How Much Does Time Tracking Software Cost in 2022?

Time and Attendance systems cost between $240 – $2,300 for a monthly subscription (per year). Pricing is determined by time tracking services, administrative controls, and equipment integration. Calculate your cost, start here:

What is Time and Time Attendance Software and How Much Does it Cost? 

buyers guideTime and Attendance systems cost around $550 for a monthly subscription (per year). Pricing is determined by time tracking services, administrative controls, and equipment integration.

Here’s what you need to know to determine your cost:

Time tracking and time attendance software solutions provide businesses both large and small with a way to efficiently, affordably, and accurately track employee attendance and time use. Typically, time tracking and attendance software contain a user portal for employees to log in and record the times they start and stop work and/or time spent on individual tasks. Data collection is easier with time tracking software than with most alternatives, and the data can be used not only for payroll but for employee evaluation, efficiency, and other uses.

Time tracking and attendance software rate may vary considerably depending on features, business/enterprise size, and pricing models—single purchase and subscription payment plans are available from different providers.


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It’s no secret that accurate time tracking for your employees offers a variety of benefits. Your company can be more efficient when calculating appropriate pay, and employees prefer to have accurate calculations of their work time.


If you want to stand out ahead of potential market competitors, it’s time to take advantage of available automated solutions. You’re not alone in doing so, after all. Even experts recognize that time tracking software has become normalized.

That’s why you’re interested in finding the best time tracking software on the market. Detailed below are five of the best software solutions to track your employees’ hours and pay. Keep reading to ensure you purchase a software solution that will boost profits over time.

1. Time Doctor

Time DoctorOne of the first time tracking software systems to consider is Time doctor. This software service provider has made a name for itself among small to mid-size businesses across the country.

In particular, Time Doctor targets companies with around twenty to five hundred employees. If you’re looking for a tried-and-true time tracking solution, check out Time Doctor today.

As with most modern time tracking software systems, client support comes with it. If you ever have operational issues, their support staff will be on the line in no time. Their guidance and expertise can help you troubleshoot problems in real-time.

The other benefit of considering Time Doctor is you can use their free trial. Take advantage of this opportunity to get a good feel for the user interface of the system.

Note, though, that some companies consider Time Doctor’s immense tracking of data invasive. If you want a more simplified software system, consider one of the following options.

Time Doctor Cost: $49 per month, includes 5 users.

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2. TSheets

TSheetsAs mentioned above, it’s important to evaluate your overall experience as a software user. That’s one great advantage of investing in TSheets as your time tracking solution.

TSheets excels at simplicity. They make the time tracking process accessible to everyone. Not only is tracking hours easy for both managers and employees, but TSheets also has easy-to-navigate processes for correcting any potential errors.

This is of particular importance when you’re evaluating the long-term cost benefits of your business’s software systems. Statistics show that entrepreneurs around the world are investing a lot in business software solutions. In the year 2018 alone, the global industry made over $322 billion in revenue.

Still, TSheets does have some drawbacks, especially if your organization needs a solution that includes project management. TSheets does not do well with things like invoicing or expense management for clients. Instead, it focuses on the simplicity of an interface dedicated to time tracking.

TSheets COST: $8 per user per month, + $20 base fee per month.

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3. Hubstaff

HubstaffSimilar to TSheets, Hubstaff focuses on the essentials of time tracking. That might be why Hubstaff is a time tracking solution that prioritizes cost-effectiveness. Plus, its easy-to-navigate user interface is perfect for both managers and employees.

Your time tracking system, of course, will go hand-in-hand with your business’s human resources (HR). Keeping HR employees well-trained in your time tracking system is essential for proper employee management.

One idea might be to outsource your HR. That way, dedicated experts can make the most of your time tracking system with ease. For more detailed guidance, check out this article on outsourcing your business’s HR.

Don’t use either Hubstaff of TSheets if you’re looking to incorporate various tasks in your time tracking. For some organizations, the reports generated by Hubstaff are too general.

Hubstaff Cost: $7 per user per month (minimum 2 users).

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4. Toggl

TogglOn the other hand, are you looking for a time tracking system with high-efficiency analytics? If so, your business might need Toggl as your software solution to track and manage employee hours.

Toggl is perfect for a company that is expecting to frequently refer back to past logins and hours. Some industries, like healthcare, have employees who keep up with varying and sometimes hectic schedules.

Managers of these schedules often need a software system that prioritizes data storage. Plus, the available analytic data from Toggl is worth your investment for future improvements. You can learn how to better schedule employees to ensure everyone is getting the hours and compensation they deserve.

The unfortunate thing about Toggl is the fact that there is no mobile use of their site. If that seems too inconvenient for you, you might need to consider a different solution.

Toggl Cost: $18 per user, per month.

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5. Harvest

HarvestAs mentioned above, software systems like TSheets and Hubstaff are not ideal for project management. If you’re looking for some of those features in your time tracking system, don’t worry. Harvest is ideal for organizations looking to manage multiple tasks.

This includes interacting with clients through invoices and reminders. So, Harvest can keep your employees and your consumers well-informed at all times. Collect payments and track employees’ hours with just a few clicks.

For the money you spend, Harvest is worthwhile in the long run. It has a ton of integration capacity.

The only cons of Harvest would be that some of the client communications aren’t automated. Some Harvest users also complain that the built-in features of the system are too limited. Still, it’s a great way to end the list of today’s best time tracking software.

Harvest Cost: $12 per person, per month.

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Invest in the Best Time Tracking Software Available

You now have a thorough understanding of today’s best time tracking software solutions available. There’s no need to cut corners when it comes to keeping your employees happy and properly paid.

That’s why it’s important to take the time and do some research first. You only want to invest in a time tracking solution that is accurate and, therefore, profitable.

One smart practice is to check out potential online reviews or testimonials from previous customers. Doing so could give you great insight as to whether you can expect a positive experience from that software, too. In addition, continue staying well-informed on all of the trends in the world of business automation.

That’s where this website can come into play. On our blog, you’ll find the latest and greatest advice regarding today’s business’s software systems. To start, check out more information about the best time tracking software prices on the market.

What to Look For In a Time Tracking Software System:

Time tracking and attendance software solutions vary considerably in their feature offerings and their compatibility with other organizational software. Make sure you find software that meets your needs effectively and efficiently, whether that’s simply tracking employee attendance as they clock in and out or gathering more comprehensive data for HR analysis.

If you have remote workers, freelancers, or other contract employees look for time tracking software that can be accessed online or that has easily installable and usable applications for your off-site workforce. Finally, talk to your attendance and time tracking software provider about their security safeguards to ensure private data stays private.

As you begin the process of buying your attendance tracking system you’ll need to be prepared to answer six common questions. 1) How many employees will you be tracking 2) How many locations will use this time and attendance system? 3) Do you have internet access at these locations? 4) What additional features do you require? These include scheduling integration, payroll integration and compatibility, report generation, and tracking according to the employee group. 5) Do you have a preferred data collection method? This will include punch clocks, swipe card only, biometrics, proximity switches etc. 6)Do you want a PC-based or Web-based system?

Other Time & Attendance Features to Consider at Purchase

Saas Systems: Whereby The company hosts the software for you

Overtime Tracking: The time and attendance system lets you set very specific overtime rules.

Flexible Pay Periods: You can customize this feature anytime pay periods begin and end.

24-Hour Shift: Employees are able to work shifts that last 24 hours or longer without being required to clock in or out.

Shift Swap Features: Employees can swap shifts or bid for shifts through the time system

Badge Terminal Systems: The system integrates with the company time clock hardware that uses badges or proximity cards for access and clocking in and out.

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