Monthly Archives: January 2016

What Are The Legal Requirements For Payroll?

What Are My Payroll Requirements For Employees? Here we answer questions like how often you have to pay employees, can you give pay checks to an employee’s friend, and a few other commonly asked questions about the law and requirements for payroll questions. The law can be very complicated and no employer wants to subject…
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How Collection Agencies Work

How a Collection Agency Works As business grows so can outstanding invoices, and eventually the ability to effectively call on all outstanding invoices can become difficult, if not impossible. Outstanding payments of 60 days or less can often times be easily collected in-house simply with a reminder notice by mail, but with each passing month thereafter…
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How to Sell More by Working Less

How to Sell More by Working Less "Come in early. Stay late. Do whatever it takes to succeed." How many times have you heard that? I know I've heard it plenty of times, and every time it was from an unqualified sales manager, who was promoted to management, ironically, because he couldn't sell and the…
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