GPS Fleet Tracking With Camera

How Much Does GPS Fleet Tracking with a Camera Cost?

Tracking fleet vehicles and drivers can take work, especially with large fleets. Find out the benefits of using GPS fleet tracking with a car-mounted camera.

GPS fleet tracking with a mounted camera can make it easier to manage your large mobile fleet.

With this technology, you can protect your company and your employees in the event of an accident. You can also use the tech to protect your business from fraud. In addition, GPS tracking along with video proof hold drivers accountable for their actions.

For these reasons, it’s a worthwhile investment to equip your fleet with GPS tracking systems and software with one or more onboard cameras.

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Why You Need GPS Fleet Tracking

Today, you can’t afford to not invest in GPS tracking and video surveillance if you operate a vehicle fleet. The video proof alone can provide your company with irrefutable evidence during a fraud attempt or accident.

Today, malicious actors target commercial vehicles frequently. These individuals are looking for a quick payday. With video proof, however, you can undermine their best effort.

Furthermore, you can use a fleet management system to make data-driven decisions. Ultimately, commercial GPS equipment can help your company to save time and money.

By choosing a GPS with a camera, you can maintain comprehensive records. You’ll have detailed insights into important facts, such as route reporting as well as driver speed and behavior.

Best GPS Fleet Tracking With Cameras

You shouldn’t let a driver’s erratic behavior put your company at risk. Nor should you let idle time eat away at your profits.

GPS and dashcam equipment can help you to avoid these kinds of problems. They can also help you to make data-informed decisions. Most importantly, these technologies can help you to boost your bottom line.

A GPS and camera compel drivers to improve their driving behavior. With a dashcam, it’s like you’re driving along with your employees every mile of their routes.

Tracking Camera Recording Capabilities

Commercial GPS With CamerasA commercial fleet tracking system has a few more features compared to a consumer GPS device. They’re specifically designed for the needs of businesses.

For this reason, they’re better suited for commercial use. However, these systems also protect your equipment.

There are a few things that make commercial systems different from consumer devices. For instance, commercial GPS setups are a permanent installation. This feature is the biggest difference between consumer and commercial GPS and video recording systems.

Also, commercial GPS and camera systems come on automatically when the driver powers on the vehicle. Along with a hardwired installation, you’ll always have footage of driver activities with this feature. For this reason, there’s no need to worry about drivers forgetting to start recording.

These systems also log drivers’ movements automatically. Accordingly, you’ll also always have detailed information about your driver’s activities.

Commercial GPS and camera systems also feature loop recording. This feature stores video and logistics information continually.

At some point, the memory card will get full. When this happens, the system will start recording over the top of the oldest information. Resultantly, you’ll have logistics information and footage for every mile that your workers drive.


Choosing Tracking Camera Features

A commercial dashcam and camera are different from a consumer offering. This set up has certain features that make them appropriate for commercial use.

For example, it’s important to choose a GPS and cam system with a lockable memory card cover. With this feature, only you can unlock the memory card using the key.

With personal systems, the GPS typically draws 12 V power from a connection inside the cabin. With a commercial system, however, you should opt for a system with a built-in hardwire harness. This feature will keep unauthorized operators from disabling the power connection.

You should also look for a system with GPS logging when choosing a system for commercial use. A GPS logging system records vehicles’ speed and location. It will store the information along with the dashcam footage on the system memory card.

Finally, you’ll want to look for a GPS and video system that has a parking mode. In most cases, your staff members aren’t using your vehicles 24 hours a day. This feature will kick in if someone damages or attempts to burglarize one of your fleet vehicles while they’re unattended.

The following are a few of the top commercial GPS fleet tracking and video recording systems on the market.


AVIC Elite Professional GPS Dashcam

AVIC Elite Professional GPS Dashcam

The AVIC Elite Professional GPS Dashcam is a cutting-edge, commercial-grade GPS and video recording solution. It’s ideal for commercial fleets and service professionals. The combo is a hardwired solution.

The system features a high-resolution camera. It also comes with a locking memory card cover.

You’ll also get a built-in antenna with the AVIC Elite Professional GPS Dashcam. The system is a reliable workhorse that can withstand the rigors of field operation.

You can purchase the AVIC Elite Professional GPS Dashcam for around $269.99.


BlackVue DR750S-1CH GPS Wi-Fi Dashcam

BlackVue DR750S-1CH GPS Wi-Fi Dashcam

With the BlackVue DR750S-1CH GPS Wi-Fi Dashcam, you’ll have access to a high powered, commercial-grade GPS and camera combo. The system records in 1080 dpi resolution. The HD recording feature is rare among commercial GPS fleet video systems.

Furthermore, the camera records exceptionally well, even in low light conditions. Also, the system features overwrite protection. With this feature, you can prevent up to 50 events from getting overwritten.

In addition, the BlackVue DR750S-1CH GPS Wi-Fi Dashcam offers a scheduled reboot feature. With this feature, you can ensure that your GPS and dashcam system is always running smoothly.

The BlackVue DR750S-1CH GPS Wi-Fi Dashcam costs about $239.99.


BlackVue DR750S-2CH-Truck GPS Dashcam With Infrared Lens

BlackVue DR750S-2CH-Truck GPS Dashcam With Infrared Lens

The BlackVue DR750S-2CH-Truck GPS Dashcam with Infrared Lens is another great offering from BlackVue. However, this system comes with a two-camera setup.

Also, you can access the system using a remote Wi-Fi connection. Alternatively, you can connect with the system using cloud services or a third-party Wi-Fi hotspot.

With the BlackVue DR750S-2CH-Truck GPS Dashcam with Infrared Lens, you’ll always have access to up-to-date speed and log information. Furthermore, it’s a durable system. It comes with a waterproof rear camera with infrared LEDs.

The BlackVue DR750S-2CH-Truck GPS Dashcam with Infrared Lens is a great system for CDL drivers. You can purchase the system for your fleet for around $449.99 each.


SmartWitness CP2-LTE 2-Channel Fleet Dash Cam GPS

SmartWitness CP2-LTE 2-Channel Fleet Dash Cam GPS

SmartWitness is another top commercial GPS and camera manufacturer. Their CP2-LTE 2-Channel Fleet Dash Cam GPS is one of the most advanced two-channel commercial systems around.

The system comes with 4G LTE video transmission capability. It also features a built-in data drive and GPS tracking.

With the CP2-LTE 2-Channel Fleet Dash Cam GPS, you can monitor driver’s activities easily. You can also purchase an extra camera to monitor activity inside the cabin.

The SmartWitness CP2-LTE 2-Channel Fleet Dash Cam GPS also provides advanced metrics. As an example, you can use the system to monitor and record vehicle location as well as the impact force during an accident.

The system also records in-cabin audio as well as details about employees’ driving style such as acceleration, braking, speed, and steering. The SmartWitness CP2-LTE 2-Channel Fleet Dash Cam GPS starts at around $564.99.


SmartWitness CRX 4G Fleet Video and Data Recording System

SmartWitness CRX 4G Fleet Video and Data Recording System

The CRX 4G Fleet Video and Data Recording System is another top commercial offering from SmartWitness. The system offers HD CCTV recording for up to eight cameras. It’s an effective way to monitor and manage your fleet remotely.

The SmartWitness CRX 4G Fleet Video and Data Recording System is a top-of-the-line GPS video recording system. For this reason, you’ll need to contact a retailer directly for a price quote.


Improved Asset Management With Fleet Tracking Software

It’s helpful to know the location of your vehicles. However, it’s even more beneficial to use data to get an overall view of your operation.

A commercial GPS and camera system can make keeping track of your fleet easy. It can also make the process of evaluating GPS data manageable.

With the right software, you can perform all fleet management activities using one convenient tool. Furthermore, you can use the system to make informed decisions using real-time data.

The cost of fleet tracking software varies depending on the size of your fleet. For example, you might pay $36 to $55 per month for each vehicle that you track.

Also, your set up fees can cost anywhere from free to $30 for each vehicle. Furthermore, the hardware costs for each vehicle could start at $269.99 and go higher depending on the equipment that you purchase.

However, the equipment will pay for itself over time. What you’ll save in fuel consumption alone is worth the investment.

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