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What to Look for in Tractors


If you’re buying a tractor in 2024 you can expect to pay $9,600 – $75,300. The additional cost of up to $3,400 for attachment may also be needed.

Here’s What You Need To Know:

The reality is that there is a very wide range of tractor types and sizes, and these factors will have a huge effect on the price you can expect to pay. However, a good tractor can serve as an all-purpose tool that is extremely flexible for performing a wide range of outdoor tasks. Attachments of all kinds can be hooked up to allow you to do everything from digging holes to clearing snow.

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The first question you’ll need to answer when shopping for a tractor is “how much power do I need?” The horsepower rating of your tractor will tell you how ready it is to tackle extremely heavy-duty tasks. A small tractor comes in at around 25 hp, and will fall at the low end of the price range. These are small utility tractors useful for maintaining a large yard or garden. At the other end of the spectrum, there are the industrial tractors used in commercial farming operations which have engines of 100 horsepower and up. These units can cost well north of $60,000, depending on how many accessories and extra features you require.

Another very important thing to look at is what kinds of attachments and tools are compatible with your tractor. Cross-brand equipment typically works fine together, but there are certain advantages to be had by using equipment from the same manufacturer. Assessing your needs and the available attachments is sometimes a good idea.

Finally, make sure you’re buying a common model that has good support and parts availability. Buying an obscure model tractor that seems like a great deal might be a way to save a few dollars when you first make your purchase. However, the first time something breaks down and you have no viable means of getting your tractor repaired, it will become the kind of decision that haunts you.

What you Can Expect to Pay for Your Tractor: 

Farm TractorIf you want to keep your cost at $15,200 and under, the tractors you have to choose from will typically be small, open-cab units that are suitable for maintaining smaller properties. If you need to maintain a farm, or if you’re planning on using your tractor in inclement weather and need a cab, then you’re probably going to have to pay $30,500 at the low end of that price range, and $60,100 or more for the top of the line units. Also remember that each attachment such as a bucket, snowplow, or rake will cost you anywhere between $3085 and $6020.

Typical Uses: Lawn & Garden, Compact Utility, Utility Tractors, 4WD, Farm Tractors

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Typical Costs For New Tractors

A standard tractor can sell for under $9,000, while the more powerful farming tractors sell for $75,000. Here are some averages to keep in mind:

  • Mid-size farm tractors with 25hp – 80hp are generally priced from $22,700 to $49,000.
  • Bigger tractors that come with 100 hp and 4-wheel drive are a bit more costly, ranging from $55,000 to $70,000.
  • The most powerful tractors with 150 hp are going to cost at least $72,120 and in some cases will exceed $120,090.

Don’t Forget Cost of Attachments

  • A tractor rake costs just $352 -$6040.
  • Loader attachments for tractors are priced $2,540 to $4,570.
  • Backhoe attachments on tractors cost the most and can run $4,000 – $7,007.

Manufacturers: Bobcat, Case IH, Craftsman, Cub Cadet, John Deere, Kioti, Kubota, Mahindra, Massey-Ferguson, MTD, New Holland, Simplicity, Yanmar

Sample Tractor Pricing

The below is actual pricing from tractors sold over the last 4 months.

2021 Mahindra EMax 20S HST | Cost $12, 688
Manchester, MD
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2021 Mahindra 6075 4WD Cab | Cost $45,345
Bethel, PA

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2007 CASE IH Magnum 280 | Cost $89,324
Houston, TX

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Used John Deere 6215R | Cost $105,334
Charlotte, NC

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2016 CASE IH Magnum 250 CVT | $176,089
Omaha, ME

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1999 Kubota M6800 | Cost $13,678
York, PA

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2016 Kubota B2650HSDC | Cost $15,000
Fredericksburg, VA

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1995 John Deere 6200 | Cost $23,900
Petersburg, VA

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2014 Caterpillar D6TVP | Cost $177,000
Pittsburg, PA

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1987 Ford 340B | Cost $5,200
Greensboro, NC

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2013 New Holland TS6.125 | Cost $50,000
Omaha, NE

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New Tractor Sales

Tractors have been around for nearly a century and their presence on farms is still felt today. They revolutionized agriculture by adding efficiency, which led to tremendous growth in productivity that continues even with less use than before thanks largely due to advances in technology like GPS guidance systems for planting crops more accurately or high-tension steel axles allowing them to travel long distances without needing parts replacement as frequently–a big reason why many people who buy new tractors find themselves making this purchase only when needed rather than all at once as they used to do.

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The market for tractors is huge! You can find a model that fits your needs and budget, from residential to heavy-duty. The vast majority of them are four-wheel drive but it’s up to you whether or not you prefer two wheels if the terrain has lots on it like farm roads with no obstacles in sight.

The best tractors come with enclosed cabs. These trucks offer superior comfort and protection from the elements like sun, wind rain snow; they also have higher resale values due to their increased safety factor in adverse conditions that typical open-cab designs cannot withstand.

Tractors without cab structures are affordable for most people but lack many key benefits of an ordinary car– Comfortably seating yourself away from harsh weather’s battering effects on the human body such as heat exhaustion or hypothermia. However, these types do not protect drivers’ visibility when operating outside so if you plan out going into rural areas where high weeds grow up close around any vehicle then this might pose a problem unless one wants to risk themself through contact.

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How Much Do Tractors Cost?

If you’ve been looking for a new tractor, then it is important to know the cost of one. The following information will help ensure that your purchase goes smoothly and without regrets.

What type of tractor do I need?  Are you going to be hauling heavy loads?  Is the goal of your tractor to make work easier or faster? These answers will drive the cost of your tractor purchase.

National Average Tractor Cost

Tractors are engineering vehicles that were originally designed to replace animals like oxen and horses for doing heavy farm work. Like these predecessors, tractors started out being used simply as something that could pull plows – but over time their roles have changed significantly from this simple task.

The world of machinery has seen a rise in popularity, especially with those that are gentle. Nowadays you can find these giants working on various tasks such as agriculture and landscaping- they have become powerful tools for ground care or lawns to name just a few.

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Tractors come in all shapes and sizes; The national average cost of a tractor is around $44,000, but they can range anywhere from $8k to more than $200 thousand dollars. There’s one question you need to be answered before narrowing down your choice though- what are YOUR needs?

Buying Tractors

When you purchase a new farm tractor, it will come with everything needed for basic use. This includes powerful engines and transmissions as well-restored tires to help maximize traction on your field trips. You’ll also receive instruction manuals about different functions or settings that are important once getting started out in the world of farming – from drawing up using its hydraulic hitch system (if applicable), what kind of fuel sources work best depending on weather conditions etcetera.

The modern tractors are coming with many features that will help the owner to complete their task easily. These new innovations not only make them efficient but also expensive, which can lead you to higher costs for a longer time if not maintained properly. To give an idea about some of these things:

The first thing one should consider adding when buying is something like traction tires or wheels since most soils don’t work well on smooth surfaces so there would be less risk involved in any accidents while operating your vehicle. Something else important we recommend looking out for – especially those who plan on working outside often-is wider tracks fitted across both front/rear axles.

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Small Tractors

New small tractors can cost anywhere from $10,000 up to 200 thousand dollars. However, if you want a cheaper option there are plenty of used models available as well which usually have an even lower price tag than their pre-owned counterparts due in part because it’s less risky buying them second-hand rather than new straight off the showroom floor!

The most important thing to consider when purchasing farm equipment is how much it will cost for you. You have to set aside at least $5k, but some accessories can be bought cheaper than others like a rake which usually falls under this amount (although there’s no reason not to buy one if your budget allows). When looking into purchase decisions make sure that all potential costs are taken into account before making any purchases!


Here are some price comparisons of tractors for sale in America. You can use this table to see what models are available and how much they cost, but remember that each tractor manufacturer has different prices because there is such variety among them!

Tractor Attachments

If you plan to use your new farm toy for various things, then it would be best if bought attachments too. Keep this fact into account when borrowing money from the bank and make sure that there’s an allowance made in advance so they can afford these items as well!

  • The cost of backhoe attachments can range from $4,600-7,300. This is a significant investment for any company so it’s important that you get what you’re looking for as far as options go when buying new equipment or adding other pieces into the mix such as extensions which would raise this price tag even higher!
  • Loader attachments for your skid steers and loaders can cost a lot of money – anything between $3,000 to 6 thousand dollars.
  • The average price for a rake is about $500.

TRACTOR modification time! If you want to spice up your car with some 4WD goodness, this is the mod for YOU. It will only set someone back around $5k-and that’s not even Including installation fees or other costs associated with getting it done right at home by yourself rather than paying somebody else who isn’t as knowledgeable about what they’re doing.

Tractor Size and  Power

Tractors come in different sizes and power ranges, but one thing they all have is a horsepower rating that tells you how easy it will be for your new machine to tackle heavy-duty jobs. A 25 HP subcompact tractor might just be what you need if you maintain large gardens with attachments or grass mowing accessories! Larger tractors are more expensive than smaller ones, but they have many accessories that make them useful in commercial farming.

There are many types of tractors to choose from. You should consider what you need your tractor for before making any purchases so that it will be able to serve all purposes well-suited in one package! Small utility models can clean up gardens or do construction work; larger ones handle heavier tasks like snow removal, front end loading, and more with ease because the physical size actually helps them balance out such heavyweight on their own accord – not too much power but just enough torque at hand when needed most.


The price of a tractor can vary depending on many factors such as age, including when it was manufactured and how many operating hours are left in its lifespan. The operating condition also matters; newer machines with a lower total number/ greater percentage for wear-and-tear cost more than older models that have done more work overall but may not be so reliable due to higher level vulnerabilities found during testing (eights).

Tractor Parts

You can’t escape the problem of accessing spare parts even if you lovingly care for your old tractor as though it was grandma. In fact, there might come a time when something breaks on this machine and all that’s left are worn-out components or overpriced replacements from local engineering companies who have their own set price list just like any other service provider in town! Don’t let yourself get caught up with these problems- upgrade today.

Wheeled Tractors

Wheeled tractors are great for travel on public roads, but if you need to clear land or move heavy loads be sure and use a tracked vehicle. The biggest downside is that they won’t damage road surfaces like the caterpillar tracks do; this makes them less efficient when going over imperfections in terrains such as bumps or potholes which can cause abnormal wear-and-tear with your tires due to changing pressures from differentials pushing against each individual wheel within its framework (i

The differences between these types of vehicles include how fast one travels – especially through snow/ice based on their traction capabilities–whether it’s being pulled by an engine.

Tractor Financing

With so many loans and grants available for farmers, it is easy to see how someone might not want the commitment of large amounts. Luckily there are other avenues open that will allow you financial freedom without sacrificing your land or equipment needs! You can find information about these schemes on the USDA website as well as through other resources such as a library at NAL.

The comprehensive database covers everything from tractors allocating funds towards specific types needed by individual operations down to local state governments willing to provide support even when tight budgeting must be done.