How Much Do Golf Carts Cost?: Calculate The Cost in 2021

In general, a new golf cart will cost you as little as $7200 and as much as $16,800. If you’re thinking about buying a golf cart, you may find yourself asking, “How much do golf carts cost?” Find out the answer to this pressing question here.

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The golf cart market is estimated to reach 1.6 billion dollars! This shows the growing popularity of golf cars across the nation. This also means that there are a wide variety of golf carts to choose from.

Discover the different types of golf carts as we compare their prices and features for you!

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Electric or Gas Powered Golf Carts?

There are two types of golf carts, gas-powered and electric. Gas-powered have been around longer and are fairly common. However, electric golf cars have been increasing in popularity across the country! Let’s compare the two types to see how they match up.


Pricing can vary quite a bit, but there are general trends. Expect to invest between $7000-$14,590 depending on the features you require in your golf cart.


Purchased new can be a little more expensive than its gas-powered counterparts. However, used electric golf cars are typically cheaper than used gas-powered golf carts. This gives you a little room if you are on a tighter budget!



Gas-powered golf cars are usually cheaper than electric when bought new. Although, they are more expensive when bought used compared to electric. This does mean that gas-powered golf carts are more balanced in price whether you’re buying new or used. Unlike electric golf carts where the price range is much greater.

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Both types of golf carts require some form of upkeep. We have made note of what each requires below for you.


The batteries in electric golf cars will need to be kept charged often and after every time you use them. Otherwise, you will need to replace the batteries every few weeks. When you purchase an electric golf cart it should come with a battery charger and each set of batteries should last a few years.



These require the typical maintenance of a gas-powered car. You will need to conduct routine oil changes and replace parts as they go out. It will also be necessary to send it into a shop for repairs if something critical breaks. Lastly, the cost of gasoline to keep it fueled will be a constant cost factor.

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A noticeable difference in performance can be seen when comparing electric and gas-powered golf cars. Let’s look at both to see which one suits your needs best.


With an average top speed of 24mph, these carts are very fast! Modification can be made to increase their speed up to 30mph! Often, electric golf cars also carry high torque, especially the newer 48V models. Because of the high speed, the electric golf carts are wonderful for those who want to make their carts street legal.



With an average top speed of around 20mph, the gas-powered carts are slower than electric models. Also, there are not many modifications that can be done to help boost their speed. However, these gas-powered golf cars usually fare better as workhorses than electric ones.

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People use golf carts for different reasons, and the range in which they operate is a big factor. Which golf car will suit your travel needs best?


Because they have to be charged, and most places don’t have designated golf cart charge stations, the range is limited. You can get about 40 miles on a full charge in your golf cart, and you will want to get the 48V model to get the most of it. Now because of this, you can’t go as far or explore a whole island with these.



If you are wanting to trek across multiple beaches and make a whole day out of your tropical vacation or home, gas carts have the range. Because they use the same gas as other gas vehicles you can use gas stations throughout the day. This essentially extends your range until you no longer wish to buy more gas!

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When buying a golf cart you want to factor in comfortability, so let’s break down the difference between these two types.


These are typically quieter, due to having a battery rather than a combustion engine. They can reach their top speed faster and do it with less sound than gas-powered carts.



These are typically louder, but newer models do a great job at minimizing the noise of the combustion engine. Now, because of the gas engine, the seat can get warm which may be undesired if you live in a hot climate. Lastly, there is always the chance you may spill gasoline on the cart when refueling.

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New vs. Used Golf Carts

Everyone has their budget, so we will compare new and used golf carts so you can choose the right one for you and your wallet!

Golf Cart Price

As previously mentioned, electric carts can cost more than gas carts when bought new. This still varies as dealers include different customization options and addons.

A new electric golf cart can cost around $8,300 – $13,500, and gas-powered carts can cost between $5,900 – $7,300 for a new model. Now if we look at used carts, an electric model costs around $2,200 where a used gas-powered cart costs around $3,800. Here’s what you need to know before you buy.



Purchasing new will allow you to customize many aspects of your golf cart. This is true for both electric and gas-powered models. You get to choose features such as the color, seats, tires, and rims, etc.

Used have what they have, you will need to source your custom parts. Sourcing of modifications for used carts is something you should factor into the total cost of your cart if that is something you desire.


Used could have hidden problems. You should inspect used golf carts from private sellers yourself to ensure you are getting a reliable cart. Purchasing used from a dealer is a much safer option.

New can still have problems down the road, but you can usually get a warranty, and it’s less of a risk factor. Do know that if your golf cart experiences mechanical problems, it is best to have it looked at by a professional.

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Popular Golf Cart Features and Customization Options

One of the most popular customization options people look for is the color of their cart. Other common features are custom tires and rims, seats, and speed modules for electric models.

Many dealers selling new golf cars will have included modifications already so you don’t have to pay for as many accessories down the road.

With that said, many dealers allow limited customization. This means you are buying a golf cart with many accessories included already without the ability to pick and choose.

Top Golf Carts to Consider

Now that we have explored the world of electric and gas-powered golf carts, we have compiled a list of some great choices to get you started on your journey to find the right cart!

The Bintelli Beyond 4PR – $9,995

This is an electric golf cart of great quality. Its MSRP price is $9,995, which is average for a new modified electric golf car.

This cart includes a sturdy aluminum frame to ensure it lasts for years to come! Not to mention, there is a lot of other features and accessories Bintelli has included.

There is Bluetooth technology, premium seats, onboard chargers, and an extended roof. Take a look at The Bintelli Beyond full list of features.


VILLAGER 2+2 LSV – $10,728

This golf car is made by clubcar. This is also an electric golf cart and is great for the greens and road as this car is street-legal-ready!

Plenty of included accessories such as an aluminum frame, 3-point seat belts, and a 48V battery. Be sure to check out the Villager’s full list of specifications.

EZGO Express S4 – $9,749 to $12,049

The EZGO Express S4 is an interesting golf cart, as it can be purchased in 3 model types. You have the option of gas, 72V battery, or their Elite Lithium model.

This allows you to keep the great accessories and features of the S4 while choosing the engine type that suits your needs! Have a look at the customization of the EZGO Express S4.

The Bintelli Beyond 6PR Loaded – $12,495

This is another Bintelli model, but instead of 4 seats, it can accommodate 6 people! This is also their loaded package giving more accessories and modifications to you and your passengers like a reverse camera!

The Bintelli Beyond 6PR is great if you have a large family or want to take more than 2 friends cruising in your cart.


What Else Should I Know?

We have gone through the two types of golf carts and compared them in many ways. Ultimately, the choice is yours on which cart will suit your wants and needs.

Are you looking to drive the greens and go into town for a restaurant? Then electric may be a great choice for you. Perhaps you want to explore your tropical island and make long trips to beaches? Well, the gas cart may work best for you then.

Once you know what purpose your cart will serve, then you can play with the customization options and find the right color, seats, tires, and rims that fit your style. If you found this article helpful, be sure to visit our home site to learn more on finding the best prices on your next purchase!

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