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Better than qualified, these leads are requesting price quotes now. Our pay-per-lead systems is a great way to enjoy B2B sales leads that are phone verified and ready to buy.

Let’s face it, generating sales leads from traditional advertising is not only expensive, but it can be darn right dangerous. We have all taken the plunge and invested thousands of dollars only to get a small fraction of a return. We understand that to be competitive you simply must take these calculated risks and put yourself where the buyers are, but we’d like to also introduce you to a safer “pay-per-lead” advertising model.

Qualified Sales Leads

Receive leads from prospects at the bottom of the buying journey who have requested a quote for your specific product or service.

Real Buying Intent

We connect you with serious prospects who are actively looking for price quotes on products & services.

10x R.O.I.

We help our clients maximize profits with great close rates resulting in as much as a 10x return on investment. can provide you with prospects that are ready to buy now and who will become the new customers you need to develop and grow your business.

We’ve generated hundreds of thousands of B2B leads across 200+ product and service categories and chances are we have leads for your business too.

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We’re not talking about leads that baited users to fill out a form. These leads are pre-screened, phone verified, and actively seeking quotes on products and services just like yours. We go to great lengths to ensure every lead is legitimately in the closing stages of buying your product or service.

Your salespeople will love you and your wallet will thank you. Send inquires to

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Industries Served

  • Buy Payroll Service Leads
  • Buy Office Copier Leads
  • Buy Medical Billing Service Leads
  • Buy Office Cleaning Leads
  • Buy VoIP Phone System Leads

Please note we partner with a number of suppliers to offer this great service. By requesting to work with us you agree to be contacted by us, or our partners at BuyerZone or 360Connect.

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