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What are Postage Meter Mailing Machines and How Much Do They Cost? 

Postage meters cost $20 – $200 a month to rent and prices vary by number packages mailed per day, scale or meter type, and features like integrated address book, account codes, and thermal printing. Postage meters are a great way to reduce your business’s mailing expenses, and can even make your personal correspondence cheaper if you regularly use the US mail to keep in touch. These simple devices, available only from providers that have been approved by the United States Postal Service, can weigh each piece of flat mail you need to send and determine the precise amount of postage necessary to take it from you to the recipient, typically at a discount offered by the USPS for businesses and individuals that use these meters. Not only that, but today’s postage meters can also print USPS-accepted labels to affix to your envelopes in lieu of stamps, and many can even print directly onto your envelopes for even more savings, efficiency, and reduced dependency on supplies.

Compare Postage Meter Pricing

  Overall RatingYear FoundedBBB RatingRequest Competitive Pricing
Pitney Bowes101930
FP Mailing Solutions9.951994A+
Document Technologies9.461991N/A
Data-Pac Mailing Systems8.582000N/A
TY Pac, Inc 7.211972A+
Whitaker Brothers7.031946N/A

Postage Meters For Small Business

More advanced postage meters offer additional features and services, including automatic and semi-automatic feeding, weighing and printing; the ability to print QR codes and marketing messages on your envelopes at the same time your postage is calculated and printed; and heavier-duty scales for weighing heavier non-flat packages and determining the correct postage amount. With these additional features, you can automate a large portion of your mailing activities while improving your marketing reach and your open rates.

Postage Meter Pricing

Costs for the most basic postage meters start at around $200, and for many businesses this expense is quickly recouped through discounted postage and the eliminated need to add excess postage (i.e. fixed-value stamps) for heavier pieces of mail. More advanced equipment can cost several times more, and some providers offer postage meters along with monthly service subscriptions that handle your USPS payment account(s), as well.


What to Look For When Buying Postage Meter Machines: 

Because all postage meter providers have been approved by the USPS, you can be fairly certain that the scales on even the most inexpensive machines are accurate. It’s important to look at longevity, though—what’s accurate today might be less so in a few years, and you want a meter that can keep up with your mailing rate. Also make sure your meter can easily be set for different classes and priorities of mail, so you can save more on less urgent post while ensuring high-priority items don’t break your budget.

Ink and label (when applicable) costs are also an important consideration, as they will determine how effective your postage meter is when it comes to saving you money. Finally, be sure to get a machine that works for your business’s needs, nothing more and nothing less. If you only send a few pieces of correspondence a day, a smaller, simpler and less expensive meter will likely be accurate. If you or your staff spends a significant amount of time labeling envelopes each week, a more advanced machine that can automate tasks and free up human resources is probably the way to go.

Poster Meter Sample Costs

Below are a few examples of price facts for digital postage meters which will give you an idea how how much you will pay for you purchase.

  • Postage meters can’t be purchased and the only be rented or leased.
  • $68 average cost to buy black ink ink cartridge refills.
  • $275 Average cost to red ink cartridge refills.
  • Postage tape sheets cost between $35 to $45 to 50 tapes.

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