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What Accounting Service and How Much Does it Cost?

Accounting services: While accounting and auditing services make up the bulk of activities of CPA and accountancy firms, a wide range of additional solutions may also be offered, most notably merger audits, W-2s and 1099’s,  insolvency services, tax filing and advice, investment services and management consulting.

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The cost for bookkeeping services can vary depending on your business location, number of employees, and the experience of your company accountant (if applicable). However, the most basic of bookkeeping and accounting services will cost between $950 to $1,1499 per month.

Common Accounting Services Include:

  • Financial statement creation
  • Accounts payable / Receivable
  • Payroll processing (weekly/biweekly/monthly)
  • Tax filing and reporting
  • Bank reconciliation

What to Look When Outsourcing Accounting Services:

When looking pay of outsourced accounting services, make sure you examine how the services line up with you business needs.
Here are some things to consider when get prices:
    • preparation, review, and auditing of your business financial statements.
    • tax work including the complete preparation of income tax returns, and estate and tax planning.
    • consulting and sound advice about available accounting systems, mergers and acquisitions.

Public VS Private Firms | What Difference?

Private accountants work for a single company and generally own their own tax company or work for public accounting firms. They generally work with as many as 50-100 different clients—from individuals to corporations, and even local, state, and federal governments. Public accountants will commute to wherever their clients offices are located and work on site.

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