Anti Virus Software

The Ultimate Guide to Business Antivirus Software

If you’re going to be handling sensitive customer data, your business is going to need good cybersecurity protection. In this guide, we’re going to help you find the best antivirus for small business.

As businesses go online, brick and mortar security becomes less important. We’re not suggesting you leave your doors unlocked, but cloud and computer data is the new gold mine for criminals.

You need to make sure your business data is just as safe if not safer than your physical location.

There are programs on the market to help you do that. Many, in fact. So how do you know what’s the best antivirus software for small business owners?

You read our list. We’ll tell you what the important things to look for are and compare some different programs.


Kaspesky_Antivirus_logoIf you want a program with the most capabilities, Kaspersky is the best antivirus for your small businesses. It’s a sophisticated and well-featured software, at a reasonable price point.

It has security elements that exceed other software’s offerings.

With Kaspersky, you get internet and email protection, which blocks incoming spam. The program also prevents phishing, when someone tries to get information dishonestly.

Phishing scams are disguised as your bank, your insurance company, with the same or similar looking graphics. They’re hard to decipher from the real thing, so this is a blessing if you have older employees who think they’re “just trying to help.”

You also get a password manager with Kaspersky, which is super helpful. If you have employees, you usually have to give them different passwords. If they lose their password, it’s up to you to reset it.

With the password manager, each user can store their passwords. It makes working more efficient and keeps data safe.

Another nice Kaspersky feature is their secure online shopping portal. The pop-up screen comes up and brings your transaction into a secure window.

You take less of a risk getting your card information stolen and even more security. Plus, you can store card information in Kaspersky instead of needing to write it down for different people.


Avast LogoAvast Security isn’t as all-encompassing as Kaspersky, but it’s great at Malware protection.

It can discern false positives from active threats, which slow down your computer.

Software that is always popping up with false positives gets annoying, and employees often turn the software off. Then your unprotected data is open for the world to see!

It protects your internet from malware and viruses, but you won’t be able to prevent employees from visiting specific sites. If you want to block Facebook so people can’t goof off at work, you’ll have to do so on your server.

While it doesn’t boast the most extended list of features, you do get warning messages and reports. The centralized console shows you what you need to know about your security at any time.

It’s easy to use, which is essential for businesses too small to have an IT department. It’s flexible, affordable, but very basic.

We’d recommend it for the business that does more transactions in store but wants to be safe online for good measure.


McAfeeMcAfee is a big name in computer security, and they have deals with major manufacturers. When you bought your system, you probably got a free trial of McAfee security to go with it.

Is it worth renewing that free trial? It depends on the processing power you need. McAfee slows computers down noticeably, which doesn’t work in fast moving workplaces.

If all you use your computer for is occasional record keeping or you don’t care how long your computer takes to turn on, it’s a safe choice.

It has high scores on safety tests and a full range of features. It stops malware like Avast but does a little less than Kaspersky, when it comes to giving you options.

Unlike the other programs, you can store the software in the cloud. Having the management point in one place makes it easier to access and change settings.

Employees can’t mess around with settings and accidentally expose a hole in your network with the software in the cloud.

It gives you a support network, were you to have questions about how it works. Both phone, email and live chat are all open 24/7 for user questions.

Computer Virus

If you don’t have an IT team, that’s worth the price within itself. They won’t be able to answer all your questions about processing, but some help is better than none.

The reporting features of McAfee security software are super customizable. You can create reports on network activity from one IP address and not another.

Even if you don’t know what all the threat types mean, they use color coding to show you what to be concerned about.

When it comes down to it, you need to decide if the support and customization are worth slower speeds. Functionality or more protection? That’s your call.

Choosing the Best Antivirus for Small Business

There are other options for virus software outside of this list, but these are three affordable big names.

When you’re trying to decide which to buy and install for your small business, answer these questions:

  • Do I need the best antivirus for small business but want to chance not understanding all of them? If yes, pick Kaspersky.
  • If you want the bare minimum, Avast is the right choice for you.
  • If you can deal with slower processing speeds but want around the clock support, go for McAfee.

It’s your business, so they’re your priorities. No one else can decide for you. All we can do is show you the options and compare them side by side.

That’s what we do, and we put out new comparisons all the time. Check out our last post here.