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What are Business Telephone Systems and How Much Do They Cost? 

A business phone system is a group of interconnected phones that supplies your business with features like call handling, call transferring, conference calling, automated voice messages, and more. Businesses have long relied on phone systems that used public land-lines supplied by a phone company; many are now switching to systems that run over the Internet.

A business phone system represents a significant investment of anywhere from $100 to $1,050 per user. Cost variables include whether you want in-house or web-based servers, number of lines, and system centralization and features.

Compare Business Phone System Pricing

LogoCompanyOverall RatingTotal UsersSoftphone FeaturePricing Comparisons
Cisco1,000Yes Service Offered - Check
Nextive100Yes Service Offered - Check
ESI1,000Yes Service Offered - Check
Toshiba1,000Yes Service Offered - Check
8x81,000Yes Service Offered - Check
Shoretel1,000Yes Service Offered - Check
Avaya2,000Yes Service Offered - Check
AT&T100No Service Not Offered - X
FortiVoice400No Service Not Offered - X
Vonage100Yes Service Offered - Check

Business Phone-System Price ComparisonWhat to Look For In a Small Business Phone System: 

Companies typically replace their business phone system once every seven years, with the need to maintain integration often a paramount concern. Check with all affected departments in your business and get input on selecting a service that will work for everyone.

Business phone systems offer a wide variety of features, including automated answering, “hunt grouping” to make sure every call is live-answered as quickly as possible, different voice-mail and hold setups, and more. Select a system that your employees can quickly adjust to, and that will enhance and not hinder operations. Be sure to consider both internal, office-focused features and those that your customers will be interacting with, and don’t make any drastic changes without a transition plan in place for all.

Buying a phone system for your business? Consider how many users will need to access the systems phones as they range from as little as 15 users to more than 2,000. Also consider features such as automatic phone call transfer, personalized hold music, and customizable mailbox recordings. Look at IP Phones (for VoIP technology), soft-phones, and DECT – digital enhanced cordless telecommunications. For some small business computer telephone integration will be important as it permits you to access voice features from any PC. Lastly consider any need for an auto attendant which is useful for allowing you to direct your phone calls.

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Office Phone Sample Costs

Below are a few examples of price facts for Business Phone Systems which will give you an idea how how much you will pay for you purchase.

  • PBX telephone systems support offices with an excess of 40 employees and are priced $750 to $1,150 per user.
  • A key system (for offices with under 50 employees) shows which lines are in use and offers many telecom features costs between $250 to $1,175 per employee.
  • KSU-less phone systems for 3-10 employees costs $85 to $275 per employee .

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