premium, to Grade A and B, Refurbished, and finally As-is.

As-is storage container prices come in around $1,000 or less.

Choose Rent or Buy Metal Storage Containers

Determining what you need and whether to rent or buy a storage container depends on your budget and length of use.

Businesses investing in a storage unit should consider the shipping container cost. A one-time payment beats the $75 to $200 a month that storage containers can cost when renting.

A good bet would be spending $1,600 to $2,600 on a refurbished or used container or even ponying up and springing for a new container. On average individuals who rent these containers do so for 24 months so this is a good figure to consider before buying.


Cheaper Steel Storage Containers

If you want more in your storage container, it’s going to cost you.

Storage container prices go up when adding doors, built-in shelving, locking mechanisms, awnings, and custom sizes. These additions can add anywhere from $90 for a locking mechanism to $1,500 for the cheaper size for a retractable awning.

More advanced additions like roofing, electricity, plumbing, window, and floors are something to discuss with a contractor that could charge $250 to $2,500 extra to your spending cost.

Going as far as refrigeration will cost you anywhere from an additional $5,800 to $7,104 for 20’ containers and $10,300 to $12,200 for a 40’.

Steel Storage Container Prices

Store With Confidence

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