How Does Email Marketing Work?

Email Marketing For Dummies: Understanding How it Works

You want to use email marketing, but you have no clue how it works. In this email marketing for dummies guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know.

In business, you want to reach as many as your prospects and customers as you can. But when your budget is minimal, this reduces your opportunities to do so. Or so that’s how it was in the past.

Today, the internet levels the playing field for small businesses to compete with the bigger corporations. One method, in particular, is email marketing.

If you’re one of the businesses overlooking this valuable tool, then maybe these numbers will change your mind – a whopping 3.7 billion people are using emails daily. That’s more than half the world’s population!

In this email marketing for dummies guides, we’ll go over some of the reasons why you should be using email marketing. And how you can get started using it today.

5 Reasons to Start Using this Email Marketing for Dummies Guide

Now, there are many great reasons why you should be using email marketing.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the reasons you should become an email marketing pro.

1. Email is Still a Big Deal

With billions of people still using email, it’s not hard to believe email is still a big deal. In fact, 91% of consumers use their emails each and every day. In most cases, it’s what they check first thing in the morning.

Needless to say, email is an effective way to reach your audience.

2. Social Media + Email = More Marketing Power

Now, if you really want to harness the power of online marketing, then you want to include social media in your strategy.

Using social media and email together can really boost your conversions and traffic. The key is to place your social media buttons in your emails. This way, they can follow you there and even share the tips in your newsletter.

3. Stay on the Minds of Your Subscribers

If you’re consistently emailing your subscribers (but not overdoing it), then it places your brand in their minds. When they need your product or service, you’re more than likely the first business they’ll consider.

4. Generate More Revenue

What business owners really love about email marketing is the opportunity it brings to earn more revenue. In just a few clicks, you can send a promotional email that yields great conversions.

5. Customize Your Message to Customers

Your blog posts are read by a large group of customers, which makes it hard to segment your pieces. With email marketing, you can better touch on key points each type of customer cares about. You can easily segment your email campaigns so that you have a better chance of turning them into repeat customers.

Now that we have some idea of what makes this email marketing for dummies guide worth your while, it’s time for some actionable steps.

Let’s take a look at how you can begin using email marketing for your business.

Getting Permission from Your Audience

Obviously, you don’t ever want to solicit emails to your customers without their permission. If they didn’t opt-in to receive emails from your business or subscribe to your newsletter specifically, then don’t reach out.

Now, the key to getting their permission is to simply ask. When your customers check out or create an account on your site, have them check or uncheck a box allowing emails from your brand.

Another option is to create something that will entice users to give up their email addresses. For instance, you can create a free download, such as a white paper, ebook, audio file, guide or catalog and give it away to those who sign up for your email newsletter.

Besides the freebie, you also want to draw in your audience by making certain promises. For example, to send them coupons, free tips, and advice or the first crack at a beta app you’re developing.

Segmenting Your Audience With Email Communication

The next step in this email marketing for dummies guide is to segment your subscriber list. It’s key to do this from the start, so everything is organized and simple going forward.

There are different ways you can segment your audience. For instance, you can separate them based on gender, income, location, desires, online frequency and so on.

Developing customer profiles and personas can also help with the segmentation process.

Creating Content that Sells

Now, this doesn’t mean you want to continuously promote to your email subscribers. What sells is any form of content that makes users want to open and read your email.

In order to make this happen, you need to know your audience. What pain points do they have that you can shed light upon? What tips can you offer that will make their lives easier?

Again, social media comes in real handy here. You can watch and join in on conversations your customers and prospects are having to gain insight into these key areas.

Then use what you learn to craft content that’ll resonate with each of your email segments.

Track Everything

You can use Google Analytics to help keep track of your email campaigns. You’ll need this to keep an eye on what’s working and what isn’t. This is a numbers game, so you’ll have to monitor how many people are opening your emails and clicking on links.

Maybe your subject lines need work or the email body itself. Be prepared to do a lot of split testing throughout your campaigns.

Find an Expert to Help You

Using the tips in this email marketing for dummies guide will only take you but so far. Without industry knowledge and experience, you’re bound to run into a wall.

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