3 Features Your Office Copier Absolutely Must Have

Office Copier Must HavesThere are many features that your office copier absolutely must have. But here’s 3 features your business simply can’t go without.

Are you thinking of getting a copier machine for your business? There are things an office copier absolutely must have. This includes its work put ability. You need to get a copier that will function at high speed.

Whether you decide to get a commercial copier or industrial copy machine, you must look at the price tag. This will help you not to outstretch your budget. You can use the extra money to expand your business.

With the changes in technology happening every day, around 8.5 million tons of office equipment get dumped every year. This causes a big negative impact on the environment. Thus you need a modern copier that will be useful for a long time.

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1. First Office Copier Absolutely Must Have: Total Output

Fast Copier SpeedBefore getting the copier, you need to know the number of people using the photocopy machine. This will determine the type of copier machine you will get. Although you might not think of being an issue, the number of people using a copier at the same time can determine your work output.

Sometimes you might find that your employees need to use the copier to get the paperwork done. If you have a lot of employees, you might need to consider getting a fast copier. A slow working copier machine may slow down your employees overall work output.

This will, in turn, slow down your companies overall work output, which translates to a loss in profit and revenue. Investing in a faster copier machine may seem like a stretch, but it would benefit your company.

Additionally, the number of employees working in your company matters when it comes to connectivity. The copier needs to be connected to computers to facilitate printing. Most of the copiers come attached to the printer.

This reduces the need to get a printing machine, and it saves you on cash. The copier works when it is connected to a computer. The person in need of the printing services can send a command when they are comfortable at their desk.

A small copier machine can connect to around 6 to 10 computers. This can work if you have fewer employees, and not all of them use the printer and copier.

If your company has more employees investing in a larger copier could be a great idea. You can choose a bigger printer that can sync with 20 to 30 computers. This will allow your employees to perform their tasks at a faster rate.

2. Multifunctional Ability

Multi Function CopierWhen looking for a copier, you need to consider what other functions can it perform. You need to consider how many people use the copier machine and what duties they are likely to perform. A multifunction copier machine carries out different duties, including printing, scanning, fax, and photocopying.

Different departments in your office may tend to use different functions when it comes to the copier machine. You might find that one department needs to use the fax machine more than the other.

Getting a multifunction copier machine helps save up office space. This is suitable for mobile offices whose space saving is vital. This is because instead of getting different machines in the office, you can get one that does different functions. Ensure that you have placed the copier machine in a strategic place for easier accessibility

Additionally, a multifunction copier can save you money. Instead of getting different machine in each office to perform the different functions. You can get one multifunctional copier that can be used fax machine, a scanner, and a printer.

This multifunction copier also comes with a higher price tag. One thing you need to consider when looking for the printer is your budget.

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A multifunction printer costs more than a printer whose function is printing only. This is because you are getting more functions out of one machine.

However, if your company has all these products you don’t need to get the multifunction copier. You can look at how they are functioning and decide if you need to change them. If they are still in good condition, there is no need to get the multifunction copier. This can help you to save up and use the money in expanding your business.

3. Wireless Printing and Security

Wireless Office CopierWhen you are running a big company, you need to minimize the amount of time spent by your employees walking around the office. The employees can utilize the time they spend walking in the office to do something constructive in the office.

You need to get a copier model that allows you to print the documents remotely. You can be seated at your desk and send the documents to the copier. This saves you on time and energy you could have spent walking to the copier.

Having a copier with wireless printing capability can increase your productivity and make the business process move fast. This is because the ability of the copier to print remotely allows you to save on time.

Additionally, this copier allows you to create different accounts for different users. This ensures that your employees have the copier at their disposal and can use it whenever they want. This will make sure that their output increases.

Also, you need to get a copier that has a security password. This is to ensure that only your employees are using the printer. You don’t want a case where anybody in the building will use your printer.

You can be seated in your office and notice a stranger using the copier. You keep wondering why there is a hold up at the copier only to find out that the next office is using your resources.

Protect your office resources by getting a password for the copier. Only your employees will have access to it since they have a password.

This will limit anybody from the building to utilize your office resources and cause a delay and hold up in your office work.

Bottom Line

When you are looking for an office copier, there are things an office copier absolutely must have. The copier needs to have the ability to print out clear images and words. Either colored or in black and white. Contact us to get the serious prospects for your business.

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