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What is Contact Management Software and How Much Does it Cost? 

In past years, businesses kept all their contacts in a Rolodex. Rolodexes represented genuine innovation back in the 50s. Court battles were fought over ownership of contact information in Rolodexes.

Businesses were growing with numerous demands to keep track of leads and contacts. Technology that helped towards sales force automation was developed in the 80s. These spreadsheet-type innovations were server-based.

CMS Software

By the 90s, Microsoft, Hotmail, and America Online made email accessible to everyone. Businesses turned to this method to follow-up quickly with contacts, rather than using the postal service or the telephone.

Social media swept in with its ability to help collect leads early in this century. Suddenly there was a new way for businesses to collect leads.

Now there was a need to collect all this data in one place, find a way to follow up on leads, record customer interactions, and open quotes. Enter Contact Management Software (CMS). Learn all about the cost of CMS below.

What Is Contact Management Software?

Before launching into what is CMS, you need to know that there is a difference between CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software and CMS. CMS deals with keeping track of leads, offers, their business hierarchies, their respective industries, automated email, and so many more customizable options. All benefits are related to improving customer service.

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CRM software will do more than that. CMS is most used by SMBs for the purpose of efficiency and keeping all members of the sales team abreast of customer information and interactions.

CRM software will offer additional features that act on the information within your contact list. It actually automates many aspects of your marketing strategy.

Essentially CRM software is just a beefed-up version of CMS. In many cases, you can purchase software called CRM software, but just opt for the CMS resources provided within the package and pay less.

A notable revolution of these resources is that many of them are no longer server-based. Instead, they are cloud-based. This means the information stored by the Contact Management Software can be accessed or added to via Smartphone, iPad, computer, or tablet from anywhere there is the internet.

How Much Does Contact Management Software Cost?

The cost of contact management software runs around $34 – $99 per user with discounts for five users or more. Other price variables will be on-premise systems or cloud-based deployment options. The cost of CMS can vary widely between providers. Before settling on a choice, you need to know what you’re looking for that will be the best contact management software for you.

Here are a few of the considerations before making a choice:

  • Do you want an in-house system or a cloud-based system?
  • How many users will there be?
  • Do you want to monitor the productivity of your sales team?
  • What other applications are you using (e.g. Quickbooks, Microsoft Outlook, etc.)

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There are literally hundreds of choices of CMS solutions. Read on to learn about some popular CMS products with their pricing and a brief outline of their features.

Less Annoying CRM Cost

Less Annoying CRM

As its name implies, this is a very easy-to-use software package that is ideal for small businesses. It offers a free trial period and you have a crew of IT specialists to help you get going.

This software does have one drawback in that it does not integrate with other applications. It does offer many of the resources you may need to use as part of its platform, however, and it is fully cloud-based.

Cost features:

  • 30-day free trial
  • $15/month per user
  • Single plan

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Really Simple Systems Cost

Really Simple Systems Logo

This CMS has won some awards including GetApp’s Category Leaders for best contact management software due to positive customer reviews.

It includes built-in email marketing features that record all customer interactions. You get ROI analytics based on marketing campaign stats along with a fully cloud-based lead and customer integration service.

Cost features:

  • Free trial offer
  • If there are only two users, it’s free – forever
  • $16/user monthly up to a subscription with advanced security and other features for $55/user monthly

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Zoho CMS Cost

ZoHo Logo

Zoho is an easy-to-use intuitive software specifically for contact management. You can do live chat with website visitors, do single-click dialing and bulk emailing.

The really nice feature of Zoho is that it interfaces with LinkedIn, Slack, Twitter, G Suite, Microsoft Office 365, MailChimp, Zendesk, and Unbounce.

This is a great CMS for SMBs though many huge enterprises like Amazon, Netflix, Ducati, and Abu Dhabi Aviation use it. There is a free trial period, and if you like it, you can sign up for your choice of four different plans.

Cost features:

  • 15-day free trial
  • The basic plan for $30/month that will work for up to two users
  • Premium plan all the way up to the Enterprise plan which is $569/month and works for up to 50 users

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Zendesk Sell Cost

Zendesk Sell Logo

This is contact management software specifically designed for sales. It will help you track every interaction with leads with the goal of turning conversations into conversions. Zendesk Sell helps filter leads, and you can keep track of interactions in real-time to be able to catch opportunities when they arise.

A nice feature of this CMS is the ability to build targeted lead lists so you can automate an outreach using the integrated communication tools. Staples uses this contact management software.

Zendesk Sell offers a free trial period and three levels of subscriptions to choose from. The more expensive plans have unlimited users and many intuitive analytics, and templates.

Cost features:

  • Sell Team plan for $19/monthly which allows up to 3 users
  • Sell Professional is $49
  • Sell Enterprise is $99

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Pipedrive Cost

Pipedrive Logo

The name of this CMS is based on the term pipeline, which is a visual representation of the process of turning leads into contacts.

It is specialized for sales, providing the ability to track your progress towards achieving your goals. It is cloud-based and integrates with Google and Microsoft apps and functions. The audio notes function is an excellent feature as it will automatically transcribe your voice notes for you.

The more expensive plans offer an add-on called Leadbooster for an additional $32.50/month. This add-on uses your ideal customer profile to generate leads and will live-chat on your website via a chatbot.

Cost features:

  • 14-day trial period
  • Four levels for the plan: Essential is $12.50/month per user to the advanced level Enterprise at $99/month per user

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Maximizer Cost

Maximizer CMS logo

This is an integrated CRM software. You can opt for a cloud or in-house system. Along with full contact communications and interactions, Maximizer manages quotes, creates sales action plans, sales forecasting, and sales goal tracking. You get a selection of templates to use, and it will set up and manage marketing campaigns for you.

This CRM is used by more than sales. It’s used in construction, manufacturing, insurance, higher education, financial advisors, and health care. It integrates with many applications like One Drive, Outlook, Gmail, MailChimp, and many others.

Cost features:

  • 30-day free trial
  • A small office is limited to a single user for $29/month
  • Business Plus is the mid-level plan at $49/month per user with unlimited users and 10 GB of storage
  • Insights plan is priced at $89/month per user with unlimited users and has unlimited storage

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Keap Cost

Maximizer CMS logo

Keap CRM made the Constellation Research Shortlist in 2021 for its ease of use with an intuitive user interface. It is fully cloud-based and can be accessed from any mobile device from which you can send emails, make calls, or send texts. It provides email and SMS marketing that is fully automated and can provide quotes on the go.

Keap is currently offering a 50% discount for your first three months of subscription. It does have a free trial period. All of the quoted prices allow for one user with the option of adding users at $30/user each month.

Cost features:

  • Lite plan $40/month ($79 after the promotional period) allows one user and up to 500 contacts
  • Pro plan is $80/month ($159 after the promotional period) and allows you to create automated marketing campaigns
  • Max plan $100 ($199 after the promotional period) and has advanced e-commerce capabilities and automation to optimize your sales pipeline

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Insightly Cost

Insightly Logo

Insightly is a CRM software that not only manages contacts but also monitors intricate interactions between leads and contacts, automates workflow, and streamlines business processes. It’s used by health care services, higher education, travel companies, and parts companies.

Insightly offers a trial period and three plan levels. Depending on the plan you select, you can get voice memos, mobile business card scanning, and many business intelligence features.

Cost features:

  • Plus plan is $29/month per user
  • The professional plan is $49/month per user and has more versatility when working with your sales team
  • Enterprise plan is $99/month per user and has a higher security rating than the other plans with the ability to deliver quotes along with many other advantages

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Choosing the Right Contact Management Software

The eight listed contact management software choices are not the only ones. These CMS options vary from the very basic choices to advanced customer relationship management software. You need to evaluate your needs, the size of your enterprise, and your budget.

Other considerations would be the various features offered. This can be a daunting undertaking, or you can get help with this. Complete our questionnaire today to narrow down your choices and get the best CMS to meet your needs.

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Compare Content Management and Customer Tracking Systems Pricing

 Contact Management SoftwareOverall ScoreCloud Storage SpaceReal Time SharingOn Site Hosting ServiceAuto Dialing FeaturesCompare Cost
Salesforce CRMUnlimitedYesNoYes
SugarCRM SoftwareUnlimitedYesNoNo
Prophet CRMUnlimitedNoYesNo
ZoHo CRM50 GYesNoNo
3C Logic Cloud SoftwareUnlimitedYesYesYes
Maximizer CRMUnlimitedNoYesNo

The Cost of Contact Management Software For Small Business

Chances are you’re already familiar with the most basic types of contact management software. Your phone’s address book, for example, givesContact Management Software Solutions you an easy way to organize your contacts and their relevant information—phone numbers and email addresses, organizations they are affiliated with, and so forth. Business-focused contact management platforms work on the same principle, but they pack a lot more power and capability. Most software solutions can not only organize your contacts’ information, but can also organize the communications you send, track response rates, send reminders for follow-ups with clients and leads, and even automate certain communications such as sales emails.

The potential uses for today’s most effective contact management solutions are virtually endless, but simply put this type of software enables you to quickly store, organize, and analyze data about your contacts. It doesn’t just make communication easier, it makes it more effective and more reliable through things like A/B testing and tracking, demographic analysis, contact information consistency assurance, and more. When it comes to cost, there are software packages with an individual license that only cost a few hundred dollars, web-based subscription services that are roughly comparable, and more powerful enterprise-level solutions that reach well into the thousands.

What to Look For in Contact Management Software:

As with most software solutions for your business, you should look for a contact management package that gives you all the benefits you need without the complications you don’t. If you’re a smaller business that isn’t looking to expand quickly, many of the marketing features of the more advanced contact management systems might be more trouble (and more expense) than they’re worth. If you have a large sales team and an ever-growing stream of leads, these more advanced tools can actually present a huge cost savings and revenue boost compared to the human resource devotion and/or lost sales you might incur.

Find software that will fit nicely with your current contact list and needs, and that can easily scale to meet your short-term growth goals. Read up on the capabilities of individual contact management systems to see if there are benefits you could use but haven’t thought of, just don’t find yourself getting talked into more than makes sense for your current budget and expected returns. The sky really is the limit with what these programs can do; just be sure to match your contact management software’s aspirations with your business’s current needs and capabilities.

Contact Management Software Sample Costs

Below are a few examples of prices for Contact Management Software which will give you an idea of how much you will pay for your purchase.

  • Single User average starting cost of $35-$55 per month
  • $195 – $350 typical cost for 5 Users
  • 10,000 – Unlimited average number of Contacts Allowed

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