How Much Does Medical Transcription Cost in 2024?

In 2024 the rates for medical transcription services start at around $1.10 per minute and can go as high as $3.25. In some cases, you are billed by keystrokes which cost about $0.07/character line.


Transcription services for healthcare

Typical Medical Transcription Costs

  • Most medical Transcription average rates start at $0.09-$.11 cents per 65 characters.
  • The national average for Transcription Services costs $0.10 per 65-character line. They offer high volume and template discounts.
  • An experienced medical transcription company can transcribe one hour of audio in about 2-4 hours, which will cost about $150 – $225.

The medical notation recordings can be sent physically or digitally to a medical transcription service. The service will transcribe the material and send it back as a typed file.

This service is not new, but it can help you run your business right. Even Amazon is getting in on it!

Featured Medical Transcription Solutions


  • Administrative, Clinical, Nursing
  • Certified WBENC
  • Monthly Fee: Est. $1.75 Per Minute




  • Acquired by AQuity Solutions
  • Cloud-Based Speech Recognition
  • Monthly Fee: $1.70-$3.00 per minute




  • #1 Virtual Staffing for Healthcare
  • $14,000 Avg. Annual Savings
  • Monthly Fee: $13-$14 per hour




  • Total Encryption – Data Security
  • Since 1988
  • Monthly Fee: $0.10 per line

Top en Medical Transcription Services and Pricing

There are hundreds of medical transcription services on the market today. It’s hard to find the right way to outsource these services. Here are the top ten we’ve identified for their reliability, price, and turnaround time.


MedScribe logoBased in the US, MedScribe is one of the top medical transcription services available today. MedScribe provides fast, accurate service, and much more.

MedScribe’s services are customizable to your practice, meaning you’ll never pay for more services than you need – or be left without service when you need it most.


Estimates around $1.75 per minute


  1. Increased Efficiency: Medscribe’s services allow healthcare providers to see more patients by reducing the time spent on chart documentation. This efficiency is achieved through services like live documentation of patient charts, capturing of ICD/CPT codes, updating lab reports, and processing referral letters and operative notes​​.
  2. Accuracy and Compliance: Medscribe employs certified medical scribes and coders, ensuring 100% accuracy in documentation. This accuracy is vital for proper patient care and billing. Moreover, their services are HIPAA compliant, providing the necessary security and privacy for medical records​​.

For more detailed information on pricing and to assess how their services can specifically benefit your practice, it might be beneficial to contact Medscribe directly.



Acusis logoAcusis is another highly technological transcription service. They use their own algorithms to produce data-driven reporting and analysis. They also guarantee a 98% accuracy rate for all of their transcripts.

Acusis incorporates elements of TQM and SixSigma to maintain their workflow, data security, and accuracy. Their proprietary program, AcuMobile, is a popular mobile-based dictation application. Doctors and nurses can access this service from any web-connected mobile device, providing a huge amount of convenience.


The cost of Acusis medical transcription services, like most transcription services, varies based on the method of billing. Typical methods include per minute, per line, or per page. Prices can range from $1.70 to $3 per minute, $0.07 to $0.15 per line, or $5 to $15 per page, depending on the complexity and specifics of the work.


  1. High Accuracy: Acusis employs TQM and Six Sigma quality management tools to ensure a high accuracy rate (around 98%) for transcripts.
  2. Compatibility and Technology Integration: Acusis’ output is compatible with many commercially available EHR and EMR systems, making it easy to integrate transcribed information into existing medical records

World Wide Dictation

World Wide Dictation logoWorld Wide Dictation has been in business for nearly 50 years – so they know their stuff. As with many of these services, they offer a digital dictation system that is accessible at any time. They also specialize in phone-based or handheld recorder devices and transcription.

World Wide Dictation offers secure archive systems that practitioners can access through the internet. These files are complete, accurate, and secure. Doctors and nurses can send or download files from the World Wide Dictation system.


Estimated $1.64-$2.50 per minute


  1. Accuracy and Quality: World Wide Dictation emphasizes the accuracy of their transcriptions, aiming for 100% accuracy. They exceed the American Association for Medical Transcription’s standards, which recommend a goal of 98% accuracy for transcriptionists. This high level of precision is crucial in medical documentation to ensure patient safety and effective communication among healthcare providers.
  2. Experience and Expertise: With a history dating back to 1964, World Wide Dictation has a long-standing presence in the industry. They employ experienced and well-trained medical transcriptionists, ensuring that the transcriptions are not only accurate but also handled by professionals who understand medical terminology and the importance of detailed and precise transcription in patient care.

For more detailed information about their services and to discuss specific needs, you can visit their website or get in touch with them directly



DoctorDocs logoFounded in 2003, DoctorDocs is a well-established service that you can trust. DoctorDocs assigns each practice its own transcription team that has its own level of quality assurance. Each transcript is then run through an editing queue to ensure that it is accurate.

DoctorDocs has also embraced technology. They have a HIPAA-compliant voice recognition program that is available to medical practices. This makes it easier to transfer the recorded files quickly and privately between the practice and the transcriber.



  • Real Time Tracking,
  • Editing
  • Faxing
  • E-Signing
  • Billing and Coding
  • Secure Work Flow Management

Same Day Transcriptions

Same Day TranscriptionsSame Day Transcriptions offers a high level of service that won’t break your budget. You can customize the services and turnaround time, making their service very flexible and convenient.

Same Day Transcriptions also holds medical transcription certifications. They are NIH-certified. They have also been approved by IRB.

Cost: Approx. $1.70 per minute


  1. Accuracy: Medical transcription services often employ trained professionals who are skilled in accurately transcribing medical documents, ensuring that important information is recorded correctly.
  2. Time-Saving: Outsourcing medical transcription can save healthcare professionals valuable time that can be better spent on patient care, research, or other essential tasks.


Dr Catalyst logoDrCatalyst works with hundreds of medical practices and facilities across the United States. While their services are top-notch, they also provide medical billing, marketing, and administrative services. DrCatalyst has knowledgeable staff to consult with on nearly any aspect of your practice.

All of this expertise has made DrCatalyst one of the most recognized names in medical transcriptions. Their three-step transcription process makes getting your transcript quick, easy, and accurate. They will deliver the final product directly to your electronic health record system.

Cost: Starts at $13-$14 per hour


  1. Accuracy: Medical transcription services often employ trained professionals who ensure accurate and error-free transcriptions of medical documents, reducing the risk of mistakes in patient records.
  2. Efficiency: Outsourcing medical transcription can increase the efficiency of healthcare providers by saving time on manual transcription, allowing them to focus more on patient care and other essential tasks.

Transcription Outsourcing LLC

Transcription Outsourcing LLC logoTranscription Outsourcing has ensured that its systems are HIPAA-compliant as well as AHDI/AAMT assured. They offer quick and accurate services to hospitals, clinics, and private practices.

Transcription Outsourcing LLC has also set itself apart with its technology. They have a detailed tracking system that allows you to view, edit, and print reports. They also allow e-signing and auto fax from their system.

Cost: Anticipate a pricing range between $0.07 (cents) and $0.14 (cents) per line.


  1. Accuracy: Medical transcription services often employ trained professionals who specialize in medical terminology and documentation, ensuring accurate and error-free transcriptions of medical records.
  2. Time and Cost Efficiency: Outsourcing medical transcription can save healthcare providers time and money by freeing up staff from time-consuming transcription tasks, allowing them to focus on patient care and reducing the need for in-house transcription resources.


Athreon logoAthreon ensures up-to-date cybersecurity practices that will keep your practice’s data safe. They have designed a system that gives you unparalleled control over the workflow process of your transcript.

Athreon’s QA methodology is based on ASTM standards. These standards provide the best practices for transcribing accurately. With Athreon, you know you will be getting one of the highest quality assurance practices available.

Cost: Athreon’s medical transcription service begins at $0.10 per line and scales according to your customization requests.


  1. Accuracy: Medical transcription services often employ trained professionals who specialize in medical terminology and documentation, ensuring accurate and error-free transcriptions of medical records.
  2. Time and Cost Efficiency: Outsourcing medical transcription can save healthcare providers time and money by freeing up staff from time-consuming transcription tasks, allowing them to focus on patient care and reducing the need for in-house transcription resources.


Mediscribes also offers HIPAA-compliant transcript services for medical practices. They have a cloud-based system that allows easy uploading and access to files from your practitioners to their transcribers.

Mediscribes has created an excellent document portal that provides a wide range of tools for your doctors and nurses. You can store, transfer, and view files from the web at any time. Their system is user-friendly with medical practices in mind.

Cost: The cost for Mediscribes Front-end Voice Recognition Software is $699 per Physician per Year.


  1. Accuracy: Medical transcription services employ trained professionals who can transcribe medical dictations accurately, reducing the chances of errors in patient records and documentation.
  2. Time Efficiency: Using transcription services can save healthcare providers time by outsourcing the transcription process, allowing them to focus on patient care and other important tasks.

Faber Transcription

Faber Transcription LogoFaber Transcription is a great budget-friendly option for medical transcription services. They will accept files digitally, over the phone, or even on tape! Faber cuts costs by allowing a menu of services.

While they’re not as big as some of the other companies, Faber has a quick turnaround at a lower cost. That doesn’t mean that they skimp on quality or security!

Cost:  Not Published


  1. Accuracy: Medical transcription services often employ trained professionals who are experienced in accurately transcribing medical documents. This can help ensure that patient records and medical reports are error-free.
  2. Time Efficiency: Outsourcing medical transcription can save healthcare professionals valuable time. Instead of spending hours transcribing notes, they can focus on patient care, leading to increased productivity and better patient outcomes.

5 Benefits of Medical Transcription Services

If you are part of medical practice, you know how many moving parts it involves. From managing front staff to providing the best care possible, medical employees are pulled in many different directions.

Why add transcribing notes on top of all these burdens? Medical transcription services can take a big piece of work off your plate – and for less than you would pay to do it in-house.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons your practice needs medical transcription services.

1. Doctor Burnout

People go into the medical field in order to help others. But they often end up spending more time in front of the computer than talking to patients! Doctors are struggling to keep up with all the paperwork required of them.

Hiring a medical transcription service will help reduce some of the workloads on your doctors. This can help improve their work-life and their treatment of your patients.

medical transcriptionist Rates

2. Minimize Management Costs

Doing medical transcription in-house means hiring, training, and managing more staff. Outsource this management needs to the experts by hiring a transcription service!

3. Accuracy

When staff is already overloaded, they are not going to be at their best accuracy-wise. Medical transcription services offer quality assurance practices to give you the most accurate transcriptions possible.

4. Speed

Professional transcribers will be able to provide your transcript quickly. Most services have a 24-hour turnaround time, with expedition possible for a price. With these speeds, there’s no reason to do transcribing in-house!

5. Accessible Information

Many transcription services allow access to reports and transcripts online. These are sharable across treatment and pharmacy platforms. Make your reports more accessible by using a medical transcription service.

medical transcriptionist Cost per character

Transcription Outsourcing – Is it worth it?

Many doctors and nurses use hand-held recording devices or recording apps on smartphones to make client notations. Somehow, that recorded information needs to make it into a written client file!

With doctors and medical staff already overwhelmed by paperwork on top of their duties, who is going to translate the spoken file into a digital one?

Here is where medical transcription services come in. This outsourcing solution will take your recorded files and transcribe them into a printed or digital form. These services can save your medical practice a ton of time and headaches.

Find Medical Transcription Companies Near You and Compare Up To Five Money Saving Quotes


Understanding the Role of a Medical Transcriptionist

Medical transcriptionists play an important role in the healthcare industry. They are responsible for transcribing physician-dictated reports from a variety of medical sources, such as office visits, operative reports, discharge summaries, and other types of medical notes. This information is then used by other healthcare professionals to provide quality care for their patients.

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A medical transcriptionist must be familiar with a wide range of medical terminology, abbreviations, and symbols. They must also understand the various structures of the human body and its function. Comprehensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology is essential in order to accurately transcribe physician reports.

In addition to their transcription duties, medical transcriptionists are often required to proofread and edit documents in order to ensure accuracy. They must also be aware of the various local, state, and federal laws and regulations that govern healthcare documentation.

Medical transcriptionists typically work in a variety of medical settings, including hospitals, clinics, physician offices, and private practices. The job requires good keyboarding skills as well as a high degree of accuracy, attention to detail, and confidentiality.

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Although no formal education is required to become a medical transcriptionist, most employers prefer candidates who have completed a postsecondary certificate or diploma program in medical transcription. These programs provide training in anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, and healthcare regulations. They also offer hands-on experience in the use of transcription software and other technologies.

Medical transcriptionists must be dedicated to providing quality healthcare documentation in order to ensure patient safety. It is a demanding profession that requires a great deal of accuracy and attention to detail, but those who are successful will find it an incredibly rewarding career.

By understanding the role of a medical transcriptionist, employers can be sure to find qualified candidates who are well-prepared for this important role. With the right skills and training, these individuals can play an essential part in providing quality healthcare for their patients.