How Much Do Hot Tub Cost in 2022?

Compare The Cost of Hot Tubs – What Are Hot Tubs, Spas, and Jacuzzi’s, and How Much Do They Cost?

In 2022 hot tubs can cost anywhere from $2,120 to $12,000 or more depending on features and materials. Describe your knees and compare prices from suppliers in your area:

Expect a reputable dealer to offer transportation and installation by experts for an extra fee. Any warranties should cover the exterior, or shell, and any operating equipment. The terms for both will vary; limited warranties should be included in the purchase price.

A hot tub is a large tub or small pool with a heating element, filled with aerated hot water and frequently equipped with underwater jets. People use hot tubs for leisure and for water therapy. Hot tubs that have varying speed jets, coolers, fountains, and other features can be useful and enjoyable for all users.


Compare cost of hot tubsWhat to Look For In a Hot Tub: Shop somewhere/with someone you feel comfortable doing business with, and as usual you should distrust high-pressure sales tactics. Choose a hot tub dealer with strong customer references, and try to test out the model you want with a wet test soak in a showroom, if possible. Make sure the size is right for your planned occupancy and that the seats are comfortable. Buying a hot tub somewhere other than a licensed dealer offering a real warranty is asking for trouble.

You should also make sure your dealer is or can recommend a reputable hot tub service professional to ensure your purchase continues running hot for years.

More Buying Tips and Information: Before you purchase consider if your hot tub will be for relaxation, pain relief/hydrotherapy, or other needs. Determine if the location will be indoors or outdoors, and if outside will it be on the ground or on a raised deck. Also, you can choose between free-standing (portable) and built-in spas. And lastly, decide how many people will use it at one time i.e. will you require a 4-person hot tub or a 6 person or more spa.

Popular Hot Tub Providers: Big Kahuna, Dr. Wellness, Jacuzzi, Coleman Spas, Leisure Time, MSPA, and ALFI Spas

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