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What Size Shipping Containers Should I Get?

Are you interested in buying or renting steel storage containers, but not sure what size you need? This handy guide will tell you everything you need to know.

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For shipping containers, size does matter. If you’ve received a shipping container quote for your business and are weighing the costs of one option over another, there are some key things you need to know. First, you need to look at both the shipping container price.

Second, you want to look at the shipping container dimensions. Third, you want to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. But there is a lot more to discover and learn about steel shipping containers and the size best for your business.

This handy guide below will tell you everything you need to know.

Renting & Buying Steel Shipping Containers

When dealing with business-to-business shipping containers, you first want to check on the size of the shipping container vs. the price. This is because shipping containers come in many sizes, and their prices are based on the container’s size. Therefore, the cost per shipping container will be different depending on various sizes and transport criteria.

Steel Storage Container Prices

Purchasing new or used steel shipping containers is the best way to ensure that your products are delivered in good condition. Steel containers can be rented and sometimes even purchased. It depends on your size requirements.

Steel containers are best as they provide protection against weather elements and conditions while protecting goods during transit. In addition, you can reduce business overhead costs by reducing spoilage rates. The best way to do this along a transit path is to provide product visibility.

Storage Container Costs

It’s important to consider more than just the price when you need to have a business-to-business calculation of your costs. For example, the size of the shipping containers is extremely pertinent information. How you plan on using your storage container as well as how many sizes you need also influences how much money you’ll be spending.

In most cases, a business can rent a storage container for as little as $125 per month. However, storage container costs range in price from $1,950 – up to approximately $5,600. This calculation can also include if your container will need gas or diesel fuel during transport?

The answers to the questions above all play major roles in determining which size cargo container would be best for your business-to-business shipping and storage needs.

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Steel Storage Containers

Steel storage containers are one of the most rugged, secure, and durable solutions you can purchase. They also happen to be great for a variety of purposes that range from offices on wheels or mobile workstations. This makes them not just super versatile but quite affordable too.

Steel Storage Container

These repurposed offices or mobile workstations are so secure and rugged some companies now manufacture retrofitted containers to meet these needs. Many times these types of containers are also referred to as Conex boxes.

That’s because most businesses consider them to be an affordable alternative that meets a variety of office or mobile onsite space needs.

How Much is a Storage Container?

Conex cargo container homes and offices have been popular around the world for about thirty years. Most of the Conex cargo containers are modular, and their use as an efficient yet affordable home or office is hard to beat.

Portable storage container units are more affordable at between 150 and 250 dollars monthly (plus delivery charges). Shipping containers come in different sizes:

  1. 20ft for about $125/month rental or around $5000 purchase
  2. 40 ft is about $200 plus per month or about $7,000 purchase
  3. Some of the bigger storage containers cost around $500 monthly or over $18,000 purchase price.

The size of the container means everything in terms of cost. Some storage containers have a range of container size options based on your space requirements. There are additional features that have a price range that varies depending on your storage container needs.

Calculating The Cost of Storage Containers

There are times businesses consider buying a permanent storage container. But as a business, you want to capture a return on your investment (ROI), so since purchasing doesn’t provide a lot of return, you may want to consider other options. There is a small business trend in which some businesses begin their commercial presence in a steel storage container.

Some companies choose to buy large steel storage containers for their items over long periods of time. These units can cost up to tens of thousands of dollars at new prices without considering transportation costs. However, these big purchases may make sense if the need is ten years or more.

A storage container is an interesting option if your company has the capacity and needs a room in order to store things like equipment or inventory. But, again, it depends on the size you will need. Often it’s more cost-effective to use offsite storage space such as warehouses.

The Ideal Solution for Business to Business Shipping Container Needs

Most of the time, leasing is an ideal solution for most businesses’ storage needs depending on what size storage is needed. A lot of factors are taken into consideration in addition to size. Businesses also need to determine how long it will need a shipping or storage container.

Will the uses of the shipping or storage be a continuous need or off and on? The one thing that most businesses have in common is the unknowns about when their storage needs may stop. Whether they will need long-term or short-term, temporary or permanent, big or small steel containers?

The Ideal Answer for Your Steel Container Needs

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