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What Are Box Trucks and How Much Do They Cost?

A box truck — also called a cube truck, cube van, rolling toaster, or box van — is a chassis cab truck with an enclosed cuboid-shaped cargo area. In 2021 some used box trucks, like a 6 to 10-year-old 12ft cube delivery truck can cost as little as $1,600. Newer used box trucks range between $12,000 – $24,300. Box trucks that are 2 years old and less will cost between $30,100 – $41,230. For pricing on items as described below, request quotes to get started.

  • Used Box Trucks
  • Light Duty Box Trucks
  • 24 Foot Box Trucks
  • Class 1-8 Light Duty
  • Standard Cab & Crew Cab
  • Diesel, Gasoline, Flex Fuel

The most popular brands include Isuzu, GMC, Ford, Hino, Freightliner, and Penske.

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Class Ratings:

  • Light duty box trucks (classes 1, 2, and 3) – 12′ to 14′
  • Medium duty box trucks (classes 4, 5, and 6) – 16′ to 18′
  • Heavy-duty box trucks (classes 7 and 8) – 24′ to 26′

What to Look in a Box Truck:

Most box trucks, small-heavy, come standard with roll-up gates in the back similar to a garage door. Many buyers choose to also invest in lift gates, which are powered platforms that raise and lower the cargo from the street to the back of the truck.
Most Requested Box Trucks:
  1. Dry Van Box Truck (56%)
  2. Refrigerated Truck (7%)
  3. Stakebed Truck (5%)
  4. Other/Unsure (31%)

Box Truck Purchase Data:

  • 83% of buyers seek to purchase used box trucks, while 1% will consider buying new (16% unsure).
  • 62% of buyers search in the range of $15,700 – $25,299.
  • 14% of buyers search in the range of $25,300 – $49,999.

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