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What is a Computer Tablet and How Much Does it Cost? A computer tablet is a general-purpose computer contained in a single panel; users interact with their tablet via a touch-screen. A tablet can be a better alternative to other portable devices like smartphones or laptops because they better combine portability, size, and processing abilities.

Computer tablets cost anywhere from just under $100 to almost $1500 depending on how much memory you want, features like 5G capability, and additional costs for warranties, software, and accessories. The biggest price factor is memory: a tablet with 32GB of memory typically costs $100 more than an identical version with 16GB of memory. Processing power and operating system also affect the price.

Compare Computer Tablet Pricing

Processor SpeedBattery Life (apprx)Average PriceScreen Size
Apple iPad1.3 GHz11.00 Hours$385.007.9"
Nook1.5 GHz9.00 Hours$125.009.0"
Kindle Fire2.3 GHz9.00 Hours$135.007.0"
Samsung Galaxy Note2.2 GHz13.25 Hours$353.008.9"
Google Nexus 101.7 GHz8.00 Hours$349.0010.1"
Apple iPad 4th Generation1.4 GHz12.00 Hours$385.009.7"
Microsoft Surface 21.7 GHz9.00 Hours$549.0010.6"
Google Nexus 71.5 GHz8.00 Hours$225.007.0"
Asus Transformer1.3 GHz12.00 HOurs$368.0010.1"
Dell Venue 111.4 GHz8.00 Hours$499.0011.0"

Compare The Cost of PC Computer Tablets

PC Tablet Pricing Information

What to Look For: Workers on the go should consider compatibility with office computers and software, as well as 4G and WiFi capabilities; entertainment lovers might opt for LCD glass touch-screens and lots of memory for stored movies, music, and games. Some tablets have safe-use options that limit web browsing, purchasing, and other activities for parents who hand off their tablets to their kids. Take some time to try out several tablets before making a purchase.

Some tablets have limited functionality, such as reading ebooks or web browsing only, while others have the same functionality as many laptops. Check out the specs and make sure your tablet will do everything you want it to.

Most PC tablet displays usually range between 7″ to 11″ and while the screen size will be important make sure to keep a focus on battery life and processor speed. Next you’ll want to review operating systems like Windows, Apple, Android, and Kindle Fire. Also, keep in mind the accessories you may want like cases, external hard drives, and memory cards. Final considerations will be if you prefer a camera, dual-core verses quad-core, multi-touch, and Bluetooth options.

Popular Tablet Brands: Samsung, Asus, Lenovo, Google, Dell, Pronto Tec, Apple, BlackBerry, Tagital