Basic Concepts For Business Growth in the New Year

There is no denying the reality that the world is shrinking in so many ways each and every year. Technology connects us like never before, allowing for lightning fast communications and the sharing of ideas, concepts, and even products from one side of the globe to the other at the click of a button.

Despite being aware of the ever-shrinking nature of the world, not all of us understand the impact that has on how we need to run our businesses. In reality though, the needs of marketing campaigns have shifted dramatically along with our technology. People are constantly barraged with more information than ever before, meaning that we have to get extremely wise about how we share our company’s messaging in order to make an impact in 2017.

Experience is Key

Getting out of the online world and creating real-world experiences that make a real impression on your customers is a very useful strategy in the current marketing environment. Instead of just pushing out constant social content hoping that it will catch on, you create experiences that your customers will want to talk about, turning the customer into the brand advocate who will Instagram, Tweet and post content to Facebook describing the event or experience you have designed.

Think about the marketing campaign executed by Microsoft when they launched Titanfall. The experience was designed to make customers in stores feel like they were immersed in the Titanfall world, which created a memorable experience that buyers were all eager to share with their friends.

Leverage Your Social Media Power

Now, just because real-world experiences are important doesn’t mean that the new year is going to bring a disregard for optimum inbound marketing and social media strategies. Your customers have social media woven through every aspect of their lives. By focusing on creating high quality content that fits the interests of your consumers, you can connect with a significant portion of your consumer base with a single well=crafted post.

It’s also important to stay on top of the new emerging technologies and trends. New ways to create digital ads and sell products in a streamlined fashion are posed to hit the market in 2017, and well-prepared marketers are going to be posed to take advantage of these new options as they emerge.

Your Assistant can be Virtual

This is another example of how emerging technology can help make you a more effective marketer. Chat bots are services that allow customers to ask questions and have them answered by a non-human – an example of a highly complex virtual assistant is Apple’s Siri, while a more basic chat bot is something like those employed by companies to take customer’s orders online.

A chat bot is not a replacement for real human interaction between your team and your customers, however, they can easily streamline and facilitate simple transactions between your organization and your customers while also saving you money in the process.

Mobile is Everywhere

Almost every one of your potential customers has a cell phone in their pockets today. Mobile marketing is going to help you reach your clients on the devices that they are probably using to access online information more than any other.

Make sure your website displays perfectly on a wide variety of smart phones, and make it as easy to navigate as possible. People don’t have time to navigate through complicated menus or read a lot of small text when surfing on their phones. Make it quick, easy, and very visual in order to make accessing your content a snap from any phone.

Hopefully you found this helpful. 2017 is the year when we’re going to see marketing shift more and more back into the real world, with the most effective strategies finding ways to connect the best visceral experiences they have in the real world with the ease of digital communications.

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