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About was created for business owners looking to mitigate risk when purchasing business products and services. Enjoy free buying advice and compare quotes from thousands of verified brands.

Imagine a business where everyone wins. That’s what we did. We took one look at and we saw a great way to fill out one form and have mortgage lenders coming directly to you with super-competitive quotes that match your unique needs. A close look at and we realized an amazing way to find hotels and compare prices anywhere with the click of a button. And even cooler was the fact that neither company required a fee from the consumer. So we thought, this should be done for everything. Phones systems, copiers, payroll service, coffee service, you name it. And better yet, it should all be done from a single website. And was born.

To many people who first looked at our business model this perfectly fit the definition of insanity, especially considering that our visitors never paid for our service, no memberships were necessary, and we could only earn money when we put an interested buyer together with a qualified seller who was competing with low prices. It took an internet businessman and a step of faith, but in 2014, blew up the internet after launching its online buyers guide with just 40 categories, and we knew it was a home run.

The Problem We Solved

Search for anything online and you’ll find what you’re looking for, or at least something pretty darn close. The challenge is you’ll find hundreds, if not thousands of websites/companies that you’ll need to navigate through. As you begin clicking through the links and completing tons of contact forms you quickly discover that while the search engines are great for delivering pages relevant to your search they’re not so great at filtering out the perfect match based on a simple query. So you end up clicking through page after page, making lots of contacts to see who has your unique solution, and eventually comparing prices from the handful that matched your requirements.

The Solution Unveiled

One website, one form, and relevant suppliers coming directly to you with savings up to 40%. And it all had to be free. Our site visitors begin by selecting the product or service they need which takes them to a page complete with buying tips, average price range information, and a list of the top suppliers and their solutions.  Each page includes user comments describing personal experiences with various companies and we top it off with a free “get quotes” option which lets you describe your needs in detail (takes about 60 seconds) and then sit back as the right competitors come to you. You save time. You save money. You avoid the hassle and headache.

How We Make Money

The service is entirely free with no obligation to you at any point. PriceItHere only is compensated by the supplier when we make the right connection with a serious buyer.

How It Benefits Suppliers

Traditional advertising requires a healthy investment with no promises, so sometimes you win and other times you lose. With our pay-per-lead advertising solutions, suppliers enjoy a totally safe marketing program that never fails because they only pay a small advertising fee when they receive a qualified prospect that is actively shopping for their service. This safe, low-cost advertising  – pay-per-performance marketing helps make it possible to pass on deeper savings to the users that access our online buyers’ guide.

How it Benefits Our Visitors

Our sellers realize that to help our visitors get the most out of our service we match them up with as many as 5 local suppliers, so they understand that they are not the only one asking for your business, so they’ll need to be competitively priced to win the prize of your business. Further, you never waste time with companies that don’t perfectly match your needs because our forms filter them out and only place you in contact with the most relevant companies who want to earn your business. Lastly, it’s all safe, it’s free.

In conclusion, our business to totally dependent upon giving the suppliers high qualified leads at a great price and in turn helping our users find exactly what they need, only faster and at highly competitive market prices. This win-win business model is the secret sauce to our success. Nobody loses and everyone’s happy. That’s why we love doing what we do!

Monetary Disclosure: will actively pursue potential opportunities to earn revenue from advertisers and Through the sale of leads. We contract with suppliers and affiliates who agree to pay a fee after receiving a lead resulting from a site visitor requesting quotes for products or services matching their business offers. This site is for informational purposes only and ranking a business in our top 10 or sending price quotes from our suppliers in no way implies our endorsement.

Giving Back

Price It Here cares about America’s youth and their continued education and that’s why we are proud to offer a bi-annual college scholarship totaling $2,000. Scholarships are awarded each year in May and November.