Buying Business Leads From Brokers

Get Highly Qualified and Fully Verified Sales Leads For Your Business on Day 1

These leads aren’t just qualified; they’re actively seeking price quotes. Our pay-per-lead system offers a prime opportunity to tap into B2B sales leads, which have been phone-verified and display genuine purchasing intent.

Traditional advertising methods can be not only pricey but also risky. Many have ventured, spending significant sums only to witness minimal returns. While embracing such calculated risks is part of being competitive and positioning where buyers congregate, we also present a more secure “pay-per-lead” advertising approach.


Targeted Sales Leads

Access leads from individuals at the final stages of their purchasing cycle, explicitly requesting quotes for your offerings.

Genuine Purchase Interest

We bridge the gap between you and potential buyers actively seeking price quotations for goods & services.

Exceptional R.O.I.

We empower our partners to optimize profits, boasting impressive conversion rates and potentially up to 10x ROI. is primed to connect you with prospects keen to purchase, aiding you in acquiring the fresh clientele necessary to bolster and expand your enterprise.

Having generated hundreds of thousands of B2B leads spanning over 200 product and service sectors, it’s highly probable we’ve got the leads tailored for your business.


We’re not talking about leads that baited users to fill out a form. These leads are pre-screened, phone verified, and actively seeking quotes on products and services just like yours. We go to great lengths to ensure every lead is legitimately in the closing stages of buying your product or service.

Your salespeople will love you and your wallet will thank you.

Current Sales Leads Offered

  • Access Control System Leads
  • Business Phone System Leads
  • Coffee Service Leads
  • Commercial Ice Maker Leads
  • Debt Collection Leads
  • Forklift Leads
  • Human Resources Leads
  • Medical Billing Service Leads
  • Mobile Office Leads
  • Office Cleaning Leads
  • Office Copier Leads
  • Office Water Leads
  • Payroll Service Leads
  • Storage Containers Leads
  • Time and Attendance Leads
  • VoIP Phone System Leads