Monthly Archives: October 2016

Optimizing For Voice Search On Website

Voice Search Website Optimization  - Why You Need to do it Now Siri and the other virtual assistants that came after its debut have transformed the ways that many people search for content online. Voice search is here to stay, but many businesses are missing out on the opportunities that this presents them with. The…
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7 Sales Tactics for Small Business Owners

Crash Course in Sales Tactics for Small Business Owners The reality of owning a small business is this: whatever inspired you to start your company, it is unlikely that it was sales. Instead, you likely had a passion for a product or a service, but without the support of a large sales team, a lot…
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Instagram – 5 Ways To Maximize It

Instagram for Business: Top 5 Ways to champion this digital platform Instagram has swept off the world of online marketing with impressive results in terms of building customers and relationships. Have you caught the wave yet? Instagram has come a long way from just being a mobile photo-sharing app to getting established as a critical…
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