Free advertising channels

Free Advertising Channels For Your Business

Don’t want to pay for advertising? Get the word out there with your business with free advertising channels.

The best form of advertising is always word of mouth. However, that takes time and a lot of effort to get started. The internet can be one way to get your brand out into the world and start this process with a minimum of effort.

The good news is that most of this can be done for free. We have included a list of free advertising channels that you can use to promote your business online increasing visitors, conversions, and sales.

Contribute to Online Communities

In many ways, the internet is not that different from real life. If you take the time and contribute to your community, people will come to see you as an authority and respect you. This means that when they need something, you will be their first port of call.

Don’t go straight in with the hard sell when using online forums. Take your time to contribute regularly, at least for a month or two on a daily basis. Then when you know some of the people in the group mention your company or what you do for a living.

Add Blog Articles to Your Site

Blog content works on a number of levels. Firstly, it gives you a platform to include more keywords on your website. This makes it more likely to gain traffic from search engines.

Secondly, it can really make you an authority on the subject. These articles can then be shared and promoted on social media, opening you up to an even bigger audience. Even if you are not a seasoned writer, you can hire others to do the writing for you.

Make SEO a Regular Habit

All too often, people view SEO as something that you do on your website and then forget about it. If SEO and its habits become a practice, it actually takes very little time, reaps huge benefits, and is free.

All articles and blog pages should include keywords and be over at least 500 words. If you need keywords, sign up to an online keyword finder to check their search volume and a monthly competition. Make sure the keyword is in the introduction, conclusion, and within the body of your text.

Content Marketing For SEO

Try to increase backlinks to your website by writing free content for others who work in the same field. They will get a free article for their website, and you get SEO power from an extra, relevant link to your own site. All it will cost you is the time it takes to write the piece.

Google Your Business

Google your business is an invaluable, free tool that many people forget to use. Once you link your business and add your location and phone number, you are opened up to the whole of the Google search network. Combined with good SEO practice you should see website visits increase drastically.

Take this one step further and add yourself to other online free business directories. Tripadvisor and Foursquare all rely on people’s reviews and testimonials to thrive and your business could be benefitting from them as well.

Create a Press List and Make Releases

Spend a few hours doing a search online for media experts, writers, and bloggers in your niche. Try to get their contact details from the website and place them in a list. You will be prepared for any newsworthy events your company takes part in.

When this happens, simply fire off a press release to see if anyone is interested in picking up your information as an article. A host of information is online about how to create a great press release or have it done for you. If you don’t have any newsworthy events, then why not create some?

Make Youtube Content

Youtube is a huge social media channel, and being on it with quality, informative content will bring in a lot of traffic. Think about doing some review videos of products you sell or create handy ‘how-to’ guides.

When producing content, you have two options. the first is to hire a professional company to do it for you for the best, quality content. This will make your company look professional and attract higher-end customers.


The second is to go totally DIY. This is not something you should be afraid of as if you know your topic you will look personable and approachable. Record on an HD video camera or even a cellphone, with minimal editing.

Answer Some Questions on Quora

Quora is the webs dumping ground for questions. Users post a question or topic and others give their opinion or respond. Start by signing up and finding some questions users have posed that fit in your niche.


Done regularly, you can build a following and become a leader in your field. The beauty of Quora is that it also lets you post links. That means a few well-answered questions with a link to your website will enhance your SEO power.

Open a Facebook Business Page

Facebook has a number of excellent strategies that can be used by small businesses, both free and paid. One of these is the option to open a Facebook business page.

It also allows you to post from your business as if your company had a profile. That means you can join groups, and comment on other pages all using your company persona. It is an excellent way to increase brand awareness.

Facebook Business page

Having a Facebook business page also allows you to repost content from other users. This is a very easy way to make yourself an authority and news outlet on your topic. Try to post on a regular basis, at least twice a day.

Install Browser Notifications

When you visit a website and it asks if you would like to receive updates and news, you are being asked to sign up for browser notifications. They are done with a plugin or amendment to your website that is often free and can provide huge benefits to your traffic.

What is really good is that every member has opted to receive regular updates from you. They want to know what you are doing, and as such, the rate of response is much higher than other marketing methods. Combined with special offers and limited-time rewards, they can really increase conversions.

Make a Podcast

There is a podcast for everything, and your business niche will undoubtedly have someone who is creating podcast content on the topic. Find an expert in your field, send them a message, and ask about coming to discuss topics on their show.

If you can’t find anyone discussing your topics, then you have found a gap in the market. Get hold of some cut-price audio equipment, or loan some, and get making a podcast. Don’t go too heavy on promoting your business, but drop in your company as a sponsorship every once in a while.

Utilize an Influencer

The influencer conjures up images of trendy young people promoting makeup or clothing. Although popular, they are not the only people with big social media followings. All you need to do is search Instagram or Youtube for someone working or reviewing in your niche and reach out to them.

Will it be expensive? Probably not, as most influencers will be likely to give you a positive word on their channel for free stuff. Offer a sample or provide your services for free in exchange for their promotion.

Give Something Away on Your Advertising Channels

Online competitions and giveaways can seem like a scam and often come off as clickbait. That is because often, people never see who wins. Start by looking at the products and services you sell and see what you can give away for free.

Once you have done it, create a competition where people must sign up for your email or share a social media post. Once you have a winner, make sure you put just as much effort into their response and testimonials as you do the competition. People will know you are honest, truthful, and stick to your word.

Increase Your Conversions

By implementing just a few of our advertising channels’ suggestions over a period of a few weeks, you should see an immediate increase in visitors and conversions. Combine it with paid advertising for a double hit on increasing your brand awareness.

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