Is Bullhorn Recruiting Software Any Good?

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Investing in software can be scary for your company. Every software promises you the moon, but unlike George Baily, they often don’t deliver.  Finding the right recruiting software often means researching and reading reviews.

You may have heard about Bullhorn Recruiting Software, and wondered if they are any good. We’re going to dive into a full review of Bullhorn so you can see if it is the right recruitment software for you.

Is Bullhorn Just a Recruiting Software?

Bullhorn is one of the best recruiting software out there but it has many other levels it offers. Here are a few of the main focuses it offers.

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Customer Relations Manager With Application Tracking

Bullhorn offers a recruitment CRM software that brings different automation to all aspects of recruiting. They offer key metric information and quick access to all candidate information from one place.

Having all the information in one place gives recruiters the ability to find candidates at a moment’s notice. They can also set it up to stay in contact with them over time so the relationship stays active and they aren’t forgotten.

Salesforce Integration

Bullhorn offers full integration with the Salesforce system. It generates placements faster and gives your clients a smooth experience. Everything is digitized and your whole team can see all information that is needed.

The system uses AI-powered search to help you match capabilities so finding the right talent can happen instantly. This frees up your recruiters to focus on the talent pool and candidate relationships.

Herefish Automation

Herefish is their recruitment automation software that helps automate workflows and communication during the full recruiting cycle. They focus on helping you automate repetitive tasks so you can focus on priorities.

Their automation will identify inaccurate and incomplete records and help you automate the cleanup process. This will help you stay up to date with candidates, clients, and contractors.

Bullhorn One

Bullhorn one is the all-encompassing software that can run all aspects of your recruiting business. It can handle everything from the intake of new candidates to your company’s payroll.

Bullhorn One integrates seamlessly with Herefish by Bullhorn. This adds the automation power of Herefish to every part of your business. This will help cut out the time-consuming manual tasks so many team members have to do.

Improvement You Can See

Bullhorn has a reputation for improvement. They are always seeking ways to improve the company and you can see it by their actions.

  • Spend over $1 million every month to enhance their products, speed searches, and reduce clicks
  • Recently acquired cube19 to bring actionable business intelligence to staffing agencies
  • Created an international partnership with Pixid Group
  • Recently acquired Sirenum, a workforce management platform focusing on cloud and mobile technology
  • Recently launched Bullhorn Connect which is a unified, self-service, mobile-first candidate experience solution for companies

Bullhorn doesn’t just talk about improving, they work to improve each month. They listen to their clients and make adjustments to meet their needs quickly.

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Flexible for Your Needs

Bullhorn is an HR recruitment software that has the capabilities to fit your business no matter the size. Here are the three main business sizes and what Bullhorn can do for them

  1. Start-Up
    • Bullhorn can save you money by filling many roles that would normally be filled by a person
    • Their automation and reporting can handle the normally time-consuming aspects of running your business and frees you to focus on building the business
  2. Small to Midsize
    • They have over 100 technology partners that integrate into Bullhorn to increase your capabilities as you grow
    • Support teams across the globe are ready to help you at a moment’s notice
  3. Enterprise
    • Easily integrated with several industry-best platforms like Salesforce, Invenias, and Bullhorn so they grow with you
    • Automation that can work in several different parts of your company helps to unify the work experience across departments

Bullhorn has focused on being an all-in-one solution that can help you at all stages of your business. Many of their products can be used separately to help you based on your individual business’s needs.

Bullhorn Pros

Bullhorn has many benefits for companies of all sizes. Here are a couple of the positives about Bullhorn that many people talk about

  • Cloud SaaS product with an average downtime of less than one hour total per year
  • Integration with Gmail and Outlook
  • Easy to set up and a smooth interface

Bullhorn has many pros and is one of the most popular and well-known recruiting software in the industry.

Bullhorn Cons

Bullhorn has a great reputation, but there are some areas that could use some improvement. Here are a couple of areas that are frequently mentioned as cons.

  • Bullhorn is a full-service SaaS with a full-service pricetag that some see as a negative
  • The speed of customer service has been a complaint for some reviewers

The best way to see if it is a system that would work for you is to do a test run. They do offer a free live demo where they will go through all aspects of the software with you.

Your Recruiting Software Search

Bullhorn could be the perfect fit for your recruiting software needs. Take the time to research all that they do and see how it fits your needs. You could also look for reviews from businesses that are similar in size to yours.

We hope this has helped you understand more about Bullhorn Software and how it could be a solution for your business. Our passion at PriceitHere is to be a buyer’s guide for business.

Take some time to visit our Browse Buyer’s Guide for businesses. We want to help you mitigate risk when purchasing business products and services.

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