How Much Do Commercial Generators Cost in 2022?

Prices for dependable commercial generators start around $7,998 – $12,400. Here’s what you need to know to calculate your price.

What are Commercial Generators and How Much Do They Cost?

Commercial generators are large electricity generators that provide an on-site power source for businesses. During a power outage during an emergency or other service interruption, commercial generators run on natural gas, propane, or other combustible fuel to keep your business running. They are a good investment for businesses unwilling or unable to wait on a power plant to resume normal service.

In 2022 prices for commercial generators start around $7,998 – $12,400. Commercial standby generators are generally priced based on watts and voltage provided, as well as efficiency. Warranty and service plans can also affect the price.

Commercial Generator Cost Comparisons
What to Look For In a Commercial Generator:

There are two main types of commercial generators: single-phase and three-phase. If your business is small enough to be run out of a home or small office or retail location, a single-phase is likely sufficient. A larger business with its own lot or multi-story building will probably need a three-phase generator. Also, make sure your commercial generator can detect a power outage and come on automatically, or you’ll need to ensure you have someone available with the necessary electrical expertise to safely start and stop your generator without risking your life and property.

Installation, annual inspections, and servicing are often offered by commercial generator providers. Make sure your generator will be kept in working order, or your backup could backfire.

No one kind of standby generator or power system will meet every need. Not sure what a commercial generator is all about? We make it easy to understand so you can protect your data, security systems, inventory, your bottom line, and keep your doors open to your customers. You can trust gas and electric generators to maintain power at your facility or worksite even if the power grid goes down.

Other Popular Brands: Dewalt, Cummins Onan, Subaru, Pramac, Honda

Types: Standby, Portable

Fuel Types: Gas, Electric, Propane, Diesel

Compare Commercial Generator Pricing

LogoGeneratorOverall RatingModel / TypeTypeApproximate Price 
GENERACSeries 22kWElectric$8,700
Kohler125ERESB 125KWElectric$33,000
GENERACSeries 36 kWElectric$11,025
Briggs & Stratton25kW NG LPGas$8,400
GENERACSeries 45 kWElectric$12,130
GENERACSeries 48 kWElectric$14,000
Kohler38RCL 38kWGas$12,100
Briggs & Stratton35kW NG LP 120/240VGas$11,800
GENERACSeries 27 kWElectric$10,179

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