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What are Jobsite Construction Trailers and How Much Do They Cost?

Portable office trailers are temporary office spaces for jobsites that can be brought to almost any location and removed as soon as they are no longer needed. These temporary mobile office trailers serve as headquarters on construction sites and other on-site projects, and are frequently used as administrative, sales, field lab, or on-site training offices, as well. You can rent or buy portable office trailers. Depending on the size and accessories you require, a basic unit can cost $100 to $500 a month to rent. Purchasing a similar unit could cost $20,000 to $30,000. Many vendors require a minimum lease of three months, and there are often extra fees for delivery and set-up.

Compare Portable Office Trailer Pricing

 CompanyOverall RatingDeliver to SiteCustomer ServiceCompare Prices
Williams ScotsmanYes Service Offered - Check98.80%
Allied TrailersYes Service Offered - Check98.70%
Mobile ModularYes Service Offered - Check98.10%
Triumph ModularYes Service Offered - Check98.10%
Mobile MiniYes Service Offered - Check98.00%
Commercial Mobile SystemsYes Service Offered - Check97.40%
Pac VanYes Service Offered - Check98.20%
Modular GeniusYes Service Offered - Check97.10%
Featherlite TrailersYes Service Offered - Check97.60%

Mobile-Office-Portable-Offices1What to Look For In a Construction Office Trailer: 

Find a company that can deliver to your location, and make sure there’s enough space for the portable building as well as clearance for any additional equipment. Next, find an office the right size for your operations and workforce. There are single room portable offices and trailers with multiple private offices, and a wide range of available amenities.

Be sure your portable office trailers complies with zoning regulations, and don’t forget to obtain the proper permits from your local building department. Your portable office provider might be able to help you with hookups for power and other utilities, if needed.

Mobile office trailers give you valuable space you need to run your job site projects, review building plans, and hold team meetings while delivering convenient, economical mobile office and office trailer solutions. Single wide offices to a fleet of multi-sectional units are popular orders and even portable office trailers are an effective solution for a sales team requiring extra work space or a project manager needing a fleet of mobile offices quickly on site. Construction offices and office trailers are a secure and cost effective solution to your temporary building needs.

Mobile Office Trailer Costs

Below are a few examples of prices for Mobile Office Trailers which will give you an idea how much you will pay for your purchase.

  • $150 to $400 average cost to Lease a Mobile Office
  • 8’ x 20’ mobile offices rental cost around $160 a month
  • 10’ x 40’ Jobsite Trailers rent prices average around $230 a month
  • 12’ x 60’ mobile office trailers average rental cost $395 a month

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