How to Sell More by Working Less

“Come in early. Stay late. Do whatever it takes to succeed.”

How many times have you heard that?

I know I’ve heard it plenty of times, and every time it was from an unqualified sales manager, who was promoted to management, ironically, because he couldn’t sell and the company wanted him out of the field. (It’s a difficult truth that most companies won’t promote top sales reps to management because they want them to keep selling.)

People who’ve never succeeded in sales don’t understand what it takes. And guess what – it doesn’t take long hours.

Selling is a prime example of where “don’t work harder, work smarter” is literally true.

Unqualified sales managers believe that if you spend more and more hours calling people at random, you’ll somehow sell more. Which I never understood because prospects, at least B2B prospects anyway, are only in the office during business hours – they’re not coming in early and staying late so they can sit around and wait for your sales call!

Successful selling has nothing to do with contacting people at random hoping someone will bite, or wasting endless hours at networking mixers hoping you’ll meet a new prospect.

Never Cold CallNo. Successful selling begins with the understanding that a certain percentage of the market needs what you have and is pre-disposed to buy from you, followed by the precise science of finding out who those people are, where they are, and positioning yourself so they call YOU when the times comes to buy.

“I don’t throw darts at a board, sport. I bet on sure things.” -Gordon Gekko, in Wall Street

And that’s what top sales pros do – they bet on sure things. Rookies and failures throw darts at a board. Every now and then one of them will stick, but not enough of them to make big the big sales and big commissions they really want.

In many cases, so few of them stick that the salesperson loses a job and gets fired. This is increasingly the case in today’s fragile economy where companies simply cannot afford to keep a salesperson around who isn’t producing big numbers.

So here’s how to succeed at selling:

  1. Understand that “throwing darts at a board” will get you nowhere but the unemployment office, and change your thinking to put that nonsense out of your mind.
  2. Begin understanding and accepting the fact that a certain percentage – perhaps a large percentage – of the market will buy from you, if they only knew who you are.
  3. Put together a game plan that will, first, identify those prospects, and, second, strategically position yourself to make yourself visible to them, with an air of success and prosperity (that a cold call would destroy) and get them to call you.

Yes, it’s really that simple.

So take the time to think about and digest this information, then compare it with how you’re selling today. I’m willing to bet that you’re “throwing darts at a board,” but sincerely hope that you’ll take this information seriously and change your ways so you’ll succeed instead!

New York Times bestselling author Frank Rumbauskas turned the sales world on its head with his breakthrough “Never Cold Call Again” system which is now in use by over 50,000 salespeople and small business owners all over the world. For a lot more of Frank’s sales tips and articles, and to download a free 37-page PDF preview of his lead-generation system, please visit

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