Small Business VoIP Phone Systems Comparison – VoIP Reviews, Providers, And Price Guide 2018


What are call VoIP Phone Cloud Systems and How Much Does it Cost? 

VoIP phone systems cost between $195 and $1,550 depending on how many phones and whether the equipment is on premise or cloud based. Other price factors include hunt groups, queuing systems, and the number of server locations.Short for “voice-over-Internet-protocol”, a VoIP system is a type of software and/or hardware that lets businesses make calls over data networks as opposed to traditional landlines—phone calls over the Internet, to put it simply. VoIP systems can greatly reduce the costs of long-distance and international calls, and offer an array of features.

Single-line VoIP services can be purchased for very low monthly or yearly subscriptions, however most businesses can expect to pay several hundred to several thousand dollars for initial setup and hardware, if required, and monthly fees of $100 or more depending on the number of lines, minutes used, and locations called. Fees vary widely, with most services optimized for a particular type of calling.

Compare VoIP Office Phone System Pricing

 VoIP SystemOverall
FeaturesCompare Features & Pricing
RingCentral1 YearYes Service Offered - Check98%
Phone.comNoneYes Service Offered - Check98%
8x81 YearNo Service Not Offered - X96%
ShoreTel1 YearYes Service Offered - Check96%
VocalcityNoneNo Service Not Offered - X94%
RingByName1 YearNo Service Not Offered - X94%
Fonality1 YearYes Service Offered - Check93%
NextivaNoneNo Service Not Offered - X92%
TelcoDepot1 YearNo Service Not Offered - X90%
Phone Power1 YearNo Service Not Offered - X94%

Compare VoIP Phone System PricesWhat to Look For In a VoIP Business Phone System: 

If you have employees or branches in remote locations, a voice-over-IP service provider should let you establish connections to those locations as long as Internet access is available. Other systems in your office should be able to integrate easily with your VoIP.

A voice-over-IP system must be able to perform all basic landline functions—auto attendant, call monitoring, call recording, etc.—and most offer other features that can be useful to your business. Troubleshooting and support services should be included. All of these features should be accessible and manageable from a central website, giving you complete control over your VoIP system.

When purchasing a business VoIP telephone system begin looking at Plan prices such as the minimum cost and minimum amount of minutes charged, plus make sure you are fully aware of the domestic rates as many suppliers offer unlimited minutes in the US and Canada for a flat fee. Set up and service fees may apply which can also charge for the phone adapter to make use of the service. While not all companies charge a cancellation fee it is still very common to see this fee range from $50 – $100. Generally speaking you will able to get a month to month plan with unlimited minutes which in some cases will even include Puerto Rico.

Popular VoIP Cloud Phone System Features: Speed Dial, Call Transfer, Conference Calling, Fax Support, Call Blocking, Call Return (*69), and Find Me which lets a call be forwarded to several phones if the previous line goes answered.

Hosted VoIP phone systems for small business:

A business phone system is an advanced calling network designed to enhance business communications for small and large organizations—and everything in between Business phone service,

The providers listed above are some of the best small business phone service providers for startups and entrepreneurs that offer companies the features they require for seamless communications with a VoIP phone system.

A quality hosted VoIP solution will deliver toll free numbers and virtual pbx features starting under $20/month.  Let us help you to get a reliable solution from a leader in cloud-based communications, and save on local & long-distance business phone service.

Communicate, collaborate, and work better with a powerful, state of the art, small business VoIP phone system.

VoIP Phone System Sample Costs

Below are a few examples of prices for Business VoIP Telephone Systems which will give you an idea how much you will pay for your purchase.

  • VoIP Cloud Phone System for small businesses average starting cost of $6,000 to $25,000 per line
  • 64 VoIP Telephone System typical cost for $33,000 to $60,000 For Small – medium sized businesses
  • 180 Phone VoIP Phone System typical cost for $46,000 to $52,000
  • A Cisco 20 VoIP PBX average cost $3,290
  • Cisco VoIP 10 Phone IP PBX w/ Voice mail and auto attendant cost $7,500

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