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Pitney Bowes vs Quadient (Formerly Neopost) Postage Meter Costs

US companies spend $38.5 billion on direct mail marketing. It accounts for the largest portion of advertising spending, but it also has a high return rate.

Large Postage Meter Machines

70% of consumers feel that direct mail is more personal, and it has 5-9 times higher response rates and increases the likelihood of a purchase by up to 62%. That’s why it earns $2,095 per consumer.

These statistics have shown businesses the importance of renting a postage meter. You will have to pay annual fees, but you’ll save time and money as the machines automatically stamp and weigh everything you need to mail.

Read our guide to everything you need to know about postage meter pricing, including factors that affect it and the average rates of each licensed provider.

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What To Know Before Renting a Postage Meter

The amount of time it takes to turn an idea into a business is, on average, 6 months for startups, 3 months for service businesses, 30 days for online businesses, and 1 year for retail stores, restaurants, and clothing lines.

Postage may not seem like a critical element to consider, but the relationship between direct mail and business success means that it is. Before you begin, there are several facts about postage meters you need to know, including how they save you money, what types are available, and what fees you may have to pay.

How Do They Save Me Money?

The savings begin the moment you get a postage meter because you’ll have to pay less for everything you send out. The cost to send a standard 1-ounce letter is $0.55 plus $0.15 per additional ounce. Letters sent with a postage meter cost $0.50 plus $0.15 per additional ounce, a savings of 9%.

Meters can provide these savings because they encode digital information that allows the USPS to automatically process your mail. This saves them time and money, allowing them to save you time and money. The meter also ensures you don’t over or underpay for stamps because they weigh each piece of mail. You can’t afford not to have one if you send over 100 letters a month.

What Types Can I Choose From?

The 3 major types of postage meters are low-volume, medium volume, and largest volume.

Low-volume meters have a speed of approximately 20-40 LPM or letters per minute. Their integrated scale only goes up to 10lbs. They’re best for businesses that mail out 35 or fewer items per week.

Medium volume meters are semi-automatic with a speed of 100-200 LPM. Their scales have a maximum of 15-100lbs depending on the model. They can handle different sizes and shapes of mail and can create customizable postage graphics.

The largest volume postage meters are fully automatic with a speed of 100-350 LPM. Their integrated scale has a maximum weight of 15lbs, but you can get an optional external scale to increase the weight to 150lbs. They also allow you to create custom graphics.

The type of postage meter you choose has a major impact on your costs. Low volume meters cost approximately $27-$45 per month, but largest volume machines can reach over $1,000 per month, not including any extra features such as letter folders and inserters.

Will I Only Have to Pay Rental Fees?

Renting a postage meter involves signing a 1-2 year contract. Before you sign on the dotted line, remember to account for additional fees, such as:

  • Postage
  • Insurance
  • Online postage refills
  • Software updates
  • Postage resets and reprogramming
  • Taxes
  • Ink refills ($69 for black cartridges and $277 for red cartridges)
  • Postage tape sheets ($35-$45 for 50 tapes)

Check that the rental company isn’t charging you unreasonably and be careful not to add too many extra features to your meter that you don’t need. These are two of the best ways to reduce your yearly postage meter costs.

Comparing Postage Meter Rental Companies

You can’t purchase a postage meter because postage is considered a form of currency. All meters are regulated under federal law by the USPS.

This is also the reason that there are only a few authorized postage meter providers that you can rent from. They include:

  • Data-Pac Mailing Systems Corp
  • Quadient (formerly known as Neopost)
  • Pitney Bowes
  • FP Mailing Solutions

Each of these companies will attempt to offer the lowest prices possible to convince you to go with them, but be sure to do your research before deciding.

Comparing postage meter rates ensures you get the best price for a machine that will help your business master direct mail marketing. Start with two of the most popular providers; Quadient and Pitney Bowes.

Quadient Cost

The French company known as Neopost began producing a range of postal machinery in 1924. Today, it’s known as Quadient and over 50,000 businesses use its products.

The most affordable Quadient postage meter is the Neopost IS-280. It’s low volume and costs $19.75 a month to rent or $40 per month with supplies.

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Pitney Bowes Cost

Pitney Bowes was founded in 1930. It’s one of the first and largest postage meter rental companies in the world. It brings in $5 billion in revenue every year and offers a wide range of products, including hardware, software, mailing centers, and postage meters.

The smallest Pitney Bowers machine, the MailStation2, has a rental fee of $19.99 per month. Supplies, fees, and taxes bring the price up to $77 per month.

If neither of these options is within your price range or you don’t like their products, get quotes from one of the other registered postage meter dealers instead. Even models of the same size will differ in price from each provider.

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Where to Find More On Postage Meter Pricing

Direct mail continues to hold on as a valuable form of marketing because it’s a personal form of communication that consumers want to receive. Postage meters are automated machines that make the process of sending mail to potential customers easier and more affordable.

Postage is a highly regulated form of currency in the US. There are only a few licensed postage meter providers, including Quadient and Pitney Bowes. Browse their prices to find the best option for your needs.

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