How Much Do Office Chairs Cost?

How Much Do Office Chairs Cost and What to Look For:
Office chairs range in price from around $69 for a very basic entry-level model to as high as $610 or more for executive-style chairs or more for executive-style chairs.

The materials, style of the chair, functionality, and design all affect how much the chair ends up costing. However, it is good to not immediately opt for the cheapest models on the market. If you plan on having employees spend all day at a single chair, you want to make sure it is well built in order to ensure productive and comfortable staff.

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The materials a chair is constructed from making the most noticeable immediate difference in chair pricing. Cloth and vinyl products land at the lower end of the scale, while leather is typically more expensive. Cloth or leather is often more comfortable than vinyl, especially when long workdays will be faced from the chair. Leather is quite resistant to odors and easy to clean, while cloth will stain easily and absorb odors from the workplace.

Office ChairThe most important features of office chairs are those that provide comfort and support to the user. You want a chair with excellent lumbar support, and preferably with a wide range of adjustments. These allow the individual using the chair to customize it to be as ergonomically friendly as possible. Because of everyone’s unique size, posture, and preferred seating position, a wide range of adjustment capabilities is essential for ensuring optimum workstation comfort.

The style of the chair is also important, as certain chairs are more suited to certain functions. Task chairs are designed for use at a workstation and are ergonomically optimized for working at a computer for long hours. Executive chairs are large, comfortable, and typically at the highest end of the price range. Other types of chairs such as conference room or reception chairs may be cheaper, as they only need to be comfortable for short periods of time rather than throughout a long workday.

What You Can Expect to Pay for Your Office Chairs

If you’re looking at a very basic cloth-covered task chair, you will probably find your cost in the $80-$150 range. Once you start moving into leather options that include more comfort features and adjustments, the price starts to move into the $200-$500 range. Bulk discounts are available, however, enabling you to furnish entire offices at a lower per-unit price.

Expect to pay somewhere between $100 and $400 for the majority of office chairs, even though you can get more affordable very basic models, and much more expensive deluxe options if you should so desire.

Office Chair Sample Costs

Below are a few examples of prices for Office Chairs which will give you an idea of how much you will pay for your purchase.

  • $160 -$610 Typical cost per Leather Executive Chairs
  • $69 to $155 average cost per Mesh Office Chairs
  • High back office chairs for t cost about $155 – $270 each
  • $98 to $170 average price for chairs for call centers

Conference Room Chair Costs

Standard chairs for conference rooms cost between $55 to $370:

  • Stackable conference room chairs with a basic upright design, cloth seats cost an average of $59.
  • Mesh-back conference chairs with a metal frame cost $88 to $153.
  • Round-back conference room chairs made of fabric material and a wooden frame cost $186 to $2910.

Executive conference room chairs can cost as little as $360 to as much as $1,300.

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