8 Factors in Choosing the Best Payroll Service

Are you looking for the best payroll service? Payroll is the lifeblood of any business. It’s how companies pay their employees, and it’s also how they stay in compliance with federal and state laws.

But if you don’t have the right partner by your side, managing payroll can be an absolute nightmare. You are likely to experience more problems when you have a payroll service provider.

That’s why we want to help you find the best payroll service that meets all your needs. This way, you can focus on growing your business instead of worrying about administrative tasks.

We hope that choosing the best payroll service will be easy as pie with this guide!

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1. Your Company’s Needs

Your company’s needs dictate how you should choose the best payroll service for your business. These factors include price, timing, processing time and capabilities, client support, and various delivery methods.

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These factors will likely vary from one payroll services provider to another. Owing to that, they are an excellent place to start when considering which provider is right for your business. Be sure to compare the services of different providers before deciding.


The first factor that your company needs to consider when choosing a payroll service is cost. Even if there is one that provides better quality than others in every other category, chances are they are costly. Therefore, it’s wise to ask for an estimate of their product or service to determine what each option costs.


Another factor that you should consider when choosing a payroll service is timing. For instance, some services process paychecks twice monthly, others weekly, or even daily. Suppose you need your employees paid regularly, the more frequent, the better.

Be careful to avoid any service which offers unlimited processing. Services with infinite processing result in excessive fees for every transaction.

Also, please find out how long it takes them to deliver the paychecks to employees. Finally, if there are any extra fees for expedited delivery, you should factor this in when considering pricing options.

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Processing Time and Capabilities

Some payroll services provide processing capabilities, while others have their payroll departments offering processing times and capabilities support. The more involved with your business, the more likely you will need access to a department instead of just an automated system.

Client Support

When choosing the best payroll service provider, your company needs to consider client support. Ask for customer reviews or inquire about timeframes to find out the support offered.


Don’t forget to inquire about emergency services. If your business ever has an emergency, you will need to know that help is available without delay.

Delivery Methods

Your company needs to consider the various ways in which they deliver paychecks to employees when choosing a payroll service. For example, many providers now offer a direct deposit with little or no charge. This makes it easier for both the employer and employee to access quick deposits into accounts with no fees.

If your business offers direct deposit, ask what kind of information employees must provide before activating this option. Also, ask the provider what happens if someone is terminated during the year – would they still receive a check, or would there be some waiting period?

As you can see, your business needs will dictate which payroll service is best for you. Considering these factors in mind, you should find the best one for your company’s needs. Be sure to ask for all available information before deciding to ensure that your company is getting the best service possible.

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2. Price and Method of Payment

Companies may find it challenging to choose which payroll service best suits their business. This choice can be influenced by the price and method of payment.

Payment methods may include either cash or electronic payment. Fees for electronic payments will depend on the technique used and the money paid.

Besides the payment method, the price will also be a significant factor in choosing a payroll service provider. A company’s size and location will affect these prices and the types of services they require. In general, fees may include:

  • Printing checks.
  • Sending them their paychecks by mail.
  • Directly transferring funds into employees’ bank accounts.

A company can have different service levels so that their fee is determined by what level fits best with their needs at a particular time. For example, the lowest level of service may only offer a direct deposit with no other benefits.


In contrast, more comprehensive plans offer online access and extra features. For example, additional features include workers’ compensation coverage or tax filing assistance. Thus, it is vital to consider how many employees the company will have and which services they need before choosing a payroll service.

Additionally, companies may look for direct deposits or an online portal. Online portals allow you to change employees’ accounts and even add new employees.

Comprehensiveness is another significant factor in determining price. It can include how many direct deposits are allowed per month and if they charge fees for stopping payments on orders with vendors and lenders.

The level of customer service offered by the company is also worth considering. For example, it is more significant when a company needs to change payment information or understand different sections of tax forms.

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3. Local Regulations

Companies that comply with state and federal legal requirements are preferable. You can rest assured that there will be no delays in processing employee payments.

Payroll providers should ensure that their service is secure and verify that they follow regulations. The best way for companies to ensure this is to research law firms or government agencies. You seek for legal advice on the basic laws and regulations that apply to payroll service providers.

4. The Features and Flexibility of Best Payroll Service

When outsourcing payroll, it is important to consider the features of the service providers. Also, it would be best if you looked at the flexibility available in the service.

It’s essential to find a payroll service that offers all the features you desire. Additionally, such should be within a user-friendly interface.

Many business payroll service providers provide customizable reporting and integration. Look for a payroll provider that’s open to integrating with third-party business applications. Other essentials you might use include time and attendance or employee management software.

If you expect to be using a limited number of payroll features, look for a service that doesn’t have an extensive list of fees. For example, you don’t want to pay monthly fees when your business only uses the service every few months.

There are instances when you anticipate the need for complex payroll processing services. In this case, look for the ability to upgrade the software without changing providers.

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It’s essential to choose a payroll service with multiple plan options to keep up with changes in your business. Don’t spend money on several plans until you understand how much flexibility is needed if you’re starting. You may find yourself locked into a plan as your company expands.

Other industry-leading payroll service providers offer extra business services. For instance, 1099 processing, tax filing, and judgment recovery assistance.

Look for a payroll service that provides the same kind of flexibility in its other benefits as well. For example, a company that can integrate with many different business applications will enable you to streamline and automate tasks and processes throughout your small business operations.

This will help ensure compliance and accuracy across all areas. Your business will also save time and money on labor costs.

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5. Firms Credentials

No one wants to trust their payroll business to just anyone. An excellent way to start looking is by checking the credentials of the payroll services you are considering.

Payroll services should hold professional certification, accreditation, and licensing as proof that they are legitimate business entities. Before making a final choice, research the credentials of each payroll service.

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6. Security

It would be best if you consider matters security. You don’t want someone to break into your system and access sensitive information. Your passwords and even bank account information are confidential.

Security Features

Always research what kind of security a payroll service has before signing up. If they’re not forthcoming about it at any point in the sign-up process, then be wary.

Another security component is the password strength policy. Most services will require long numerical combinations as passwords to ensure maximum protection. This practice ensures that no one can guess an easy-to-remember password by leveraging brute force via trial and error.

To protect yourself further, use a completely different password for each service. For example, someone figuring out your eBay password won’t help them access your PayPal account without the correct username and password.

One of the biggest security concerns is the payment method used by the payroll provider. They may have secure servers, but if they send you all your information via email, then what’s stopping someone from seeing it mid-transit? So always look into how they handle sending money to you before committing.

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7. What Are the Benefits of Payroll Services?

There are many benefits of using payroll services. First, they provide comfort to business owners. They also increase the accuracy and compliance with tax laws.


One reason payroll services are convenient is that you have to send your employees W-2 forms. Then, once the accountant computes the taxes, the forms are accessible to your employees.

In addition, you don’t have to worry about forgetting any deductions. Your payroll service caters to them.

Lastly, if an audit is conducted on payroll records, it will be much harder for investigators to find any mismanagement or theft. But, again, this is because payroll service providers act with unbiasedness.


Payroll services are more accurate than doing it yourself. However, most business owners who do their payroll calculations usually make mistakes. Also, you may try to save money by underpaying workers or withholding certain taxes.


In terms of compliance, employers have multiple responsibilities that these services take care of. These responsibilities include social security tax, Medicare taxes, state and local income taxes, or other payroll-related items.

The benefits of using payroll services can be very beneficial to your business. However, it is vital that you carefully review the fees involved with these types of services before choosing one to use regularly.

Make sure it is affordable and meets all your needs. If you are unsure about using this type of service, consult with an accountant or payroll processing company. You will consequently make the right decision for your organization’s budget.

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8. What Are the Challenges Experienced in Payroll Services?

There are several challenges in payroll services. The first challenge is that the payroll service cost can be costly depending on how much processing the payroll has. Therefore, it will not be as simple as one may think.

Another challenge of these services is that they need a lot of volumes before you realize any savings. But, again, this is because the price structure for payroll companies reflects your volume.

Thirdly, there is also some delay in receiving the paycheck and employees’ pay stubs. This is because it still goes through a Human Resources Department and will take some days to get to the employees.

Another challenge that companies experience is the security and confidentiality of payroll data. Even one person with access to sensitive information has the chance of breaching the company’s network security.

Lastly, payroll processing can be tricky depending on part-time or seasonal workers. Sometimes there are positions that you don’t want to fall under the permanent sector. This means that they should not enjoy all benefits provided for full-time employees.

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The Takeaway

It is a tough choice to choose the best payroll service. There are lots of factors to consider before you make your final decision. Outlined above are some of the most significant ones for you to mull over.

Please view all the aspects and compare each payroll service provider. In case of any inquiries, you can contact us for clarification and satisfactory services.

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