GPS Fleet Tracker Software for Asset and Equipment Monitoring

GPS Fleet Tracking Software Cost for Asset and Equipment Monitoring

If you need to improve your fleet management, GPS tracking can help. Here is a guide on GPS fleet tracking software costs for asset and equipment monitoring.

A good captain goes down at the helm of their ship.

But what if that captain had GPS fleet tracking software? If they did, their team would know exactly where to find them and deploy support to the exact location.

Being the captain of your fleet can be nerve-racking. Between the elements, staff retention issues, and high-value equipment on the line, the calculated risks are extensive.

In this scenario, you choose your own adventure. You can put some money toward the investment of protecting your assets, or you can sort through the damage of a reckless employee and accidents down the road.

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Software For Equipment Tracking

As a business owner or supervisor, you understand the pernicious nature of equipment monitoring. Preserving the equipment you do have takes extraordinary measures, and GPS tracking software is anything but ordinary.

GPS Fleet Tracking Software Buying Guide

Field equipment tracking is an honest investment that protects your assets.

You’ll save time and money by supervising fleet machinery from the comfort of your office. Accessing the exact location of the equipment you’re following is the pinnacle of accessibility. You couldn’t ask for a better way to keep tabs on your team unless you were able to wear your pajamas (and we’re not saying you shouldn’t).

Utilizing GPS fleet tracking software lets you configure notifications that will contact management through email or text message. That way, if a problem arises on the road, you’ll be the first to know.

In the worst-case scenario where a burglary has occurred, you will be immediately notified about the equipment’s whereabouts, enabling you to reach out to local authorities within minutes. The quicker you report that crime, the faster your local authorities will retrieve your stolen vehicles and potentially detaining the offender.

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Your GPS can also make for easy recovery of your equipment. You can pull in Google maps with street and satellite perspectives to get a better idea of the terrain surrounding your driver.

Perhaps the most enticing part of this GPS is an ignition disabling command that you can control from your computer.

You read that right. Let’s say your drivers are at mandatory safety training, and you are notified that a vehicle has been started. If a person is attempting to steal a fleet vehicle, you can stop them dead in their tracks and prevent the engine from turning over.

These 007-esque features are definitely something to write home about.

GPS Trailer Tracking Software

If you’ve been in the field long enough, you’ve seen it all. And you know it’s not just field equipment that ends up in a vulnerable position.

Trailer tracking is the perfect security solution to a high-risk scenario. Enclosed-cargo trailers hall high dollar, sometimes luxury items. Your trailer can be armed with a GPS alarm system triggered by opening a door and even by sudden acceleration.

Depending on fluctuating variables, your tracking software cost could be totally affordable. You’re looking at ranges between $14 to $250 monthly per vehicle. Of course, the bigger the fleet, GPS fleet tracking software.

For example, New Gate Security has a basic alarm unit that you can install in your fleet’s trailers. The alarm package includes control modules, sirens, three-pin door switches, and a brake safety toggle switch. With two key fob transmitter‘s you can keep one at home base and the other out with your driver.

A GPS tracking solution for bus and motorcoach operations could save your driver’s time and save you money. The GPS tracking tool recalls previously recorded data that managers can use to decide the least congested routes.

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Tracking patterns of traffic flow while budgeting time management can help get the busses passengers to their destination ahead of schedule. Familiarity with these routes can also support drivers in the moment with a real-time reflection on the safer, quicker option.

Whether your fleet contains light busses and trucks or heavy ones, they still rank at the top, GPS fleet tracking softwareof the brunt of fatal crashes.

When it comes to school buses, the safety of the students and the driver is paramount.

GPS Data Analysis

Knowing that your fleet is on the move and doing so safely can take a load off your shoulders. Back in the day, drivers would have to stop at a gas station just to make a phone call to let their supervisors know they were en route.

And if there were an accident, fleet leadership wouldn’t find out until hours later. Or, if the truck never made it to its destination, maybe not for 24 hours.

Today, supervisors can measure compliance through fast, automated data collection.


GPS tracking software can pull diagnostics for just about anything on the truck. Speed, distance, time of engine start and stop.

That data is pulled and compiled for reports that accurately reflect your driver’s work habits. This can also be used in training and new driver orientation. Connect your new drivers with the expectations of your business, and use real-life examples to set those standards.

That snapshot of real-time data can improve management decision-making. And it can offer you insight into making important considerations for your team. Between optimizing your driver’s time and reducing fuel expenses, labor costs will continue to decrease.

Building Clientele

Whether you’re 20 years in or a brand new start-up, your loyal customers are the backbone of your business. Before the marketing team, back when your only advertisement was word of mouth, they stood by your side and spread the good word.

A little gratitude goes a long way and showing your customers that you value their support by providing excellent service can get you a lifelong client and positive word of mouth.

We are living in the age of instant gratification. We click “place order” and wait impatiently for our packages to arrive- peeking through the blinds every afternoon to see if our prized possession has made it.

When your fleet arrives on time for delivery, you’ll receive in-the-moment confirmation just like your customers do. When your driver’s delivery time frame is accurate and consistent, your chances of bagging a repeat client skyrocket.

Nothing is worse than planning around the delivery time frame and making accommodations only to discover that your driver missed the window.

Staff Empowerment

As a business owner, staff retention is a constant concern.

Aside from good pay and benefits, people want to feel valued and supported along their journey with your company. And, the benefits of empowering your staff are endless. When you’re not micromanaging, your time is freed up to do the job that you came here to do.

You want to empower your team to make logical decisions and run like a well-oiled machine.

GPS tracking and staff empowerment go hand in hand. The data received by the tracker can help show your staff members their performance metrics. During supervision or 90 day reviews, this can be an excellent tool.

Encourage your team members to take ownership of their feedback. While they may just look like decimals and rankings, they are a true reflection of each team member’s time management skills, effort, and value.

This tool can offer valuable touchpoints during a probationary period or a celebration of a well-deserved raise. It can also be used to incentivize proper prioritizing. For example, you can pull data before a staff meeting and encourage your team to work hard for an extra day off or the honor of picking their gig that week.

The workforce is evolving. Many people are choosing jobs that offer extra incentives and perks that they can rely on in a time of need. Incentivizing effective work habits can put a little extra something in everyone’s pocket.

No matter how you choose to use that gold mine of information your future GPS tracker can offer you, you can rest assured that your team will be better for it.

GPS Fleet Tracking Software

Managing your fleet is no small task.

Not only are you in charge of protecting your field equipment, but the humans who make it all happen need support, too. Utilizing this software is a commitment to revolutionize and progress your business. In today’s world, a company that prioritizes its people as much as its revenue is a business worth investing in.

If you’re considering using GPS fleet tracking software, connect with our website and receive a free quote.

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