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What are Trade Show Signs & Booths and How Much Do They Cost?

A very basic trade show display sign could be had for as little as $225. However, if want a huge, eye-catching custom signage, expect to invest as much as $17,100.

Trade Show Display Sign Options

Trade show display signs can be anything, from a simple banner that sits behind a table to an elaborate custom design that engulfs your entire booth. The options that work for your company will depend on the kind of trade show marketing budget you have, as well as your image and marketing strategy. For those looking for simple and effective signage, trade show display signs can be a relatively affordable way to get the word out about your company. For companies who prefer to make a bold and flashy statement and that have a big budget, trade show displays can be a way to make an impact.

What to Look for in Trade Show Display Signs, Exhibits & Booths

Buyers GuideWhen purchasing trade show display signs, you want to look for something that makes your company stand out. At any given trade show a client may have anywhere from dozens to thousands of other booths to wander through, and you need something that can pull the focus to your booth. Eye-catching displays are necessary if you want to stand out from the crowd surrounding you. At a basic level, bold colors can help accomplish this. For those willing to spend big, however, a custom display that has a structure unlike anything seen in the surrounding booths will definitely make you stand out from the herd.


Portability is something to consider. If you typically send a single person out to a trade show, the signage needs to be something that can be relatively easily moved and assembled by a single person. If you send a team out, or if you’re willing to pay for some labor to assemble the booth, then you can get more extravagant. Another thing to keep in mind is that the larger the display, the larger the transportation costs of moving it from trade show to trade show are going to be.

The materials used in your displays should also be considered carefully. Fabrics, plastics, metals, and more are incorporated into trade show signage. You want something that is durable, and which is easily compressed into small spaces for ease of packing. Lightweight materials are also a boon if you’re setting the display up by yourself on a regular basis.

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