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How Much Does Medical Practice Management Software Cost and What to Look For: In 2020 medical practice management software costs $3,200 – $11,000 (hosted on-premise) to $50 – $450/user (cloud based).

Here’s What You Need To Know:

starts at around $600 for a typical package that would be utilized in a small private practice, and may go as high as $59,000 for a locally hosted program.  The price paid is proportional to the size of the practice that needs the software in place, as larger practices have much more complex needs. For certain types of software, it also becomes important to ensure that you have sufficient resources in place to manage the solution before putting it into place.

Compare Medical Practice Software Pricing

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MedicalPractice Management Software Costs

For on-premise software, small businesses with a 1-3 users can expect to invest $3,000 to $11,000. The cost includes the delivery, setup, and employee training. If you require more advanced medical practice management software such as EMR and billing, the price may run upwards of $14,000.

Medical practice management software helps run multiple aspects of any doctor’s office, clinic, or hospital. It assists with tracking patient information, organizing, sending and completing billing processes, scheduling patient visits as well as a wide host of reporting features. It can become the beating heart of a medical practice that ensures the rest of the organization can continue to operate smoothly.


One of the newer innovations in the field is cloud-based software. This makes using the software much easier, while also allowing businesses to license medical practice management software at a much lower price than previous options. It is important however, to ensure that all software that you’re considering is completely HIPPA compliant. Regulations regarding electronic communication and record storage are strict, and it is very important to stay in compliance at all times.

A combination software package may also offer you the most bang for your buck. This is a system that integrates electronic health record management with medical practice management software. The EHR incentive program driving towards paperless record keeping makes this a very affordable option for many practices.

Make sure that a given software package is designed to handle the volume of patients and practitioners in your clinic before purchasing. Check to see how it integrates with existing hardware that your staff currently uses. Also, verify that the software is updated regularly. When HIPAA regulations change, as they often do, you want your software provider to quickly offer an update that keeps your software and your business in compliance with the latest regulatory restrictions.

What You Can Expect to Pay for Your Medical Practice Management Software

Comparing Medical Practice SoftwareThe cost of medical practice management software is based largely on the size of your practice, and the type of software solution that works best for you. Smaller practices should be able to find software for between $600 and $1800, with a small fee for additional workstations. For a large-scale, locally hosted application, costs start at around $1500, but range into the tens of thousands. Cloud-based solutions may be the most affordable, often costing between $200-$500 per month.

Patient care is the very face of medical care that most people will see. How a patient is treated can determine the very foundation of a critical doctor-patient relationship to find important medial concerns and issues early on. But beyond “customer service” orientation in the healthcare business, tactical organization and perfect record-keeping are necessary to support the business side of a healthcare practice.

Medical software that helps doctors and healthcare practices manage their offices has been around for a long time. Today’s medical practice management software has embraced technological innovations that leave its older counterparts in the dust.

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