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What is Call Center Outsourcing and How Much Does it Cost?

An inbound call center provider is a business that delivers call center services receives and answers live inbound telephone calls for its clients. The price in 2020 is usually driven by the number of calls taken and the length of each call. They can generally speak Spanish, schedule appointments, and process sales orders but those services do not generally impact the rates. Expect to invest between $0.83 per minute to $1.15 per minute. If paying by the call you may upwards of $1.50 – $2.00 per call, depending on your call scripting.

Compare Call Center Pricing

 Call Center ProviderAppointment
Pricing RangeCompare
Answer ConnectYes Service Offered - CheckMedium
Voice NationYes Service Offered - CheckMedium
Ruby ReceptionistsYes Service Offered - CheckHigh
Contact OneYes Service Offered - CheckMedium
MAPYes Service Offered - CheckMedium
800 We AnswerYes Service Offered - CheckLow
XACT TelesolutionsYes Service Offered - CheckMedium
Go AnswerYes Service Offered - CheckMedium
On Brand 24Yes Service Offered - CheckMedium
CallsboYes Service Offered - CheckMedium

Call Center
What to Look For In a Call Center:

First determine the basics like will you need 24 hour service? Appointment scheduling? If bilingual speaking operators are important you should specify that up front. Billing is the trickiest here. Be sure to ask what the billing increments are, for example 1 minutes increments will be far more costly than a 30 second increments. Find out what the call center does for back solutions, i.e. power outages, inclement weather etc. Most should have gas generators and/or back locations in other cities. Most companies offer a free trial and this a great way to find our how long their hold times are. We recommend calling several times and varying times of the day to test them at every hour. Most providers do not require long term contracts and it’s advised not to enter into that type of agreement.

When hiring a call center to perform lead generation, appointment setting, or phone answering it’s important to know that the cost will vary depending on the supplier. While price is important we also recommend checking for complaints with the BBB, consumer affairs, or your state Attorney Generals Office before committing. Some call centers like Global Response, or 24-7  InTouch and others may be more likely to compete for your business when they know you being matched up against their competitors for low cost plans with reasonable rates. To get started simply answer a few questions and begin saving today.

Call Center Outsourcing Sample Costs

Below are a few examples of price facts for answering services which will give you an idea how how much you will pay for you purchase.

  • Monthly call volume up to 5,000 minutes average under a minute will cost $4,450 – $$5,500.
  • Up to 10,000 calls will cost about $9,000.
  • 25,000 agent minutes will be priced around $20,000

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