Office Cleaning Service Cost in Phoenix, AZ | A Complete Pricing Guide

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) recommends offices clean and disinfect surfaces frequently. “High touch” surfaces like elevators, door handles and restrooms may need more frequent cleaning.

For buildings reopening after a prolonged closure, a deep cleaning may be in order. Dust and sand never take breaks in Phoenix. Arizona is famous for its great air quality, but Phoenix still manages to have around five days a month where dust and pollen managed to break into the less desirable levels.

Office cleaning service is a must in most facilities. Read on learn the cost to clean an office in Phoenix.

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Phoenix Office Cleaning Service Cost Factors

There are many factors that go into the cost of office cleaning. The largest determinate is the location. Here in Arizona, the cost of living is about two-thirds less than California. Consequently, the cost of Phoenix office cleaners is less than Los Angeles cleaners.

Competition between firms keeps prices competitive. If your office is in the city limits, there are many cleaning businesses looking for your business. Conversely, areas on the outskirts may have fewer resources.

Is your cleaning service easy to communicate with? Often, the salesperson is not the same person providing the service. How do you make your needs clear if there is a problem?

One-Time or Scheduled Janitorial Services?

An office cleaning service has an incentive to reduce the cost of each visit if there is a regular schedule. A one-time-only service is more expensive, since there may be specialized equipment and personnel overtime involved. Some offices have a hybrid schedule of regular light cleaning and then deep cleaning once or twice a year.

Light cleaning might include basics such as vacuum cleaning, rubbish disposal, and dusting. Do you ask your cleaners to move items on dests to dust around them> what about tops of cabinets and underneath desks?

More labor-intensive tasks such as restroom cleaning, sweeping, mopping, and polishing will increase costs.

You can estimate a two-person crew might take three hours to clean a small office, while an entire floor of an office building might take around six hours or more after a long closure.

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Office Cleaning Equipment and Supplies

Most cleaning companies in Phoenix prefer to use their own products for fast and thorough cleaning. Cost estimates may increase with non-toxic, organic cleaners, steam disinfection, or ozone foggers. Some cleaning services also provide your restroom disposables such as paper towels and toilet paper.

A home-style cleaner might have a mop and a few rags and spray bottles. Your commercial cleaning crew should have more professional equipment. Floor buffers, commercial vacuums, and professional-grade cleaning solutions might be in order.

Your cleaners should include proper precautions for safety and hygiene, including gloves, masks and safe waste disposal protocols. There should be a sanitation schedule for surfaces touched frequently.

Check to see if your cleaning service is up-to-date in the latest protocols. Your cleaning service should provide a checklist of tasks, procedures and materials to you and to their cleaning crews. The best services offer a guarantee.

Facility Size To be Cleaned

The cost of cleaning a small office in a warehouse varies from a large office housing several hundred workers and desks. The time required and the number of workers needed to clean will affect your estimate. It is a wide range, from $50-$100 an hour or more for office cleaning services.

Square footage and your building materials make a difference. A large, polished concrete floor without obstacles requires little maintenance compared to an office with lots of small cubicles, carpet, and office equipment.

Phoenix cleaning services use different payment structures. Some estimates are by the hour. The base could also be by per visit or per square foot.

Cleaning Company Employees

Some offices prefer to have a regular cleaning crew that works while the building is open. Other facilities prefer a team approach that works while the offices are closed. The employee relationship can affect your cost estimates.

Keeping a more skilled and trustworthy employee on a regular schedule can be more costly than hiring a rotating crew for after-hours work. Your office atmosphere determines the need for more or less security. Employee, customer and company records, confidential materials, or financial matters need more care.

If your office is involved in the banking, healthcare, or childcare industries, there are special requirements regarding background checks and confidentiality.

Insurance and Bonding

An office cleaning company offers you some distance between you and liability. At a minimum, a cleaning company in Phoenix should offer evidence of sufficient liability insurance, workers compensation insurance, and bonding against theft and damage to your company.

Consider the cost of providing your own materials and paying your own employees to clean. you may find it much more expensive in terms of quality, skills and insurance!

Referrals and References

There are few barriers to entry for the cleaning business. Look at who refers business to an office cleaning company. You want referrals from the same type of industry, if possible.

Make sure your office cleaning service can provide verifiable references.

Check them. Watch out for cleaning services with a very short history or with employees that change too frequently.

Check the licensing and insurance status of any service before you accept any bid.

Find the Right Office Cleaning Service in Phoenix

You can always do a random internet search or collect flyers at the supermarket for janitorial services. But why waste your time when there is so much to consider?

For the best cost estimates, collect your basic information first:

  • Regular service or one-time cleanup
  • Equipment and supply needs
  • Facility size and time to clean
  • Number and quality of cleaners you want
  • Insurance and bonding needs

Once you have that information, our Buyer’s Guide can help you get qualified bids for office cleaning service specific to your needs. One simple search and you will have several options.

From there you can get accurate estimates and check references for the best Phoenix office cleaners.

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