How Much Does Online Data Backup Cost?

Online data backup costs about $13.25 per 10 GB of data. Other fees include about $55 for set-up, plus $24-55 per license.

Rates naturally increase in larger-scale data backup solutions. When electronic data plays any part in your business operations, you’re doing yourself and your clients a vast disservice if you don’t have a multi-tiered backup program in place. One of the critical components of backing up your important data is an offsite data backup, where the data is stored in a location other than your principal place of business.

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In the age of cloud computing, the best way to do this is by backing up your data to the cloud. Cloud storage is a critical component of modern long-term security and disaster planning. “The Cloud” is essentially the Internet. When you back up your data on the Cloud, it is spread out over several servers that have their own backups, ensuring it is always available to you, rather than only having it backed up on a single, physical drive. The cost is dependent on how much data you need to store. For a small company that has less than 10 GB of data to backup, you could be looking at as little as $12 a month to provide a huge amount of added security to your business. On the other hand, huge corporations that need encrypted backups that are performed as data is updated and that operate on a massive scale may be paying as much as $250,000 per year to back up data.

What to Look for In Online Data Backup – Cloud Storage

Buyers GuideWhen you’re shopping for an online data backup service, pay attention to the software that the company uses to back up your data. There are many different ways that providers set up these types of services, ranging from complicated systems that you have to execute manually, to highly automatic systems that run almost unnoticed. Typically speaking, the less effort required from you, and the more unobtrusive the backup program is on your system, the better.


Flexibility to schedule when a backup occurs is a feature you should look for. Default times are typically in the middle of the night when most businesses shut down. However, because of the amount of data transmission required, this can really slow down your system. If you happen to be busy during the middle of the night, you want the flexibility to schedule your backups during your less busy hours.

Encryption is another feature you might want to look for, especially if you deal with a great deal of proprietary information that you’re concerned about keeping safe, or if you store client and customer information that must be kept confidential. There are certain lines of work, such as the legal profession, where ensuring top-tier encryption may be critical to protecting yourself from future potential liability.


Support is also very important when shopping for a cloud backup service. If you ever do have a disaster strike and need to initiate a partial or complete restoration of your data from your cloud-backup, you want a support team in place that is ready to help you get your company back on its feet as quickly as possible.

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