8 Best Access Control Systems For the Money

With access control systems, employers can restrict the areas of their building that certain employees have permission to enter. Here are the 8 best options for the money.

Employers choose how much security each person requires and what type of tracking they want – whether it’s just analytics on movements or alerts when a suspicious activity has been detected in one particular area.

This guide to access control systems reviews the top systems available for businesses, with information on system features and what you can expect this year. Discover how much it will cost your company by reading through these reviews before making any buying decisions!

1-Johnson Controls Review

Johnson Controls Logo

Johnson Controls offers a comprehensive security system that can be customized for any number of buildings and doors, with the ability to scale easily. Their large catalog means finding just what you need is easy – they have electronic access control systems as well.

The moment you think that there’s nothing more to do in this world, the brand has upped its game. They’ve created an electronic access control plan for single-site use and a hosted version too.

Johnson Controls has a solution for your business needs with its P2000 access control system. It includes commercial fire detection, emergency mass notifications and video surveillance as well network controllers to make sure that you can get in touch easily should anything happen at any time of day or night! Johnson Control offers pricing information on their website but it is not listed specifically by industry so contact them directly if this applies to yours

The company will provide more details about the features offered within each model prior to customer acquisition which could help save resources when trying to decide upon what type would work best depending on how many doors/areas there may need monitoring.


Johnson Controls offers a variety of interfaces for reporting and administration. All options are covered with the basics, but some also have handy features that make them even better! You can control doors remotely from your smartphone if you’re often out-of-town or on vacation – this is perfect since there’s no need to worry about missing any important meetings while away just because someone else needs access in order to complete their tasks efficiently.

  • Managed Access
  • Secure Credentials
  • Easy integrations
  • Up to 32 Doors
  • Time and attendance tracking

And registering employees doesn’t require much time at all; it only takes three minutes before they’ll be able to use these tools as well making Johnson Control’s system more convenient than ever before.

Johnson Controls has a great management system for companies with multiple doors or sites because it allows independent control of each door without affecting any other within the whole system. The cloud-based software also enables centralized management of your entire facility.

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2-Kisi Review

Kisi logo

Kisi’s flexible, modern system works well for every type of business. With a wide range of employee access options available in the palm-sized device that can be used on your own or at remote locations with an internet connection, KISI has become our favorite choice when creating versatile security setups to suit any company’s needs!

Kisi’s access control system consists of a variety of components that work together seamlessly. The mobile and card reader, wall reader as well as cloud management all interact with one another in order for you to have ultimate peace of mind when it comes time to enter your home or office space remotely via an app loaded onto someone else’s phone; even if they’re not physically there!

Kisi announced a partnership with Gymflow to improve gym management for facility administrators. The integration will allow admins to customize and update access permissions, streamline security processes like video surveillance integration or event investigation toolsets – even revoke individual user privileges if needed! They’re also working on an app where members can unlock doors remotely.

Kisi, a leading door and window security company will help you maintain the highest level of safety for your home. Whether they’re replacing old locks or installing sleek new ones; there’s no job too big or small! The software comes in three options:

Monthly (per user), Yearly (for all users), and Multiyear plans which allow an individual license per month/year at a reduced cost compared to buying several licenses upfront as well as providing peace-of-mind knowing Kisi has coverage should anything happen without having to worry about changing suppliers midstream.

COST: $599

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3-ISONAS Review


If you want a low-cost access control system that is easy to install and maintain, then Ionic’s ISONAS might be the perfect fit for your needs. This budget-friendly option requires little hardware with no software infrastructure needed in order to make it work perfectly! It also features an online training course which leads down even further costs while still maintaining quality service from start until the end.

IP Access Control is a new way to provide secure access for your company without installing expensive hardware or wiring. ISONAS has software that can interface with older security systems so you don’t need any more panels on each door, making it the smart choice when upgrading!

ISONAS is a system that can be used by any business without having to purchase additional hardware and offers an easy installation process. The web-based training makes it, even more, budget-friendly, as well.

For hardware, a reader and credentials are necessary. You’ll also need to purchase an enclosure for the device if it will be outside of buildings in order protect from weather conditions or elements that could damage electronics such as rainwater exposure on devices equipped with exposed antennae (such as RFID key cards).


ISONAS’s Pure IP access control is the best way to keep your business running smoothly without wasting money.

ISONAS offers door readers that are intelligent and store most of the data for its system, allowing them to decide if you’re authorized even when there’s no network connection. The company also takes care in storing your personal information securely so it doesn’t get lost during emergencies like natural disasters or power outages; this means they won’t need a backup password from users at any point!

The security system reports provide a wealth of information, including unlocking times and other details about your employees. You can also use it to ensure that only authorized users are accessing the building at any one time by setting up an exit reader for each person who enters (to make sure they don’t come back inside).

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4-SimpliSafe Review

SimpliSafe logo

SimpliSafe Security is your business’s best friend. The system can be set up in under an hour and after that, every inch of the property will be protected 24/7 with emergency dispatch for break-ins or power outages as well as instant alerts on leaks in temperatures around the house when you need them most! You no longer have to worry about whether or not there are any intruders because this security device has got everything covered from A-Z.

SimpliSafe is the perfect solution for your home security needs. With options like sensors that detect doors and windows, motion detectors, freeze or water sensor system with HD cameras you can be sure to get all of the protection from Simplisafe!

SimpliSafe is great for those who are looking to protect their home with an easy-to-use key fob or keypad. Employees can enter when there’s no manager on site by using a unique PIN code, which will make sure you’re always aware of where they are!

COST: $14.99/month

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5-Vanderbilt Industries Review

Vanderbilt Industries logo

You can choose from a variety of access control systems when you need to secure your business. However, we recommend the best choice: Vanderbilt! This system is specifically designed for larger businesses with multiple locations and it supports unlimited cardholders while also being easy-to-use through centralized management features – no matter how many places there are in which these technologies will be used at once on this side or another.

For smaller businesses, Vanderbilt’s web-based solutions are the perfect fit. In light of this fact, they provide both Lite Blue and Bright blue plans which allow you to immediately lock down your facility with a push from our button! We’re also able to integrate video surveillance into lite blue if needed for added security or other reasons.

With the ability to handle 5,000 card users and monitor 32 doors with an extensive log of employee entrance history that’s accessible on any internet-connected computer or mobile device–Bright Blue is perfect for midsize businesses. It also comes equipped with unlimited memory storage so you don’t have to worry about running out of space!

The most impressive feature? The fully customizable interface combines both video surveillance AND door monitoring capabilities all in one easy-to-use package designed specifically around your needs as your business grows.


Vanderbilt’s security systems are designed to give you complete control over your building. Not only can the reporting and administration interface provide comprehensive coverage for fire alarms, but it also allows employees’ activities to be monitored so any suspicious activity can easily trigger notifications in real-time!

The Vanderbilt system offers a full range of security services that can be integrated with your needs. This includes access control, video surveillance, and alarm monitoring systems to provide you the utmost peace of mind in regards to protecting yourself or your loved ones from harm

A unique integration between these platforms allows for easy management no matter where they are located!

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6-Brivo Review

Brivo logo

The Brivo system is a cloud-based access control platform that gives you the power to manage your building’s security from any device, anywhere. The company offers comprehensive consulting services in order to put together an integrated suite of hardware and software solutions tailored specifically for each client’s need – all while eliminating nearly all existing pieces completely so there are no hassles or headaches involved!

In a world where security is an issue, Brivo’s main access offering centers on its mobile platform. Employees can download the app to their phone from which they unlock any door granted permission with just one press of a button and without having keys or cards for entry into buildings.

Brivo’s innovative approach to access control will change the future of security. With no expensive hardware and an easy-to-use smartphone app, Brivo is revolutionizing how we keep our homes safe from intruders in a world where everyone carries one device with them at all times.

The potential for this new system has major implications: The goal here isn’t just minimizing your risk when securing your home or business – it’s eliminating any need for such things entirely.

If you want to install a more sophisticated security system, Onair Pass is Brivo’s main product. The company has partnerships with other vendors that provide cameras and biometrics as well as door locks for their readers on compatible hardware (there is an online list). You can also integrate traditional keys which will work alongside credentials from other companies if need be; review all options before making any decisions.


A modern system with an intuitive interface, Brivo’s control access cloud computing platform is the ultimate solution for managing your events. Not only will you be able to review footage of specific happenings going back one year but also 10 million past occurrences thanks to its onsite server!

One of the best features of this system is that it can be managed from a remote location. You’ll never have to worry if someone has accessed your business because you will always know who they are with their mobile phone, and when checking for maintenance on weekends or during weekdays – all remotely through video chat!

Brivo is a building access control system that can be installed for up to 1000 doors and handles an unlimited number of users. However, you will need licenses per employee’s phone in the order it works properly with the Brivyard platform.

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7-Honeywell Review

Honeywell logo

Honeywell is a household name in the world of industrial and manufacturing. The company has diversified its business to include powerful access control tools, which are known for being challenging enough that even those new to this technology may find them difficult at first glance.

Honeywell is a leader in the field of commercial security. They offer access control among their products and an interface that ties them all together, with plans available for more details!

WIN-PAK is a single interface that offers access control, video surveillance, and intrusion detection. It can be easily scaled up or down to fit your needs with third-party integration available for an extra fee if needed.

NetAXS-4 is a flexible panel that can adapt to your existing IT infrastructure and is easily scalable. You’ll be able to secure doors, manage employee access levels with the touch of a button or assign different permissions for cardholders by using our intuitive interface tools! When you’re ready for some extra security guard services on-site visits from outside parties– Netaxs 4 has got them covered too because we allow visitors limited escorted privileges depending on their level assigned in this system.


The system integrates with fire, carbon monoxide, and break-in alarms. It provides detailed account management through customizable reports to instantly lock/unlock doors for employees without keys or escort access when necessary – all in an easy scaling format!

The best hardware for your business needs is at Honeywell. As a leader in technology, we offer an array of services that will help you keep things running smoothly and securely- from biometrics to contactless cards.

COST: Available Upon Request

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8-IDenticard Review

IDenticard Logo

IDenticard has the latest hardware with its PremiSys access control system and offers customization options to create a system that is just what you need. Learn more about Identicalards plans for cost-effectiveness.

Ever since its inception, IDenticard has been a staple of the identity and access control industry. With ownership by workplace safety behemoth Brady Corporation (known as “The Identity Company”) all hardware is produced internally rather than outsourced to third parties for quality assurance that meets their high standards.


IDenticard offers a variety of physical credentials, including encrypted smart cards and lanyards. You can personalize the ID card with your brand to make it unique for every employee in need to wear around their neck at all times! The company also sells accessories like protective sleeves so you don’t have any problems when attending events as well as keeping those pesky germs away (especially if they come from sick people).

The benefit to this kind of item is that we’re able not just to identify employees but also to know exactly who might be coming up behind us asking questions about employment opportunities or looking over what happened last week between meetings.

With the alarm system, you can surveil who is accessing your servers and give them remote access. You’ll even know when they’ve left through video feeds or door alarms that are triggered by an unauthorized person trying to enter any of these entries points into RACK ARMOR Data Protection which will only allow authorized individuals time on-site for work in progress

The features offered by this installation include: Video surveillance equipment such as IP cameras with digital displays; computerized doors equipped with locks integral circuits so sensors won’t trip without someone pressing buttons inside.

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What to Look For in Access Control Systems

We’ve looked at dozens of access control companies and their systems, checking if they offered the features most important for a small business. We browsed through websites to gather data on customer service as well as price points before contacting each one anonymously so we could gauge how responsive or knowledgeable people were when reached out by us during our evaluation process.


The importance of security should be the most important factor in your choice for an access control system. Services that offer outdated technology or cut corners will not score well, as they are missing key safety features such as lockdown modes and alarms.

It is important to note that the best services offer their readers proprietary technology, which is often more secure than open-source. This way they can keep your information safe and protect against any potential hacking attempts on behalf of employees or outsiders wanting access for personal use!

Door access readers should be physically secured with specialty screws and wires tucked away, so they can’t easily be tampered with or removed. Some models have alarms that go off if you try to take them apart – not a good idea! You also need various options for different types of credentials as well as multiple-credential authentication.

When considering the different safety features of a security system, it is important to make sure that you have all emergency protocols covered. These include fire alarms as well as carbon monoxide and break-in types in case there’s ever an issue with these elements going off unexpectedly during your business hours or even if someone tries breaking into one area where they know no one will be around at night time for instance – think about how scary this would feel.


Not all businesses need emergency alarms, but it’s important to have them if you want a safe workplace. Fire protection systems can be lifesaving as well as protecting from carbon monoxide and break-in attacks at your place of business! In case anything happens where there is some urgency or danger immediately upon detection then these safety protocols will help keep everyone inside until things calm down again – which could save lives in the process.

A few more examples:  “Not having an alarm system means risking people getting hurt”, “The advantage with this type over others on account”

The best systems are like libraries for your business, containing all of its past histories. You can go back and examine any date with ease because they’re easily searchable; this is extremely useful if you need to do a security audit or investigate an event in the company’s life cycle.

The most beneficial type of digital archives is those that allow one quick look-up rather than having every single record available at once on some giant database where it would take forever just searching by month  or quarter etc.

One of the best ways to maintain your business is by maintaining an updated office system. If you’re away from it for long periods, opt for one that allows access via mobile devices so as not to miss any important messages or meetings while on vacation; but also take care when managing those guests who may come into contact with sensitive data.


The choice of which access control system to use is a difficult one. All the companies we reviewed provide professional installation, either by their own professionals or through third-party installers and dealers. Some systems are limited in terms of how many door readers each panel supports; while others can host unlimited doors without additional costs incurred for controllers on-premises.


For the most part, there are four common types of access control systems available on the market. They include:

On-Site Hosting: Once you install hosted access control, your business can be confident that their IT team is responsible for managing server software updates. This means they don’t need to worry about installing this type of security themselves or paying someone else who might not offer quality service because everything will happen on-site at one company!

Web/Cloud-Based: Cloud-based access control systems offer a number of advantages. For one thing, there are no hardware or maintenance costs associated with their implementation which means you don’t need an IT department like in traditional implementations–the system is all hosted online and can be accessed anywhere via a mobile device (smartphone) as well as a desktop computer!

Mobile Based: Mobile access control or mobile device authentication as it’s known in the industry enables smartphones and other devices to act as credentials. This is primarily done by having users authenticate themselves with their own phone where they can gain entry into restricted areas of an establishment through NFC tags on doors which reads biometric data stored inside databases connected directly onto apps being used today.

IoT-based: A new access control system includes intelligent machines connected via a wireless network that opens and secures doors.

With so many access control systems to choose from, it’s important for your business needs individualize the best fit. Cloud-based systems are flexible and scalable while mobile ones can be used anywhere with an internet connection or even on paper.

Access control systems provide a wide range of flexible security options to enter your business premises. You can use keycards, biometrics, mobile apps and other forms of credentials such as fingerprints or face recognition data for door locking functions in order to access the building when necessary.

It is important that you have an effective way of not only keeping unwanted people out but also making sure those who should be inside are able to get there without concerns about unauthorized visitors getting too far into the property.

A keyless entryway is more secure than its traditional counterpart. But what happens if you want to get in and out quickly? An access control system will provide additional security with two or three different credentials that are required for every session, depending on the model of lock used. And don’t worry: most modern locks can still be opened by just inserting your own set!

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