How Much Do Commercial Cleaning Machines Cost?

How Much Do Floor Cleaning Machines Cost and What to Look For:
Commercial-grade floor cleaning machines start at about $610 for a small, economical unit, and can cost as much as $13,000 for industrial-size ride-on machines. Compare prices from suppliers near you:

The size of your facility, the type, and regularity of cleaning that you have to do, and the staff you have available to you may all affect how much you end up paying for your floor cleaning machine.


Buyers GuideThe types of floors that you have in your facility will determine what type of cleaner you need to look for. A typical cleaner will handle most standard floor types, but if you have precious carpets or marble, you may need to shop for a specialty unit for that particular surface as well.

When shopping, you should ideally purchase a unit that is relatively easy to use and maintain, as well as one that is in compliance with all OSHA safety standards. If you stick to easy-to-use machines, your existing staff will likely be able to safely operate them. Larger, more complex industrial machines may require specialized training for safe operation. Typically, ride-on machines are going to be the most complex. These require more knowledge to operate and additional safety precautions to be in place than the smaller units but are often the only practical solution when dealing with extremely large facilities.


You also want to consider the company that you’re buying from before purchasing a floor-cleaning machine. Look for a company with excellent warranty and service coverage for their available units. Another great feature to look for is a seller that will make training available to your staff. They should be able to train staff in safe operating techniques as well as proper machine upkeep and basic maintenance. The best companies will make a test unit available so you can actually see it operate on your floor surfaces, letting results speak for themselves instead of having to rely on the unproven promises of a sales team.

What You Can Expect to Pay for Your Commercial Floor Cleaning Machine

Commercial Floor Cleaning MachineThere are several types of small commercial floor cleaning machines including various vacuums and scrubbers that will be available for less than $1100. As you move towards walk-behind industrial scrubbers, the price will climb close to $5200. Ride-on machines start at around $10,400 for the smaller, entry-level units, but can range as high as $20,325 for a top of the line unit that is well suited to maintaining the floors in very large industrial complexes.

With the right floor cleaning machines, floor cleaning jobs that take several hours can be completed in a small fraction of the time. Your office cleaning team will be able to get more done in less time as they move on to more productive office cleaning tasks, reducing your labor investment, and helping the machine pay for itself.

There are different types of commercial floor cleaning products to wash, scrub, polish, and remove dirt from just about any type of floor. There are even specialized floor cleaner machines that restore damaged floors to their original shine and clean sensitive materials including fine marble floors or imported exotic rugs.

Commercial floor cleaners are not used exclusively by commercial cleaning firms. While it’s true that office cleaning companies make up a large segment of floor cleaning machine buyers, any company with floors to clean can benefit from the equipment’s functionality at a reasonably low price.

Commercial Floor Cleaning Machines Sample Costs

Below are a few examples of prices for Commercial / Industrial Floor Cleaners which will give you an idea of how much you will pay for your purchase.

  • $1,575 average cost for Manual Push Sweepers
  • $3,599 average cost of a walk-behind auto Floor cleaner
  • $6,200 to $18,000 Cost Ride On automatic Floor Cleaning Machines
  • Walk Behind Electric Floor Sweeper averages $3,600
  • Ride on battery-powered outdoor floor cleaners average price $14,500

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