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What is an Appointment Setting Service and How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of appointment setting services are either billed between $0.88 – $1.08 per minute or by the appointment. Billing per each appointment set can range from $10 – $250 depending on the industry.

An appointment setting service allows businesses to outsource their appointment setting needs to off-site call centers that utilize economies of scale to reduce the individual costs of setting appointments. A client trying to make an appointment with a company will be connected with the off-site appointment setting service, where a live virtual receptionist will be able to review the availability of company personnel and find a time that works for the client and the company.

Companies typically pay the appointment setting service only for the minutes of receptionist time actually used, rather than needing to pay full-time in-house receptionists; costs vary but run at approximately $1/minute, and some services charge initial set-up fees. Monthly and annual service plans are also available from some appointment setting services.

Compare Appointment Setting Pricing

LogoCompanyOverall RatingCustomer SupportPrice RangeGet Competing Quotes
Green Leads98%Average
Sales Roads98%Below Average
Strategic Sales & Marketing98%Average
Sales Staff97%Below Average
Answernet97%Below Average
BAO, Inc96%Below Average
Office Sense97%Average
The PT Services Group98%Average

Appointment on CalendarWhat to Look For In an Appointment Setting Company:

Appointment setting service providers should be staffed with trained receptionists who are easily understood and exhibit professional over-the-phone manners. Also pay attention to integratability, and make sure the appointment setting service you’re considering can work with whatever scheduling software and systems you currently have in place, possibly with minor adjustments.

Beware of discount appointment setting service providers, as the reduce cost often comes with reduced staff and reduced training; the initial cost-savings can easily be outstripped by lost revenue due to missed or mishandled calls and appointments or a negative client appointment setting experience.

When hiring a company that offers appointment setting services keep in thought that this can certainly be a universally difficult part of any business development and be sure to examine various pricing models such as pay per performance or pay per operator hour. Many quality companies like or NetLine, Corporation and Green Leads, Inc will each offer a wide array of technology, billing options, and contracts features so make sure to compare all of your offers carefully.

Appointment Setting Service Pricing Across the US

B2B telemarketing prices paid by businesses nationwide include:

  • $5,000 for a test promotion by a Texas insurance agency
  • $37 per hour for a finance company in California
  • $3,200 for 100 hours for a law office in Philadelphia
  • $5,000 per month for 145 hours of agent time for a North Carolina firm

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