Samsara Fleet Management Review: Is It Worth It?

Samsara Fleet Management delivers GPS tracking and smart geofencing, but it is worth the price? Find out in our 2022 review as we examine their value and the competitors.


Let me get straight to the point, Samsara Fleet Management is one of the best solutions you’re going to find on the market. We have absolutely nothing but good reviews, and today we’re going to discuss why we believe it is worth the investment, and point you to some alternatives as well.

Samsara: Corporate Information

First, a little information about Samsara. Through its Connected Operations Cloud, Samsara is revolutionizing the way businesses monitor and manage physical operations. The platform provides industry leaders with real-time data analytics for eventless monitoring of assets across multiple sites or devices without sacrificing any business insight that can be gained from IoT information gathered at each location.

Samsara HQ

350 Rhode Island Street 4th Floor
South Building San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 985-2400

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Samsara’s clientele range from the transportation and logistics industry, construction field services utilities energy government healthcare education manufacturing food beverage. Samsara is a company that was founded by Sanjit Biswas and John Bicket, two people who previously co-founded Meraki (now part of Cisco Systems) to digitize the world’s operations. Their mission: increase safety efficiency sustainability in all aspects powering our economy.

Manage Your Transportation

With Samsara Fleet Management, you can manage your transportation company with the touch of a button. The all-inclusive platform offers diagnostics and collated statistical information to enable rapid communication throughout each delivery process as well optimize fleet tracking so that it’s always on top form for customer service.

With Samsara fleet management and telematics, you can get access to the data on your drivers anywhere in any country. This cloud-connected system allows both dispatchers as well as customers an easy way of viewing information about their vehicles with a dashboard that’s user-friendly – even if they’re not knowledgeable when it comes down to looking into things such as hours of operation or maintenance status.


Samsara is a company that constantly updates its software and hardware in order to provide the best possible experience for customers. They are also looking towards future solutions with EVs, offering specific products like fleet management systems that can be tailored specifically according to your needs.

Compare Alternatives

Again, we think this is a very good solution, but we will be doing you a disservice if we did not advise you to compare the alternatives. No doubt, there are many competitors that you need to consider along the way.

Wide Array of GPS Features

Samsara’s fleet management package is designed for the needs of every business. Whether you’re a small company looking to save on your initial investment or an established enterprise with diverse transportation requirements Samsaras’ wide range offers something perfect! In addition, each service can be upgraded individually if needed – this way we’ll always have what works best suited just right specifically tailored towards the individual company’s policies and restrictions while still maintaining affordability through bulk purchasing power.

Samsara fleet management software is designed to give you the most up-to-date information about your vehicles. If something goes wrong with one of them, GPS tracking will show where it’s gone missing or if there has been any damage along its journey! You can also geofence locations so that drivers know when they’re needed at certain job sites without having to worry all day long wondering what became happenstance stopovers on their way back home after work.

With Samsara, you can see when a piston misfired and know in seconds if your vehicle has been damaged. The instant access to the health of vehicles is perfect for preventative maintenance measures as well as keeping drivers on the road!

Custom Reporting You Can Use

With Samsara Fleet Management’s custom reporting, you can get a clear understanding of your fuel usage. You will be able to see how much tax was paid for each state and if there are any high-efficiency driving habits among the drivers in order to make necessary improvements that save money on gas!

When it comes to fleet management, there are some things that even Samsara can’t do. That’s why they have an APP marketplace with apps from third-party developers like Ford Data Services and ADP! You’ll be able to get these turnkey solutions quickly so you don’t need any programming experience or know-how in order for them to work properly within your services. The input is about their software but the output speaks more generally about how businesses use the software as well.

The new Samsara app makes it easy for drivers and dispatch staff to communicate. The Admin View lets management give updates, re-route trucks on the fly or assign loads with just a few taps.


With Samsara’s fleet management platform, you can prepare and analyze routes with ease. You will be able to view deviations in real-time so that they don’t happen again or find new ways of improving performance for drivers on your team! With all these options at hand, it’s easy enough even if something happens unexpectedly along the way – like traffic getting backed up due to an accident closing one lane off-highway access where we expected there would only be side roads leading toward us (and thus limiting potential profits).

Better Way to Manage Routes

If you’re a company with many vehicles, then an effective dispatch system is crucial to success. This can help manage routes and communicate properly while keeping track of where each car in your fleet is located at any given time – all things that improve performance! Samsara has been providing these services for years thanks to their robust features which give businesses more opportunities than ever before possible through improved efficiency.

With the Samsara fleet software, you can improve your vehicle’s efficiency and dispatch capabilities with both proprietary solutions as well 3rd party applications. This will allow for a rapid response to situations while also allowing reports on performance that measures upward growth in business metrics!

When it comes to running a business, there is nothing more important than trackable information. That’s why Samsara built its ELD device with all of these features! The first thing you’ll notice about this awesome app on your phone is the logs and hours captured by default – but if they aren’t enough for what activities occur during work time then downloadERS can add additional data points using their driveline wages too.

An App Suited For You

Despite the sleek design, drivers say this app is perfect for their needs. With just one click of a button, they can log how much time was spent driving and record any incident that occurs on camera with ease- all without having anything extra hardware as other apps require.

The fact that trucking companies would benefit from the Samsara Fleet Management Services is not surprising. What does come as a surprise, though? The many other businesses who could see an increase in efficiency and productivity with this system! If you transport goods or people then we recommend checking out all of your options for managing trucks – including competitors like ours (we’ll even give them away). The software is popular with these industries:

  • Trucking
  • Commercial and Residential Delivery Services
  • Transportation Companies
  • Security
  • Medical & Healthcare
  • Government Agencies
  • Local and State Law Enforcement

Samsara Fleet Management pricing can vary depending on the needs of each fleet, but you might expect to pay around $105 per hardware unit and about 30 dollars monthly for software usage. Setup fees may also be involved in these services so keep that factored into your budget as well.

They offer flexible pricing options that are subject to change depending on your needs. Their team will still provide you with a custom price at the end of it all!