Compare Home Generators – BUYERS GUIDE 2021


Compare The Cost of Standby and Portable Generators

In 2021 quality home generators can be found for as little as $760 to as much as $15,100. Expect to get limited output from lower-cost models and be aware that they are not intended for long-term use. Expect to get limited output from lower-cost models and be aware that they are not intended for long-term use. Higher-output and more reliable home generators tend to start at around $4,000 and can climb considerably from there.

Understanding Generators For The House and How Much They Cost: An electric generator is any portable device or mid-sized appliance that uses a fuel source such as natural gas or gasoline to produce electricity; a home generator is an electric generator built to generate enough electrical output to provide for typical use in a single-family residence, usually designed for use as an auxiliary power source during an electrical service interruption. Roughly the size of a typical residential HVAC or central air conditioning unit, home generators are most often installed outside the home and can be hooked up to natural gas lines or standalone tanks of liquid propane. Some home generators have their own fuel tanks, as well.

Compare Commercial Generator Pricing

LogoGeneratorOverall RatingModel / TypeTypePrice Range 
GENERACSeries 22kWElectricMedium
Kohler125ERESB 125KWElectricHigh
GENERACSeries 36 kWElectricMedium
Briggs & Stratton25kW NG LPGasLow
GENERACSeries 45 kWElectricMedium
GENERACSeries 48 kWElectricMedium
Kohler38RCL 38kWGasMedium
Briggs & Stratton35kW NG LP 120/240VGasMedium
GENERACSeries 27 kWElectricMedium

Generator Cost ComparisonsWhat to Look For In a Generator For Home Use: 
Look at your power bill or call your electricity provider to estimate your standard watt usage, and buy a generator that provides the output you’ll need. Fuel type and source options are also an essential consideration, especially if you don’t have natural gas service to your home. An automatic transfer switch is standard on most home generators and is a must-have feature if you want your generator to come on by itself when you lose power to your home.

Common Types: Standby (most common) and Portable. Also, trailer mounted or towable.

Generator Power in Kilowatts (KW): Typically ranges from 15 -100 KW

Fuel Type: Gasoline, Diesel, Propane, or Natural Gas.

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