How Much Does Bulk CD / DVD Copying Cost in 2022?


What are CD DVD Replication and How Much Do They Cost?

A run of 1,000 discs will cost around $455-$589 ($0.53 per disc), depending on the disc type, data type, and the type of sleeve or case purchased. The price per disc can drop substantially for larger orders and likewise increase for small quantity runs. Here’s what you need to know to calculate your cost:

CD/DVD replication typically uses physical pressing to copy your data onto multiple CDs or DVDs, providing far greater cost-effectiveness and efficiency than burning discs with writable drives.

Buyers GuideWhat to Look For In a CD DVD Replication:

Your chosen company should have the capacity and the track record to meet your order. Check for references or recommendations from other clients who have worked with them before placing an order.

Since CD/DVD replication relies on a master disc, be sure to get the best quality master disc available. A CD/DVD replication service may ask that you bring in a Blu-ray disc to be copied from instead of a CD-RW, when appropriate and available. Also, make sure you own the copyright to the contents of your master disc and make sure that the replication service doesn’t gain any copyrights

CD/DVD replication services feature a variety of packaging options. You will typically have a choice between simple paper sleeves, printed sleeves, digipaks, jewel cases, and more. Make sure your service provider can give you the cover that best fits the image you want to project.

Quality bulk CD replication, bulk DVD replication, or bulk CD duplication gives you beautiful color discs in bulk at an affordable price. Get high-quality, professional-grade discs in bulk, with or without packaging. If you don’t need any packaging for your CD, then a bulk spindled disc may just right for you. If you’re looking for bulk CD replication or CD manufacturing for 500 units up to 100,000 units or more, let our free quote service and buyers guide help you.

Compare Bulk CD DVD Copy and Replication Pricing

 Bulk CD ReplicationOverall ScoreCustomer SupportCompare Pricing
Copycats Media9.5
Business Replication & Print, Inc9.75
NCI Media9.50
Disc Masters9
S & J CD Duplication9.5
Beyond Concepts9.75
Nationwide Disc9.5
iDEA Media9
Disc Makers9.5

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