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How Much Does Office Cleaning Cost per Hour?

If your business is in need of an office cleaning it’s time to find the right cleaning service. Calculate the hourly cost of janitorial services to know what it will cost to your office.

Is your office a magnet for dust and dirt, no matter how many times you clean it? A time comes when a business grows so big that it pays to hire in cleaning services. To add this to your yearly budget, you need to know how much cleaning costs.

There are a number of factors that will determine the final price. Here’s a must-know guide on office cleaning costs.

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The Extent of the Cleaning

The first factor that will influence how much you spend on cleaning is the extent of the clean. This does not just depend on the size of your office. It also depends on how deep and far you want the cleaners to work.

For example, do you just want them to come in and clean the floors? Or are you expecting full disinfection of the kitchen, with bathroom cleaning and a dusting of the main areas?

When booking cleaning services, make sure you go through the tasks you want and expect to be performed. In some instances, it may even work out cheaper than you expected.

How Often Do You Need the Service?

The next factor to influence the price should be how often you need these services. Most commercial cleaning services will bill you monthly, regardless of the service and how often they have visited your premises.

Office Cleaning List of Services

Some cleaning companies may let you have a few standard cleaning sessions and one deep clean. You will need to discuss this with them individually to work out a price. For example, you may have three standard cleaning sessions in a month and one deep clean session, that performs bigger tasks that are not done on the weekly clean.

Size of the Office

A cleaning company will either charge by the hour or by the square foot of your office. Regardless, you are going to need the exact size to get a reasonable quote. Obviously, the bigger the office the more the price will increase.

Location of the Commercial Cleaning Office

In large cities, you may benefit from the competitive nature of business. With so many large firms comes more cleaning companies and an increase in competition. This can mean cleaning in larger cities can be cheaper if you are willing to shop around for a quote.

In smaller towns, there will be fewer companies. While you may be able to find people who clean as a sideline, they may not have the professional equipment and insurances you would expect from a professional cleaning service. As such, better firms can charge higher prices due to a lack of competition.

Specialist Janitorial Service Tasks

There are also a number of tasks that cleaning companies may perform in your office space. It is not likely they will be included in your general quote for cleaning. You may be able to add them as and when you wish.

Office Cleaning Service

One of these is the stripping and waxing of floors. This requires specialist machinery. You can expect to pay between $20 to $60 per square foot for this service.

Carpet cleaning also requires specialist equipment. This can cost around $25 to $45 an hour. Bear in mind that you will also probably need to allow drying time, so this must be done when the office is not in use.

How Much Will Janitorial Services Cost?

Taking into account the factors above, the average cost will likely be between $0.07 – $0.16  per square foot. If you are budgeting, add to this the cost of specialist tasks that you may need to have done once or twice a year.

Finding an Offiuce Cleaning Company

The best way to locate a reputable cleaning service is to ask other business owners. You may have offices close to yours, and you can speak with the manager or owner. They may be able to provide you with recommendations.

When you have a lead, then ask the company to provide references. They should be able to reproduce at least two or three previous companies they have worked for. Finally, check online to see any reviews and ratings.

Always make sure that they are properly insured. If not, you could be liable for any injury or accidents that happen to them while they are working in your building.

Before signing the contract, ask the company how they screen their employees. They will be working in your business and with that comes the added danger of property and data theft. You need to know that the people they hire are trustworthy.

You will be expected to sign a contract typically between one to three years in length. Make sure it has a get-out clause if you are not happy with the service, so you can change the provider.

Other Considerations

Cleaning is usually done before or after the employees arrive. However, it will pay to ask when cleaning will be done. If you work late hours and the office needs to be cleaned in the middle of the night, it will obviously cost more.

You will also be more likely to get a discount the more you have your office cleaned. As you are paying for more service, the contract becomes more lucrative. This means you can get discounts on buying more regular cleaning.

Booking an Office Cleaning Service

Once you know the office cleaning services you need and have your size, you can start to shop around. Speak with a few companies to get a quote and see which works for you.

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