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Compare The Cost of Home and Business Security Alarm Systems.

Home-Security-System-Buyers-GuideWhat is a Home Security System and How Much Does it Cost in 2022? A standard home security system costs $36 – $98 a month. A business security system will cost $150/month or more. The total price depends on features like cameras, # of entrances, and square footage that heavily impact prices.


A home security system provides surveillance and a way of monitoring your home and property when you’re away or when you’re asleep, and around the clock. Though these residential protection and home alarm systems can vary in their specifics, most monitor your home’s entryways—including ground-floor and sometimes upstairs windows—and might also monitor your outdoor areas. More comprehensive systems can provide zone security for the interior of your home, as well, allowing you to “lock-down” a portion of your home and alert you if any movement occurs in that area.


Home security systems utilize a range of technologies, from simple lights and motion detectors to infrared sensors and cameras; silent alarms that trigger an emergency response and sirens that alert you and your neighbors if there’s an intruder; digital keypads or even fingerprint scanners to turn systems on and off; computer-based control and monitoring that can even be integrated with thermostat and lighting control, automatic door locks, and more.

As you might expect, with such a wide range of features and controls the cost of home security alarm systems can vary considerably. Some services offer a basic system with no installation cost and a relatively low monthly subscription for monitoring services that you are typically locked into for one to two years. Other home security providers might charge from several hundred to several thousand (or more) just for the hardware and installation, and may or may not provide off-site monitoring. The average homeowner can protect themselves with a basic system for under $100 a month, and the cost might be partially offset by reduced homeowners insurance premiums.

What to Look For in a Home Security Surveillance System: Most homeowners will be well protected by a system that, when activated, will alert the security service/law enforcement when someone enters the home. Others might benefit from systems that provide more detailed and comprehensive monitoring—it all depends on what you are trying to protect and the security risks in your area and situation. No matter what, a system that provides off-site monitoring is generally preferable to one that only provides onsite notification of a problem, as this will provide a faster response and also improve security when you’re away from your home.


For all systems, make sure the interface is easy to use and that you won’t have any difficulty arming or disarming the system, or using any of the additional features you are paying for. Learn about multiple services to see what their response times to alerts are in your area, and learn what others have to say about the true security of their systems. Don’t get caught paying for a system that sounds fancy but is too difficult to use effectively, but at the same time don’t opt for cheap simplicity and leave yourself vulnerable to the security breaches you are trying to protect against.

Security System Sample Costs

Below are a few examples of prices for security systems that will give you an idea of how much you will pay for your purchase.

  • $19 to $50 Typical Monthly monitoring fee
  • Activation and Installation is between $50 -$100
  • Contract periods 1 -3 years
  • Hardwired systems cost around $90 per entry point
  • $100 average per motion sensor
  • $123 average per glass break sensor
  • $60 typical cost per door/window sensor
  • Additional Keypads cost between $95 to $165

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