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What to look for in employee retirement plans

A typical budget for a company operating a 401K for its staff ranges between $5,250 and $13,500. Providing this type of benefit to your employees is an excellent tool in a competitive market where the best employees have their choice of positions. An employee retirement plan shows that you have a long-term dedication to your employees, and want to help them provide for themselves and maintain a standard of living once their working days come to a close. Learn More Now:

Tips For Getting the Right Employee Retirement Plan

Buyers GuideThe most important buying tip when shopping for employee retirement plans is to find a plan that is hands-off from the client’s end. In the past, some sellers of these plans would sell you a service that still required a massive amount of work from your end to administer the plan. A full-service plan is much more time effective, and not much more expensive. For most people not directly involved in financial services themselves, this is the more practical option.


There are other options out there besides a 401K, although that is the most traditional employee retirement plan for large corporations to offer. Small companies can look into IRA options instead, which may be more cost-effective and flexible for companies with small or self-employed staff.

Looking for a plan that has good rollover options is important as well. Most staff members that come to a company aren’t new graduates, and there is a good chance they may have had an employee retirement plan at their previous place of work. Rollover plans make the transition to your organization easy for your employees, allowing them to move assets from any previous plans to the new retirement account through your organization.


Finally, look for a company that has good support staff who are available to answer questions on a regular basis. When new staff is hired, when staff leave, or even when employees have questions about their retirement accounts, you need some hands-on care from someone involved with the plan directly. Companies that offer this reliably and affordably are the ones you want to be doing business with

What you can Expect to Pay for Employee Retirement Plan:

The full costs of running a 401K for your team generally fall between $5000 and $10,000 although that cost is broken down between several different parts of the service. For setting up a new service you can also expect a fee to initialize the plan, which costs from between $500 to around $3000. If you are in a position to set up an IRA or other, more modest plan, you can bring those costs down, although it might not be a suitable option for a large corporation. For example, a SIMPLE-IRA should cost less than $50 per enrolled member, with annual total fees staying under $1000.

Common Considerations For Employee Retirement Plans:

Retirement Plan Maintenance
Annual Administration Fees
Establishment Fees
Profit-Sharing Solutions
Simple IRA / Roth IRAs
Vesting Time Frame
Employer Contribution Rates
Payroll Integration

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