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Top 10 Best Call Center Service Providers

Awarded Best Call CenterFrom niche medical providers to 24/7 order processing, call centers are essential. Get our recommendations for the 10 best, here.

For any company, especially one that’s growing fast, a call center is an absolute necessity. Not only do these companies help you manage your call traffic, but the best ones even help you answer emails, run email campaigns, transcribe calls and meetings, and find new and engaging leads for you.

It’s easy to just randomly pick one of the hundreds of call centers out there to handle your business, but the truly business-minded knows the benefits of researching the perfect company for you. You want a company that will go that extra step to make your customers feel welcome, and keep them coming back for more. You want a company with fair prices, and a great reputation.

To take some of that stress off you, here are reviews of ten of the best customer service providers on the market today.

1-888 Go Answer1-888-Go-Answer

Legal intake is one of 1-888-Go-Answer’s specialties, so if you’ve got a big legal division then these might be your people.

The company also has departments for finance, publishing, real estate, and eCommerce. These specializations all require some know-how, so having a company like 1-888-Go-Answer taking the calls, you can rest assured that they know what they’re talking about and how to handle your customers correctly. Their employees can even handle personal injury inquiries!

As far as pricing goes, 1-888-Go-Answer has a lot of variation. They charge per minute, as is usual with most call centers.

Their most basic answering and virtual reception services start at $1.15 per minute, with their legal intake solutions going up to $2.20 per minute. These prices get lower with larger plans, and the company only bills you for the minutes used. Couple that with their 30-day free trial and 1-888-Go-Answer is hard to beat.

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TeleDirect LogoTeleDirect

TeleDirect is a great telecommunications company, especially for smaller businesses. It offers a really flexible pricing model, and impeccable inbound calling and outbound services.

TeleDirect is based in the United States, with two locations in California. They charge by the minute, with 1,000 minutes for $1,100 and 20,000 minutes for $15,000. They’ve also got a selection of add-ons, including text notifications and interactive voice response.

The companies agents will help you with a lot of aspects of your calls, from taking messages to tech support and market research, where go through surveys and leads trying to expand your caller base. Top that all off with amazing customer service and a very personal experience, and you’ll love TeleDirect.

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CIENCE Technologies LogoCIENCE Technologies

CIENCE has only been around since 2015, but have managed to bring up one of the best teams around. They’re eager to help out with every aspect of lead generation and call center services, and will instantly feel like one of the team. Their professionalism shines through in every aspect of their business.

CIENCE offers a one-on-one workshop to get you familiar with their business that you can sign up for easily through their site. They use the HubSpot CRM platform, a simple and intuitive tool used by many. Their company embraces diversity and is devoted to accuracy in their research, meaning you’re working with a very trustworthy and well-trained team.

If you’re looking to expand your outreach campaigns, CIENCE is one of your best choices. Their lead research skills are top-notch, and they’re the United States’ eighth fastest growing marketing and advertising company. They have handled hundreds of different industries, so whatever you do CIENCE has got your calls and email campaigns covered.

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SalesRoads LogoSalesRoads

SalesRoads is a top-rated, privately owned call center company. They’ve been in business for over 10 years, and have some extremely talented staff under their wing. With their dedicated workers, you’re going to get great customer service and be sure your customers are getting a personal experience every time.

Among their top-tier clients are Microsoft, At&T, and Aramark, all major companies with a lot of phone traffic. You can request a quote straight from their site, and read through their many positive reviews. They boast over 50,000 appointments set and promise to help you reach your customer goals quick.

SalesRoads follows its own Demand Generation Playbook, a proven road to success for the company in all their campaigns. Working with SalesRoads, they’ll take the brunt of the work off your shoulders and work with you to run impeccable sales campaigns. They even hold a “kick-off” meeting with your company to discuss exactly what you’re looking for and how they can implement it best.

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Signius Communications LogoSignius Communications

Their prices are competitive, with Signius charging around $40 for 50 minutes at 82 cents-per-minute after that. They’ve got no set up fees. You don’t have to commit to any expensive, long-term package deals, making them great for smaller companies. These prices do come at a client-to-client base though, so they may differ.

Signius offers email management along with call assistance to help you handle all that email volume as well as call volume. They also offer a much better help desk experience than most companies, able to offer level 3 technical support. This is going to make a big difference to a lot of people.

Signius will even help you make a script for managing calls, just another way that they step above and beyond for you. One of the only downsides of Signius is they 12-second charge increment, meaning they round call lengths to the nearest 12-seconds and charge you for that. For huge amounts of calls, this may add up a little.

This is pretty standard though, and if you’re aware of it going in, Signius will not let you down.

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AnswerConnect LogoAnswerConnect

AnswerConnect offers a couple of great features that other companies don’t, like webchat and a toll-free number for your business. You can even give the call center agents a list of questions that your customers frequently ask so they can get quick answers ready. They’ve got 24/7 live answering, so your customers won’t be dealing with any frustrating machine answering services.

AnswerConnect offers an average rate of around $1.49 per minute, with packages going up to $1,359 per month for 1,550 minutes. The prices get better as you go up, and they’re very affordable. Plus, any call under 30 seconds is free!

They’ve got great customer service and a lot of very pleasant agents who are a treat to work with. They’ll help find great leads for you, take orders for you, as well as messages including contact name, numbers, and everything else you’ll need to retain that lead.

AnswerConnect is also HIPAA-trained, meaning that if you’re in the medical field, they’re trained to handle all that sensitive medical information that your customers need to divulge. They will also notify you of any messages you get straight through SMS to your phone, meaning you’ll know exactly what’s going on when it’s going on.

AnswerConnect is a great choice if you want to stay connected to your customers and messages every step of the way.

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Voice Nation LogoVoice Nation

VoiceNation has an intuitive dashboard, allowing you to manage when you’re on-call, and switch around your schedule with ease. They also offer some very flexible plans. For businesses with high call volumes, VoiceNation is a great choice.

VoiceNation offers multiple mailboxes, a toll-free number, and even fax-to-email conversion, so they’re definitely not lacking in available features. Their agents work 24-7 including holidays, so you don’t have to worry about missing a potential client.

VoiceNation assigns a specific team of agents to work with you collecting calls, so you won’t be dealing with different people all the time. This leads to a very personal experience that rivals many others.

The company offers a seven-day free trial, and plans that start as low as $59 per month and go as high as $850. They have a pretty standard $75 setup fee that you’ll have to pay once, but it won’t break the bank.

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FLATWORLD Solutions LogoFLATWORLD Solutions

Flatworld is based in Princeton, New Jersey and has been in the game since 2006. Since then they’ve amassed a team of over 700 outsourcing agents across India and the UK, experienced in a wide array of skills and services. Flatworld is especially great if you’re working in education, the healthcare industry or manufacturing. They tout their healthcare BPO services as among their best.

Flatworld has worked with some industry giants, like Data Infinity and Yale School of Management. They’re on the much lower end when it comes to pricing, and employ thousands of employees, making them great for companies taking a high volume of calls and emails and always looking to expand.

Flatworld even offers transcription services with a 98% accuracy guarantee, and professional video editing services to bring in the customers. Give Flatworld a chance, you won’t be disappointed.

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Go4Customer LogoGo4Customer

When Go4Customer says “We Put Your Customers First” they mean it. Established in 2004, this company offers outsourcing solutions for even the biggest companies. They’ll handle your clients on the web and over the phone, working to strengthen existing customer relationships and introduce new customers to your business.

Among their top clients are Club Factory, Tata Motors, and Kotak, three very different companies in the eCommerce, automotive, and banking industries respectively. This goes to show just how flexible Go4Customer is. Whether you’re in one of these industries or something entirely different, they’ve got you covered.

They also offer online reputation management services, where they’ll conduct surveys, respond to negative feedback in a professional and informative matter, and generally make sure that your online presence is positive and engaging.

This is becoming an increasingly important factor for many companies since a lot of discourse and research into a company goes on over the internet now.

If you’re looking for those extra services and a great company as well, Go4Customer is a great choice.

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Call Experts LogoCall Experts

Call Experts handle a lot of different types of businesses, from plumbing to property management and HVAC. Their scheduling system is simple and fast. You won’t need to send a fax or email, just log into their website and make changes to the schedule in a few clicks.

Their services are plentiful, including Spanish speaking agents, live call patching, and fax-to-email conversion. Call Experts will keep you notified right away with important messages. Plus, they’re a 24/7 live calling service, meaning a human being will answer calls at all times of day.

Call Experts is very flexible with their payment plans, and are happy to work with any company to customize a plan that you’re comfortable with. Beyond that, their standard plans run about $49 a month for 50 minutes at 90 cents a minute after that, to $3,950 a month for 5,000 minutes at 81 cents a minute after that. Very competitive pricing.

Call Experts offers a wide selection of add-ons and extra services. One downside is their extra fees for holidays and other services, like call patching, their scheduling calendar, and bilingual agents. But if you get a rundown of all this before signing on then they could be just what you need.

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So Many Call Centers, How Do I Choose?

Now that you’ve got some call centers in front of you, it’s time to pick the perfect one for you. Use this article as a jumping-off point and check out their sites to see which company is right for you, and do some price comparisons. They all offer great and varied services, but it’s up to you to decide which is the best fit for you and your company.

Whichever company you choose, you’ll be in the right hands and see great growth for your company. The right call center service will change the way you conduct your business in the best way possible.

For more articles like this, visit our website and feel free to contact us with any comments, questions or concerns. We’d be happy to hear them.