Using Fleet Tracking Systems to Improve Efficiency and Save Thousands – A Look at How GPS Software Improves Fleet Performance

Every business is concerned with keeping unnecessary cost down and we’ve discovered that good GPS software saves big bucks because it provides solutions to monitor fleet performance and provide valuable reporting data. With the rapid growth of e-commerce and online shopping, consumers want a service faster than ever, in response, many companies are turning to fleet management software to lower costs and improve efficiency. From Local companies to national corporations, fleet management is changing the way businesses do business. The infographic below reports on a number of fleet management problems followed by solutions that you’ll only get from GPS software. If you’re looking to make a purchase soon then click here to compare features and prices on GPS Fleet Management Software from top suppliers.

 How Fleet Management Software Works - Infographic

Bet You Didn’t Know: Surprisingly only 12.6% of commercial vehicles in US are fully optimized with a fleet management system, and studies suggest that even that small of a percentage saves $2.15 billion in fuel costs attributed to a decrease in fuel consumption by more than 573 million gallons per year. Further savings from existing users include nearly $35 billion in annual revenue attributed to a decrease of over 1 billion payroll hours each and every calendar year.