Call Center Software Price Guide

How Much Does Call Center Software Cost?

Call center software generally costs between $79 and $234 per caller for a hosted solution. Here’s what you need to know to calculate your cost.

Buyers Guide For BusinessIf you’re planning on running all your software in-house, the cost may be increased. Depending on your requirements, a complete station including software and hardware for a user can be priced in a range of $2,900 – $4,100, but if you have existing hardware that will work with a software upgrade, you may be able to purchase a solution for $1000 or less.

Call Center Software 101

Hosted solutions for call center software have made it much more cost-effective for smaller operations to get established with an in-house call center. The cost of even a small call center being established from the ground up can easily reach six figures, but when you work with a provider offering hosted solutions, there are many ways to structure your contract to operate the call center on a much smaller budget.

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Buying Tips for Call Center Software

Ultimately, the best reason to have a call center that you manage yourself is to provide better customer service to the people who call your company. Implementing the right system can give your agents the tools to do exactly that, and it is an important framework to keep in mind when you’re evaluating the different software options that are on the market. You need to consistently ask yourself what about a given program will allow your agents to improve the satisfaction of your customers. Software that can do that at a cost that works within your budget, is definitely the right option for you.

Time Reduction:

People often think about the ways that call center software will cost them money, but it also pays to look at the ways that it can save your business money in the grand scheme of operations. The way this happens is by reducing the amount of time it takes for one of your agents to process a customer’s call. From the moment they pick up the phone to the moment they hang up, there are countless steps that an agent takes which can be optimized through the use of the right software. For instance, having access to all of a client’s past call history before they even pick up the phone can enable them to provide much prompter service to a caller. This allows each of your callers to handle many more calls in a shift than they could without the software, something that translates into real savings and increased customer satisfaction.

Call Center Software Reporting:

The reporting functions of call center software is a vital component of a complete software suite. Good software will have a wide range of standard reports, as well as the ability to generate custom reports based on your particular requirements. Reporting allows you to see when most calls are coming in, how long your staff takes to resolve calls, who is managing to sell the most effectively and more. With this data at your fingertips, you can quickly get the information you need in order to most effectively staff and operate your call center.

Local Vs. Hosted Call Center Software:

As we discussed when looking at the cost of call center software, the largest disparity in cost comes when you compare local to hosted software solutions. However, there are other reasons to consider one compared to the other. The complexity of running a local solution means that it is really only suitable for companies with an existing IT department and hardware. The upside is that it provides greater security and the ability to control every aspect of operations including support if there should ever be a problem with the software.

With a hosted solution, one of the greatest upsides is obviously the greatly reduced costs, but there are other reasons it might be preferable as well. Because hosted solutions are cloud-based, the amount of time it takes to get set up and running is minimal. Typically, a new software platform could be implemented in less than a day. Also, as the software gets upgraded, newer versions are often made available as part of the ongoing subscription, rather than having to purchase and manage an upgrade like you might have to in a local solution. Finally, the backup security of a hosted system can’t be overstated. Because these systems are cloud-based your data is usually extremely well protected and should survive almost any kind of failure or disaster.

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Additional Features You May Want:

There are some additional features that may offer value to your organization when selecting your call center software. Automatic call distribution is one of the most basic features that you will want your program to have. This is the feature that matches the number that the caller is dialing you from to the existing records in your database. This is a timesaving feature in and of itself, but advanced ACD may offer even more functionality. For instance, it may be able to balance out calls between various portions of your staff based on how long calls are taking or how long the wait time is for a certain group of agents.


There are also other ways that the software connects with the computers that your agent uses which are important. Computer telephony integration is responsible for the information that is displayed to your agent when someone calls into your company. This should be customized to fit the needs of your particular organization, with the data and format it is displayed in being chosen to meet the most common requests your agents face on the phones.

Some call center software also includes IVR software, which is the type of program that uses a series of recorded messages to guide a customer to the appropriate department. IVR can sometimes be a time-saver, but if it doesn’t integrate perfectly with your agents’ software it may frustrate callers if they have to give information to the IVR system and then again when someone picks up the phone.


Management tools are also very important when you’re choosing between call center software packages. These include the ability to monitor and record calls and integrate the results into training sessions with your agents. This can be the most effective way to help improve caller effectiveness, and it only makes sense to have features designed for this function incorporated right into the software.

Off-Site Workers:

With VOIP calling and high-speed internet, workers in call centers are no longer chained to their desks. Some corporations are now staffing call centers using exclusively home-based agents. This is an option worth considering, as it reduces the amount of infrastructure that you need in order to operate a call center. However, if this is something that you’re interested in, you need a software package that has features that enable it to be used by off-site employees. This is essentially a must-have if you’re working with off-site agents, however, as it is the only way that you can have reliable and concrete data regarding how effective they are performing in their roles.

Customization and Simplicity:

These are two terms that are sometimes in opposition to each other when it comes to software, but ultimately, you need your call center software to be both. It should be customizable so that you can set it up to work with your client database and to meet the needs faced by your business. However, the ability to customize software can sometimes introduce endless options and adjustments that increase the complexity of the program needlessly. Simplicity is equally important, as it should be easy for you to manage the software, and to train employees in its use.

Support: Finally, you always need to check on the support options offered by companies offering both local and hosted software solutions. Do they guarantee help if a problem arises? Do they have 24/7 support? A guaranteed up-time commitment? All of these questions are important when trying to decide between different software providers.

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Popular Call Center Software Providers

Definitely regarded as a leader in the industry, Five9 integrates the latest call center technology with top-tier CRM software to empower your agents by speeding up their call flows while logging as much relevant information as possible. The service is quick to set up and designed to be intuitive so that people without a lot of technical experience should be able to use it easily. Five9 offers flexible contract options; annual contracts are available for any company looking to have a predictable monthly fee. Annual contracts also provide reduced fees when compared to month-to-month contracts. All the standard functionality is included along with the monthly licenses and telecommunications fees.

Interactive IntelligenceInteractive Intelligence: This company has incorporated call center best-practices right into the flow of its software to try and provide both inbound and outbound call centers with the tools they need to be effective from the first day they start using the program. They pride themselves on offering some of the broadest functionality on the market, and have clients like Sony and Coca-Cola on their resume, certainly adding some credibility to their claims.

FreshdeskFreshdesk: Freshdesk Is a call center software program that also incorporates other tools to form a complete helpdesk solution. It uses IVR and other typical call center tools but employs software that utilizes the most helpful elements of helpdesk services to provide the best possible service to clients. It also provides unlimited call recording, which is a feature that can be useful in many different scenarios. Pricing$0 Sprout (up to 3 agents, $15/agent thereafter, Blossom package is $16 per agent per month, Garden package $25 per month per agent includes live chat, multiple locations, and social support channels.

Other Call Center Service Software Providers Include:

inContact, zendesk, 8×8, Salesforce, 3C Logic, ChaseData, zipwire, Ytel, talkdesk, VanillaSoft, Humach Interaction Engine, PanTerra, Creedenz, OptifiNow, Aspect Zipwire, Oracle

Call center software prices for in-house (recent quotes)

A quote for a large call center of 50 employees or more quoted $1,225 per agent. A much larger company acquired a lower per-agent rate of $946. If you need the phone hardware you will need spend another $275 –  $409 per agent.

If you’re starting a large call center, you may need to invest $86,000-$425,000 on call center software, hardware, and equipment. Plan to invest an additional $20,000 for ongoing tech support and required software upgrades and maintenance.

Call center software prices for in-house (recent quotes)

A quote for a large call center of 50 employees or more quoted $210 per agent. A much larger company acquired a lower per-agent rate of $200-$399. If you need the phone hardware you will need to spend another $256 –  $408 per agent.

If you’re starting a large call center, you may need to invest $15,000-$75,000 on call center software, hardware, and equipment. Plan to invest an additional $10,000 for ongoing tech support and required software upgrades and maintenance.

Call center software prices for hosted solutions

With hosted call center software, businesses pay monthly rates between $49-$297. The fee per agent decreases as you add larger numbers of operators.

The call center software services most medium-size companies are usually priced between $59-$120 per agent, per month which included a robust solution that manages inbound and outbound phone calls, provides skills-based routing along with a predictive dialer, and streamlines product tracking and mass email communications.

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Call Center Software is a technological solution for businesses and organizations to manage customer service interactions. It helps streamline incoming calls, as well as outgoing calls and emails, allowing companies to handle customer inquiries more efficiently. This software can help improve customer satisfaction and increase efficiency in the workplace by automating tasks such as call routing and tracking, reporting, analytics, etc. Learn about the features and benefits of using call center software for your business needs!

Using Call Center Software to Automate Tasks and Improve Efficiency in the Workplace

Call center software is a technology that helps organizations manage customer service interactions. It makes it easier to efficiently handle incoming calls, emails, and other inquiries from customers. With the right call center software, companies can route calls quicker, track inquiries more accurately and provide better customer service overall.

This type of software is packed with features and benefits that can help businesses to better manage customer service interactions.

Features of Call Center Software:

No business is the same and as such, each company should examine features that will be important to them. Here are a few features you should consider in your call-center software:

• Automated call routing: Automatically directs calls to different departments or agents with the right skill set to deal with them.

• Self-service options: Customers can use an automated system to do basic tasks, like resetting a password or placing an order.

• Analytics and reporting: Collects data for better insights into how customer service interactions are handled, so it can be improved over time.

• Customizable options: Enables companies to set up the software according to their needs and preferences.

• Automated follow-ups: Automatically sends out follow-up emails for customer inquiries that have gone unanswered.

• Multi-channel support: Supports interaction through phone, email, chat, and other channels.

Benefits of Using Call Center Software

The list might be endless, but here are a few consistent benefits of using call-center software:

• Greater customer satisfaction: Automates mundane tasks like call routing and tracking, freeing up employees to focus on providing better service.

• Increased efficiency: Offers better time management tools, allowing employees to handle more customer inquiries in less time.

• Improved security: Helps protect customer data by providing secure login and authentication protocols.

• Cost savings: Automation reduces the need for manual labor and provides cost-effective solutions for customer service needs.

• Data-driven insights: Allows companies to measure performance and make data-driven decisions for better customer service.

Using the right call center software can help businesses and organizations provide better customer service while increasing efficiency in the workplace. The features and benefits of this technology can help streamline processes, improve customer satisfaction, save costs and increase productivity. If you’re looking for a way to better manage customer service inquiries, call center software may be the right solution for your business needs.

The bottom line is that using call center software can help businesses improve their customer service interactions while saving costs and improving efficiency in the workplace. With its automated features, it’s a great way to streamline customer service processes and help companies provide better customer satisfaction. So, if you’re looking for a way to make your customer service operations more efficient and cost-effective, consider using call center software today!

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Revolutionize Your Customer Service Interactions with Call Center Software

Call center software is designed to give your customer service agents the tools and features they need to provide an outstanding customer experience. With this powerful software, your customer service team will be prepared to handle any inbound calls quickly and proficiently.

The sophisticated call routing feature gives operators the ability to route customers to the appropriate agent based on their needs. This ensures that customers speak to the right person right away, improving their satisfaction and reducing wait times. Additionally, intelligent call queuing allows your agents to take only those calls they are best suited to handle while other types of calls can be routed to more experienced personnel or specialists.

This software also includes a variety of reporting tools to allow operators to analyze call volume trends, answer rates, and customer satisfaction ratings. With this data, you can make better decisions with regard to staffing needs and customer service strategies.

Call center software also allows your customers to interact with your business in a variety of ways. It can be configured for phone calls, chat messages, emails, or even SMS text messages. All communication is securely stored and can be accessed quickly and easily for future reference.

The addition of call center software to your customer service team will revolutionize the way you interact with customers, providing an enhanced user experience that will help to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction. To learn more about how this powerful software can help improve your customer service, contact us today. We look forward to helping you revolutionize your customer service interactions.

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